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Partners Rule #1: Don't fall for your partner

Happy birthday to a dear friend and author, Honor James!


Congrats on her new release!
Lilly's Torment    Beyond the Veil 2
by Honor James
a SciFi Paranormal Menage Romance
from Siren/Bookstrand

15% discount until June 2nd.

Losing her partner was tough for Lilly Webb, moving to a new job in a new city even tougher, and then she meets her partners. Two men who will push her to the very limits and demand even more as they get to know one another. But she has a huge problem, she’s being used by someone or something and she has no idea why.
Artaxias never thought the day would come when he’d finally find his mate. That she’s his new partner makes it all the sweeter. Rounding out their threesome is Gavriel, once a kid he had to protect, he grew into a man that Ax fully respects and is proud to call family.

When both men realize the extent of Lilly’s troubles, they will stop at nothing to protect her. But it’s looking like it may just not be enough. With no idea who they are fighting, their relationship will be pushed to new limits. But is love enough?

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Futuristic Sci-Fi/Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, vampires, HEA]


Lifting her head up, she cast a gaze into the darkness. Try as she might, she couldn’t gain a bearing, couldn’t figure out just where the hell it was that she was. She shifted, moved slightly, and tried to refocus. Shaking her head, she lifted a hand and touched her forehead, wincing immediately when she did so. Once more, she closed her eyes and simply tried to focus, tried to regain her composure so that she could get out of there. So that she could escape.
Pulling spit into her mouth, she spat the blood out and once more lifted herself up on shaky hands, got up to her knees, and braced a hand on the wall at her side. A whimper escaped her as she lifted herself up to her feet. Close, she was so very close. Just a little further, just a little more and she would be able to move. Pulling upon all of her inner strength, she licked her lips and rose to her feet and then began to move.
One foot in front of the other, her steps heavy, the boots feeling even heavier than they typically would on her feet as she moved. Closing her eyes against the wave of dizziness, Lilly took a breath in through her nose, pushed the breath out through her mouth, and moved. Somehow, some way, she had to get away, had to get out.
Stopping just before a window, she stood off to the side, glancing out the broken and filth-covered window before ducking, moving to the other side and looking once more. Certain that the coast was clear, she moved on past that window and to the next with tattered lace curtains that billowed in the wind, whistling through the broken glass. The moon shining through the smudged glass was a mockery of calm and rightness.
Snorting, she continued until she made it to a door. Pausing, she braced her blood-covered hand on the doorframe. Bending slightly at the middle so that she could breathe, she then wiped her hand over her forehead once more. “All right,” she whispered aloud and then looked once more. After ensuring that the coast was clear, she stumbled out of the home and toward the bright lights of the city through the park.
When she arrived at the FBI building, Lilly pushed her way in, greeted by the bright lights and safety that the building made her feel. Suddenly there was a rush and flurry of activity around her, and she looked to her boss. Swallowing hard, she looked to him and lifted her hand to pass off the flash drive that she fished out of her pants pocket. “It’s all there.” She felt hands on her body, pulling her down, and continued, had to tell him. “It was Tommy Hemby.”
“Your partner?” someone asked her, and realizing it was the director, she nodded.
“Yeah. He was the one selling us out. He had been on the take for years. I was next on his list. It’s all there. If you will excuse me, I think I’m going to pass out now and let the medics take care of me,” she told the director when she saw the medics rushing toward them with their bags in tow.
* * * *
Two days later…
“Tommy is in the wind,” Director Viator said after he took a seat across from her hospital bed.
“Are you freaking kidding me?” Lilly asked in frustration. “Son of a bitch.” She moved, grabbed the IV that was in the top of her hand, and pulled it out. Grabbing the leads on her chest, she pulled those free as well and listened to the machine at her left flatline. “Get my clothes,she demanded.
“This isn’t something you can handle right now, Lil.”
“Yeah, well, you guys lost him. Sorry, I know you are my boss, but freaking really? I mean, come on,she muttered and moved to the closet when her boss didn’t move, and pulled her clothes down from the hangers. “I will find him even if it kills me.”
“How did I know you were going to be this damn stubborn?”
“Probably because you have known me since I was, like, twelve? Are you going to get my weapon for me?”
“Already have it.”
“Thanks, boss,” Lilly said and pulled her pants on, and then turned to tug a shirt on. Bracing a hand on the wall, she let her head fall forward just a little and panted, gasped and then turned. “Damn, it freaking hurts to be shot,she grumbled. “Anyway, me and that asshat have some words, or rather, I will be the one shooting him and then telling him to stay still he’s under arrest.”
“I didn’t hear that,her boss said as he looked the opposite way from her dressing. “You sure that you are going to be okay?”
“Yep, I’m good. I’m doped with all kinds of lovely drugs, but I’m good.”
“You pull your stitches and you are going to be on my bad side, Lilly.”
“Yeah, yeah.” She rolled her hand and shook her head. “Now, where was he last?” she asked and stepped into her boots. Sitting, she laced them as she listened to the director. “Gotcha. I will handle this,she said and rose to her feet again. “Do you have a spare phone for me?”
“No, but here, take mine. I will get another so that we can stay in contact. I will text you my number, and this way you have my phone index if you need it as well. Also, Ramirez and Honeywell will meet you downstairs. You see, I had this feeling deep in the pit of my ulcer-ridden stomach that you would want to go for him.”
“Yeah, well I keep telling you that eating all that junk food will give you ulcers.”
“And so will having a mouthy agent,the director said and added, “Be safe out there, Lil, and use Ramirez and Honeywell. I mean it. I think that I could go my entire life without seeing you bloody again, thank you very damn much.”
“Aw, you are just a big softie, aren’t you?” Lilly asked with a grin and then, “Where is my weapon?”


