Saturday, June 20, 2015

She has Tasty Cravings for her men

Tasty Cravings
Club Cravings Book 1
by Erika Reed
an Erotic Menage Romance MFM 
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A girls' night out with her best friends at Club Cravings is just what Gianna DeLuca needs. She's tired of her boring life, with "nice guys" who leave her unsatisfied in the bedroom. That is until she meets the two handsome nightclub owners who show her what she's been missing all along.
From the minute Gianna walked into their club, Bryce and Dylan Nash knew they had to have her. The rich and successful club owners are tired of meaningless, one-night stands, and they want more in life. After meeting Gianna, the two will stop at nothing to prove two is better than one.
Will Gianna allow Bryce and Dylan to show her what it feels like to be loved by two men?
Review by pearls I have read several books by Erika Reed overs the years and enjoy watching her grow as a writer.  This new series is set against the backdrop of a Seattle night club.  In addition to Gianna's friends, we also meet the owners and employees of the club.  Enough insight is given to all of these characters to provide creative fodder for future books in the series.  The first book in the series focuses on two of the four owners who are attracted to Gianna.  Bryce and Dylan Nash are brothers who have known that they wanted to settle down with a woman they can sha re.  When they meet Gianna, they set out to build a relationship with her as individuals and as a group.  While they are both different personalities, Gianna is pulled towards both of them equally.  Their patience allows her the chance to build confidence in their unique relationship, and that is what I loved the most about them. Their's is a story of the sweetness found in finding that right person. They never push her:  they allow her to come to her own decisions.  Gianna has always measured herself as less than her friends, but through their eyes, she blossoms into the beautiful woman she always has been capable.  I'm interested to see where the next dance at Club Cravings takes us in book 2!


Erika Reed lives with her husband and two daughter's in Southern California. She enjoys writing when she can find the time between being a wife and mother. When she has a chance, she enjoys reading the latest book on her Kindle Fire.
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