Sunday, September 1, 2013

Labour of Love, Day 3: Most Magnificent Menage Males Voting

Over 4th of July, we set out to find the Hottest Male in Literature.  Our readers pointed out that many Hot Males came from menage titles, where he worked in tandem with (an)other male(s).  It was painful to pit one male against the other.  So---we promised another contest just for men in menages.  And here it is!  We will spend Labor Day weekend trying to find the Most Magnificent Menage Male grouping, and really, it's a Labour of Love weekend.

The contest will run like the 4th of July contest with one major change:  we will be using Rafflecopter to help us tally the nominations.  So sign up.  Get your friends to sign up.  And then join us over Labor Day weekend for lots of frolicking fun.

Feel Free to post in the comments to show everyone your love for your magnificent men!


1. The ménage male grouping with the most nominations WINS! Who will you nominate?
2. You can return to the blog once each day to nominate a ménage male grouping from Aug. 30-Sept. 2.
3.  If your ménage male grouping has already been nominated—Nominate them again!  The most noms (aka votes) is the winner!
4.  Definition of Menage Male Grouping:  A romantic tryst between three or more parties, two of which are male.  If there are more than two males, you may nominate all males in the tryst as the grouping. 
5.  NOMINATE/VOTE BY TYPING NAME of Grouping/author/book IN THE RAFFLECOPTER BOX BELOW EACH DAILY POST.  You may use the post’s comment area to give shout-outs to your fave grouping.  


You can win our Litter of Loveliness: a basket of hot fictional guy yumminess!
That's up to 4 chances to win our basket of free books and swag just for nominating. (This contest is open Internationally and includes physical and ebooks.) Winner's name will be chosen at random by Rafflecopter. SEECONTRIBUTING AUTHORS in Contest Tab.
Each day we will feature authors from the prize basket!!!

Author #7 Tara Rose 

Swag Coffee Mug and signed copies of Racy, Indiana #1 &2
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]
Winning her Racy Heart:  When submissive Kari Tye returns home to Racy, Indiana, and opens a sex shop, she contends with more than the town’s surprise. Doms Noah Wells and Adison Kincaid are back in her life and vow to win her heart. But what will happen when the secret she left behind in New York City catches up with her?

Claiming their Racy Sub:  When submissive Alexa Monahan moves to Racy, Indiana, from Manhattan, she knows the abusive Dom she left behind might find her, but she can’t help falling in love with Doms Chase Taylor and Luke Rodriguez.  Luke Rodriguez was always the man whom women wanted as a friend, but never as a lover.  Chase Taylor’s wife left him years ago and now he’s afraid to give his heart away, until he meets Alexa. The three soon find themselves battling not only Alexa’s demons from her abuse as a teen, but a very real threat in the form of her ex-Dom who has somehow found her.

Author #8  Michelle Graham

 a copy of Landing the Big One
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]
 When single mom Serena Keegan finally gives in to her son's pleas for a pet, they decide that fish are the perfect option. Thankfully, Dalton's Aquariums and More! is there to help. The owners, identical twins Lance and Liam Dalton, both find themselves attracted to her. They are eager to provide her with the assistance she needs, for the pets and for more…personal matters. But Liam has a past he hasn't told her about, and when Serena finds out, it threatens their growing love.

 Author #9 Corinne Davies

ecopies of Midnighter Seductions #1 and 3Xstacy Lake #1

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M,]

Caress of Fur, 3Xstacy Lake #1:  Mai isn’t impressed when she discovers her friend has set her up on a surprise blind date, but a bad date is the least of her worries. She is about to discover that humans aren’t the only predators walking the streets of Toronto. Now, Mai faces two choices—returning to her safe world alone or standing up to not one but two of the most dominant men she has ever met: Twin werewolves, Vencel and Gaspar.

Claiming Destiny, Midnighter Seductions #1:  An ancient portal quietly reopened the day the Mayan calendar ended, but it wasn't the "big bang" ending of the world as predicted. It did, however, change everything for Destiny Harriston.  Stranded on a desolate stretch of New Mexico highway, Destiny doesn’t know she’s just become prey for two very different hunters. One wants her life. The other wants her for life.  Rock and Jag entered our world expecting to find the women their legends spoke of, but all they found was an old man babbling on about stories of Chupacabras and Midnighters. When Destiny crosses their path and is critically hurt, they’ll be forced to face an ancient enemy who has lurked in the shadows for more than a millennium.


We will post about the books in the basket (and their superhot leading men) throughout the voting AUG.30-SEPT.2 at   We will also post each day who has been nominated.  
Be sure to stop by after the drooling on Sept. 3rd to see who won the title of "2013 Most Magnificent Menage Males in Literature."
Friday's Nominations:  
You can vote for these some more, or nominate a different grouping!