He smiled and nodded, she actually got to see a bit of fang. Apparently he wasn’t quite so careful, when he was somewhere he deemed safe, with his smiles. Tugging on her hand, he caught her when she tumbled out of the SUV. Catching her up in his arms, he hugged her to him and kissed her cheek.
Lilly wrapped her arms around him, and her legs as well, and kissed him back. Just a little kiss on the cheek wouldn’t do. She wanted more, she damn well needed more, and after waiting all this time she wasn’t going to waste another second of time.
Kissing her hard, Artaxias began to move slowly and steadily toward the house. She could feel when they went up the stairs. She knew Gav was there. She’d heard the truck door shut and could now hear the jingle of keys. The door slammed shut behind them as Ax nibbled on her mouth before kissing her hard again.
She was moaning against his lips, against his mouth. A whimper of a sound came from her. Desperation and need flooded her. “Please,she begged against his lips when they parted only for a moment. “So good,she added with a sob of pure pleasure, pure delight.
“Bed,” he told her as he kept moving after a brief pause. She was guessing he’d waited on Gav to set the alarm, but honestly, she didn’t care. He was going up the stairs, one and two at a time, his cock rubbing at her clit through their combined clothing. And he was kissing her again as they moved down the hallway, his steps not nearly as smooth as they had been.
Lilly reached between them and began working on the buttons of his pants. When he tossed her on the bed, she had just undid the last one and raised up on her elbows to grin at him. “Naked, now.” Okay so she was grunting and behaving like a Neanderthal likely would, but she didn’t care. She needed these men more than she needed her next breath and they all knew it.
Artaxias pulled on his shirt, buttons popping off and skittering over the floor. Tossing it aside, he bent to work on his boots, or so she assumed, since she couldn’t really see. Gavriel tossed his jacket onto a chair and pulled his shirt over his head. Ax popped up into view again and stared at her. “You are still dressed.”
As fast as she could, Lilly began to peel out of her clothes. She was naked before they finished getting their boots off, and grinned. “There, naked,she told them and watched them carefully. “I have no idea how we are going to do this,she admitted to them, “but goodness, I look forward to it.”
“Easy enough.” Artaxias crawled up on the bed with her. Gavriel was hopping around behind him, obviously having trouble with a boot. Then he tipped over, his expression comical, followed by a loud crash. “You alive back there?”
“I’m good.A hand appeared, holding up a boot.
“One of us takes you here.” Artaxias slid his hand between her legs and slipped a finger into her pussy. “And the other takes you here.His finger slid back to rub her anus.
“Good.” It came out in a long purring moan of a sound. “I can’t wait,she admitted to him and rubbed back against him. “How do you decide who gets to go where?” She was riding his fingers now. The sneaky devil went and put two in her pussy and one in her ass, and now she was riding them to obtain pleasure.
“That is up to you. For us it doesn’t matter, there’s no dominance factor for either Vhampires or Spirytes. Only Luhpyne matings are dominance powered. So the choice is yours and, when we’re done, we’ll switch so you can have a taste of both,” he said, leaning in to suck her nipple. She could feel his fangs pressing on either side of the tight bud he sucked, but no pain, no prick from the sharp ends. He was being careful.
“Oh God, that feels good,she whimpered. “Then stay where you are, I want to watch you, I want to feel you, and then the same with Gavriel.” She licked her lips and nodded. “Yes, yes I need this. How is the bond formed?” she asked, still riding his fingers. “Is it just us having sex?”
“I’ll bite you, and Gavriel will do whatever it is he does. But I think, for the first time, he needs to be in front, love.” Artaxias slid his tongue slowly around her nipple.
“He’s right, for Spirytes it’s a connection that’s held by the eyes. There’s magic in the connection that has to pass. Ax can take you front or back, but I need for us to be able to see one another.” Gavriel settled at her side, obviously having won the battle with his clothing.
“Then get up here and kiss me, because I’m about to orgasm for all three of us.” She wished she was playing, but with the way that Ax’s mouth and fingers were working her body, she wasn’t going to last long at all. “Please, I need you both. Right now.”
Artaxias pulled his fingers from her body and moved with a grin. “Not without us,” he told her and kissed her hard and fast. Then he turned her to face Gavriel. “Leg over his hip. We need to both take you at the same time, so I want you to hold onto him and relax as much as you can.”
Lilly did as instructed. She moved with their help and wrapped her leg around Gavriel’s body. Smiling, she leaned into him and brushed her lips to his. “I do look forward to every single moment of this,she whispered softly and then nodded. “I’m ready. Please.”
Gavriel cupped her face before dropping his hand to stroke her pussy. Then his hand moved and she could feel his cock rubbing to her weeping entrance. Behind her, she could feel Artaxias’s cock pressing to her anus. As if on a silent cue, they both pressed into her, filling her to the brim and beyond and stretching her more than she’d thought possible.
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About the Author

Honor James was born in the United States 30+ years ago. She is married with two teenagers, one of which is getting ready for the next step in life, college! By day she works as a Customer Service Representative while under the cover of darkness she delves into the realm of the paranormal. In September 2012 her first book was accepted by Siren Bookstrand and published November 2012.

Still writing and getting along in life Honor has now joined the Evernight family with her first book due out with them in February 2014.
Find Honor Here:
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