Sunday, January 10, 2016

Taming the Beast: a paranormal romance

Taming the Beast
Nicole Campbell

Kyrie Romero had to run from the life she knew. 

Packing up her life, she fled from the warmth of her home in the southwest to the cold snowy northeast. It was the best way to escape the psycho stalker who was threatening her--one of the dangers of being an erotica author. 

Xander Kane stumbled across Kyrie and was instantly smitten by her beauty and her tenacity. Every instinct in his body told him that she was his—his reina, his mate for life. 
But the reason Kyrie ran so far so fast has followed her, and now she and Xander must find a way to get Kyrie free from her past—and Xandermust tell Kyrie the truth about what he really is.

Xander watched the way she held her arms above her head. Her hips dangled from her spine as she stretched, and visions of her dancing pulsed through his head. “Well, if I get to call you Kyrie, then you’re calling me Xander.” He stood, pulling her quilt off the grass with him, gently shaking it out and folding it to hide the fact he adjusted himself away from the zipper of his slacks. While walking across the field back to her truck, Xander couldn’t help but to admire her ass. He was a big man, with big hands, and this little spitfire had the perfectly rounded hips, tits and ass to more than fill out his hands. He fumbled for something more to say. “So, you’re an author, huh?”
“Yes. According to one of the lovely letters I got, I write nothing more than verbal mental porn for bored housewives and lonely women. It’s wrong of me to write those things because women who read such filth end up having a twisted, unrealistic idea of love and what real men are really like.” Kyrie laughed.
Xander made a show of shining his badge. “Nope. We’re knights in shining armor.” He flexed his biceps, trying not to grin at Kyrie’s sharp intake of breath. “We’re strong enough to handle whatever comes our way, carry our women away from danger, and plenty of endurance. And we like carrying our women off for hours of sweaty screaming good sex. We fight for what we want, what we love, what’s close to our hearts, and some of us aren’t afraid to cry.
About the Author

A long time ago Nicole decided there were too many perfect characters in the books she read. She decided that she would add imperfections to her characters to make them feel more real, even if it was only in her own heart, but she hopes you enjoy reading about them as much as she loves creating each and every one of them.
Whether in the foothills of the Laurel Highlands in Southwest Pennsylvania or in the little worlds of her own making, Nicole is happy to be at home with her family and rambunctious dogs. After all, every day is an adventure and you should live it as such. Tomorrow is never a guarantee - live for today and be sure to tell those you love that you love them. You never know when you won't have that chance again.
Never stop dreaming - never stop believing - If you want the moon and stars - go get them... They won't just land in your lap without a little bit of help.

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