Sunday, January 3, 2016

Results: End-of-the-Year Best in Books Awards

4th Annual Inner Goddess Angels & Demons Awards
The Best of the Year as nominated and voted upon by Inner Goddess membership

Congratulations to all the authors nominated. 
As usual, I added to my TBR

Here are the Winners!

 Best Cowboy/Western Romance 2015  

Love Under Two Drifters by Cara Covington

 Best Historical 2015 

A Very Lusty New Year by Cara Covington

Best Military/First Responder Romance 2015

Tightrope by Bella Juarez  

 Best Romance Novella/Short 2015  

Master of Freedom by Cherise Sinclair

 Best LGBTQ title 2015

Vulnerable by Tymber Dalton

Best Mystery/Suspense Romance 2015  

 Total Surrender by Rebecca Zanetti

 Best Paranormal/SciFi title 2015  

My Brother's Keeper by Alanea Alder

 Best Romance title 2015 

Love Under Two Extroverts by Cara Covington

Best BDSM title 2015

                              Servicing The Target by Cherise Sinclair

Best Menage Title 2015

Lumberjack Weekend by Heather Rainier

Most Romantic Scene 2015 

Millie's "I walked through fire for you" confession
in Walk Through Fire by Kristen Ashley

 HOTTEST Romance Scene 2015  

Josh, Violet, and Lucas' lumberjack scene with the other lumberjacks
in Lumberjack Weekend by Heather Rainier

  Best Hero / Alpha character 2015

Lt. Dan Gamez
Tightrope by Bella Juarez

Best Heroine character of 2015 

My Brother's Keeper, Bewitched and Bewildered Series by Alanea Alder

Best Wingman (or Woman) 2015 

The Lusty Lumberjacks
Lumberjack Weekend by Heather Rainier

Best Dom / Domme character

Joseph Hazelle
Bunny and the Beast by Heather Rainier

 Best sub 2015

Violet Tyler
Lumberjack Weekend by Heather Rainier

 Best Bad Girl 2015

Kat Rixey
Hard to Let Go by Laura Kaye

Best Bad Boy character 2015  

Darkness Calling by Laurie Olerich

 Best Hook 2015  

Heather Rainier's Fantasy Weekend retreat, complete w lumberjacks

  Best Book Cover 2015

My Brother's Keeper by Alanea Alder

Congratulations to all the winners!
To see who else was nominated, visit the Awards Forum


  1. Inner Goddess members and admins, THANK YOU SO MUCH! And to all the winners and nominees, CONGRATULATIONS! This is such a huge honor to be counted among such fantastic authors! <3

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  3. Firstly, thank you to the Innergoddess team for setting up the contest. Secondly, congratulations to the winners!!! To be nominated with so many talented authors was a dream come true and a huge honor.

    1. Would love to see an author chat with new authors ~ such as yourself! :)