  • Jack, Ethan and Adam, Heather Rainier’s Divine Grace
  • Jack Barnes and Sam Fleetwood, Sophie Oak’s Small Town Siren/Siren in the City
  • Tyce Xavier and Noah Dawson, Lori King’s Sidney’s Triple Shot
  • Jace & Andre, Roni Loren’s Melt into You
  • Adam and Jake Kendall, Cara Covington’s Love Under Two Kendalls
  • Brian and Trey, Olivia Cunning’s Backstage Pass
  • Trevor and Edgard, Lorelei James’ Rough, Raw and Ready
  • Dane Mitchell, Cooper Evans, and Landon Nix, Shayla Black & Lexi Blake's Their Virgin Princess
  • Jake and Adam, Lexi Blake’s The Men with the Golden cuffs
  • Greg Benedict and Cody Harper, Cara Covington's Love Under Two Adventurers
  • Alex and Zach Lamont, Avery Gale’s Katarina’s Return (The ShadowDance Club)
  • Jace, Lyndon, and Dixon, Shae Shannon's Her Knights in Black Stetsons
  •  Hugh, Boyd, and Gavin McNamara, Corinne Davies' Surrounded by Fur
  •  Gavin, Slade, and Dex James, Shayla Black and LexiBlake's Their Virgin Captive
  •  Max and Ryem, Sophie Oak's Nights in Bliss
  • Luke and Cole, Nicole Edwards' Temptation Club Destiny
  •  Slade & Rayne,  Honor James' Their Mating Triad
  • Leo and Wolfe Meyers, Sophie Oak's Siren in Bloom

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  1. Jack Warner, Ethan Grant, and Adam Davis from Divine Grace by Heather Rainier

  2. I again, voted Jack Warner, Ethan Grant, and Adam Davies from Divine Grace.

  3. No contest...the absolute HOTTEST men in Menage history are Jack Warner, Ethan Grant and Adam Davis from Heather Rainier's Divine Grace! *fanning self*! ....see...they are SMOKING! ;)

  4. The original and best menage ever..Jack, Ethan and Adam from "Divine Grace" by Heather Rainier...and if there was a vote for hottest single male in a menage it would be Ethan...sigh...the things he can do with that voice.. ;)

  5. Jack Warner, Ethan Grant, and Adam Davis from Divine Grace by Heather Rainier

  6. I nominate Dimtri and Nicoli from Dreamwalker's Duo by Gracie Meadows! Serious hottness!!!

  7. Jack, Ethan and Adam, Heather Rainier’s Divine Grace

  8. Jack, Ethan and Adam Heather Rainier's Divine Grace

  9. Jack, Adam and Ethan from Divine Grace by Heather Rainier ... still my favorite all time Menage Story ever!

  10. Jack Warner, Ethan Grant, and Adam Davis from Divine Grace by Heather Rainier, love Love LOVE this book and the whole series, these guys are the ultimate in awesome menage men

  11. It has to be Jack Warner, Ethan Grant and Adam Davis from Ms. Heather's "Divine Creek" series! They were and still are the hottest ménage men in all of the series I have read! *fanning self* I can think of no other men that fit and deserve the title!

  12. Jack, Ethan and Adam. Heather Rainier's Divine Grace

  13. The hottest story is hands down = Luke & Cole Temptation (Club Destiny) by Nicole Edwards!!! She's CLUTCH!!!!

  14. Heather Rainier writes the best books and I love all her heroes. Adam ,Ethan and Jack from Divine Grace really stand out for me. If you want to read stories you cannot put down and that you will reread again and again, then you will enjoy Heather's books enormously!

  15. Jack, Ethan and Adam, Heather Rainier’s Divine Grace - Winners every time!!

  16. Tyce Xavier and Noah Dawson, Lori King’s Sidney’s Triple Shot

  17. Jack Warner, Ethan Grant, and Adam Davis from Divine Grace by Heather Rainier

  18. Jack, Adam,& Ethan in Divine Grace by Heather Rainier!!!! The all time best!!!!!

  19. Jack, adam, and ethan in divine grace by heather rainier!!!!

  20. I voted again for Tyce Xavier and Noah Dawson, Lori King’s Sidney’s Triple Shot

  21. Divine is such a perfect name for the Men of Divine and the women are just as Divine as the men they come to be with. My favorite will always be the first book in the series of Divine Creek Ranch series...Divine Grace. Jack, Ethan and Adam are to die for...sigh. Bye for now, Judy King

  22. Jack, Ethan and Adam from Heather Rainier’s Divine Grace. I want to live in Divine!

  23. Jack. Ethan, and Adam from Heather Rainier's. The best Series.

  24. Wow looks like we all know a good thing when we see it ... Go Jack, Ethan and Adam ... they are the fine men in Divine Grace by Heather Rainier. Still my all time favorite

  25. Jack, Ethan and Adam from Divine Grace:)

  26. Jack, Ethan and Adam from Divine Grace by Heather Rainier

  27. It has to be Jack, Ethan and Adam fro Heather Rainier's Divine Grace. I have read their story many, many times and loved it more every time!

  28. Jack. Ethan and Adam from heather rainier divine grace