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Extreme Promise: an X-Treme Love erotic romance

The X-Treme Love series
by Kay Manis
an Erotic Sports Romance

a Message and Review by pearls
About 6 months ago, one of at Inner Goddess turned 50.  So what do you do when your BFFs are erotic authors and bloggers?  You have a Texas Hold 'em / Cards Against Humanity Girls Night, complete with your own bartender (who happens to make an awesome lava cake)! 

So Tink and pearls joined up with authors Kay Manis, Riley Bancroft, Brenna Zinn, Laurie Olerich and blogger Nadine of My Secret Romance for a crazy night of drinking and dirty talk.  I know more about fisting than anyone would ever want to know.  So believe me when I say these authors know a lot about erotica. 

Kay Manis had just released her snowboarder sports romance, and I fell in love with her X-treme Love series.  A few weeks ago, she gifted me a copy of her Dec. 2015 release Extreme Promise.  Since I hadn't finished the series, I was afraid of spoilers or gaps.  But there weren't problems with that, so while it's not a stand-alone, it can be read without all the previous books. 

Extreme Promise follows book 1 & 2, covering the period building up to the wedding.  If you didn't read the first 2 books, there is enough context to catch up on their relationship (although you are missing out on a great story).  Hindley and Rory have earned their HEA.  Now they have to learn to live together.  The fine balance of compromise, sacrifice and support that all relationships must create.  Learning to face new obstacles as a united front.  Cheering on the independent dreams of each other.  Sometimes the romance seems like an realistic fantasy, but this book gives a realistic look at a fantasy couple.  Their love is obvious, and their passion is an extreme sport in itself.  And I want ALL of the toys mentioned in this book!

Between The Epilogue and The End…comes the promise of forever. 

When prominent Austin attorney, Hindley Hagen puked all over her prospective new client outside a trendy downtown nightclub, little did she know she’d met the man of her dreams. Pro athlete, Rory Gregor made a promise that night to keep Hindley safe. A year later, he’s keeping his word. 

As Hindley prepares for their wedding day, a different man stands in the way of her happily ever after. With the news of her assailant’s pending prison release, Hindley must do the unthinkable and face her attacker once again. Can she find the strength to stand on her own, or will the threat of a new trial destroy her? 

Memories of his childhood and the sister he couldn’t save torment Rory Gregor. With his fiancée’s ultimatum to make peace with his past before they marry, he must expel the ghosts that haunt him or risk losing her. As Rory travels back to his home in Colorado to unearth the truth behind his sister’s death, he discovers more haunting details about his own life that threaten to push him over the edge…again. 

With the countdown to their wedding looming, can Rory and Hindley find the strength they need to overcome the obstacles that stand in their way to a happily ever after? Or will the demons from their past prevent them from making the ultimate promise…til death do us part? 

EXTREME PROMISE is a stand-alone book but you are encouraged to read EXTREME RISK and EXTREME DEVOTION, X-Treme Love Series, Books 1 & 2 first to avoid spoilers. 

EXTREME PROMISE is the 7th and final book in the series. To achieve the ultimate in your reading experience, it is recommended that you read all six books in the X-Treme Love Series prior to EXTREME PROMISE. 


Read the entire X-Treme Love Series: 

Extreme Risk, Book 1 
Extreme Devotion, Book 2 

Extreme Sacrifice, Book 3 
Extreme Trust, Book 4 

Extreme Attraction, Book 5 
Extreme Courage, Book 6 

Extreme Promise, Book 7 
Extreme Gift, Novelette 

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