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Lucian Bane's - No Mercy Blog Tour

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Lucian Bane
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Second book in the Mercy Trilogy

Sade and Mercy’s journey takes a dark turn in No Mercy A Darker Continuation.
Some nightmares last only minutes. Sometimes those minutes can last a lifetime.
Dark lusts and self-loathing become a merciless dance Sade can't escape. Surviving one night of horror leads him to a ledge he's never been, where terror mixes with his sadism and masochism for a whole new monster with No Mercy.

A Masterpiece of Sadomasochism

Sade climbed through the window and dropped to the ground right as thunder rumbled louder. The smell of rain thickened the air as Sade grabbed Mercy’s hand and raced to the front of the house.  They made it to the vehicle and climbed in. Oh fuck, no keys. Ten feet in front of them sat a black antique hearse.

"Lock your fucking door,” Sade ordered, searching beneath the seat for a weapon.  

“Oh my God, he’s coming, he’s coming!” Mercy shrilled.  

Sade eyed the sad clown face hurrying toward the truck as he opened the glove box. Mercy screamed as the maniac banged on the driver window.
“Son!” he bellowed, yanking off his mask and glaring at Sade. The blue eyes were nearly brilliant in the darkness. “How could you?” Agonizing betrayal twisted his face before he turned and paced next to the truck, holding his head.  
Sade jumped at feeling something buzz under his ass. His fucking phone!  

“I trusted you, son,” Abraham muttered.   “Look for a weapon, anything!” Sade wrestled the phone out of his pocket.   “I don’t understand…” Abraham looked up and searched the sky. “I thought you said I was getting a disciple? Have I not earned that?”  

Sade’s heart stopped when he looked at the phone. Zero battery.   Fists hit Sade’s window shaking the truck making Mercy shriek.

“I’m not happy about this, son!” he growled, heaving. “I’m very upset! Really upset!”  

“Call the police! Call the police!” Mercy screamed.  

Sade looked at the text blaring on the screen. LEAVE NOW!!! ABRAHAM IS COMING! HE’S CLINICALLY INSANE! Sade’s fingers trembled over the keypad, hitting 911.  

“Where’s he going?” Mercy gasped. “He’s leaving, he’s going to his car. What’s he doing? Oh my God!”  

“911 what’s your emergency?”  

“We’re stranded at--”

  “623 Fallen Lane Prairie City!” Mercy screamed. “Oh God, he’s got a gun!”  

“623 Fallen Lane, Prairie City! There’s a psycho with a gun!”  

“You’re breaking up. Are you in town? What town are you near?”  

Abraham stalked back to the truck and stopped in front aiming the shotgun at them. Sade shoved Mercy on the seat, covering her. A jolting boom rocked the fucking truck when he fired.

“Fuck!” Sade gasped, finally glancing up to find Abraham stalking to the rear of the vehicle. Sade ducked as the back glass exploded.

He put the phone to his mouth and screamed, “623 Fallen Lane!” He fought to cover more of Mercy. “Can you fucking hear me!?”  

Mercy screamed and covered her head as her window shattered next. Sade looked at the phone. God, fuck no! Dead!   Two more shots took out the windshield. Then Sade’s window blasted into the vehicle, pieces hitting them.

  “Goddamn!” Abraham muttered.   Sade shot his head up to see the animal storming back to his car. Sade opened his door and dragged Mercy out.

“Don’t look back!” he gasped, running with her down the driveway. “To the highway!”  

The sound of a vehicle door slammed and a low engine growled. Light beams soon bounced behind them with the demonic rumble of the engine screaming toward them.   They wouldn’t make it, they wouldn’t fucking make it. Sade remembered the boathouse.

“This way!” He shot into the woods and headed in a diagonal direction back, making sure Mercy stayed on his heels. There had to be something there he could kill him with. He’d use his bare hands as a last option. Fucking that up and risking Mercy wasn’t a gamble he could take.  
  after he tied her up tease    

i so fucking lie

Lucian's Bio
Hello, Lucian here. I’m a husband, author, and Christian who loves writing tales—paranormal erotic romance, contemporary erotic romance, fantasy romance and dark erotica-- about men who honor, cherish, and protect the women they love. Also stories that are real enough to form a sort of how-to bridge for the readers, teaching them "how to" add heat and passion to their marriages and relationships; teach them how to build life-long commitments--like I have with my own beautiful wife--and build strong families; all of which serve as a healthy foundation in society.
  I think there are many men like myself, and I hope my writing will be a map for them. A map for women as well, to teach them how to bring out the strength that exists within the men they call boyfriend or husband. Teach them how to dance out their fairytale romance in a world that isn't kind to the happily ever afters we all hope to achieve.   You know, when I was younger, I submitted to my inner reckless and tireless desires, but when I gave myself to God and conformed my will to His, the transformation made me into what I am today. A man that believes and endorses Forever Love. Something we could stand a lot more of in our times, don't you think?        
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