Friday, January 1, 2016


FAQs about voting in End-Of-Year Book awards at Inner Goddess book forum

*IG is a book club discussion forum. You do have to create a membership and sign in to cast a vote.

*If unable to vote upon 1st signing in, you may still be processing.  Try again after quarter or half hour.

*The Freeforums platform has not been upgraded to Windows 10, so you might try a different browser. You also get a different view using a cellphone vs. other devices.  

*If you are asked to "resubmit form", click "retry"  (this is a windows 10 issue).  It will not count your vote twice. 

*Does my vote really make a difference? Yes, only 10% membership has voted as of morning of Jan 1. 

*The official name of Inner Goddess's awards is Angels & Demons Awards.  It is found in the subforum called "Hall of Fame" 

Any questions, just email us at

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