Thursday, May 8, 2014

Variety is the Spice of Life

Today's blog showcases the variety of genres available 
We've got your flavor of Romance!
We are spotlighting the authors
who have generously and graciously donated
to the Warrior Goddess Auction. 
The WarriorGoddesses Charity Auction is now open
with 36 baskets and over 50 authors!!!
May 4-May 11.
Money to benefit cancer survivors through the Pink Door Nonprofit Organization.
eBay Seller name is warriorgoddesses

Check out donations on the Forum. 
Thank you to following authors for their donations!
Linda Gillard     Iyana Jenna   
Mardi Maxwell     Natasha Blackthorne
O Whimsical Me jewelry
Linda Gillard is this year's Literary Ambassador for the Warrior Goddess auction.  She writes about strong realistic women who overcome serious health issues and other complications that life throws at them.  Linda herself is a Warrior Goddess, having spent the last two years in a fight with breast cancer.  Her new release Gothic novel Cauldstane is her literary response to facing your fears. Learn more about our 2014 Literary Warrior Goddess Ambassador here. 
Linda is giving away two items:  an ecopy of Cauldstane  AND a SIGNED paperback of Cauldstane.
Iyana Jenna is a manlove author who writes MA and YA, and shorts as well as novels.  Her storylines look into human nature and expose our frailties while also offering hope against loneliness.

Iyana is donating all her JMS published e-books, A Single Black Rose, Misunderstandings, and A Home for Jesse

Mardi Maxwell is the author of new series The Doms of Club Mystique, which is set around a set of 5 Texas brothers who co-own a BDSM club on their ranch border.  Sexy brothers  {smile} cowboys {wink}  BDSM {thud}
Mardi is giving away ecopies of both book 1 & 2 of the series:  TO LOVE AND OBEY and JACKSON'S SUB

Natasha Blackthorne is a historical erotica author who brings life and love into history.  Whether she's writing about early America or Regency England, her books are well-researched.  She shows us the human side of history, not facts and names and dates.  That while separated by centuries, humans are by nature passionate and sensual beings.
Natasha is donating an ecopy of her Regency novel A Measured Risk (Regency Risks #1)
But that's not all, Folks
In addition to Books, we also have SWAG!
Oh Whimsical Me is a book themed jewelry and craft store on Etsy.  I have been wearing her jewelry for years now.  When she offered to make a special bracelet with bookcover charms for the auction I jumped at the chance.  You can visit her on ETSY or on FACEBOOK.
She is donating this one of a kind bracelet, plus book/author swag to the charity auction. 



  1. *hugs you*

    Thank you, Inner Goddess.

  2. Thank you to all the amazing authors who have so generously donated! Thank you to Linda Gillard for sharing her inspirational story and for being our Warrior Goddess Ambassador.