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No running from desire: Out For You

Out For You
Can't Hide My Love
by Sara York
a MM Contemporary Romance
Publisher: ARe Books

 Book Description:
When desire is this strong, there’s no running from it.

Alec Harper has had a thing for Preston Gentry since high school. The one taste he got of the man only whet his appetite, now he has the opportunity to slake his need and get over the jerk. Preston isn’t walking away, though, and Alec can’t hold back. Their lust drives them into each other’s arms, but something hotter, and purer has developed beneath the surface. And it’s something neither Preston nor Alec can let go.

As a college football coach, Preston can’t afford to be gay. His job is on the line, but his heart knows what it wants. Being with Alec means he’ll be outed and he could lose his job. But some things are more important than pleasing the public…like love…

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The door closed behind them and Preston turned the lock, securing the door to the small room that served as the boys’ public restroom at the park. The evening was warm, the scent of flowers and fresh cut grass filled the night, and in here, antiseptic burned his nose along with the dull scent of piss and something else darker.

Preston laughed again but he didn’t move away. Alec’s back was pressed against the cold tile and Preston positioned his hands on the wall beside Alec’s head. Preston’s laugh change as he leaned in close, almost touching Alec. He tried to calm his racing heart, but his body was having none of it. Alec’s dick had responded the closer Preston got, getting harder than ever before. But Preston was straight, very straight, and Alec was exceedingly gay.

“We should go,” Alec said, his voice crisp.

“Na, let’s wait out the round. They’ll run off to the other side of the park once they realize they can’t find us.” Preston was even closer and Alec swore he heard Preston sniff him.

Alec stiffened and tried to move away, but Preston closed the distance, his chest pressing against Alec’s. The world spun as his blood raced then stalled in his veins. How could Preston be doing this to him? He didn’t think Preston was homophobic, but maybe this was some big setup to destroy him. Alec started shaking then he felt Preston’s fingers trail down his arm, scarcely grazing over his sensitive hairs.

“Preston, we should—”


Frozen in place, he let Preston Gentry—only the hottest guy in school—kiss him. It was wonderful and terrible all at the same time. His dick was so hard he’d never be able to hide what he was feeling. This had to be some joke to Preston, but it was real for Alec. What if Preston’s friends were recording this? The thought sent panic racing down Alec’s spine and he pulled away, but Preston was right there, his body pressing against Alec’s, his hands insistent as he exposed skin by pulling up Alec’s shirt.

Before he could say no, Preston had Alec’s shirt pulled up to his armpits and one hand down Alec’s shorts, caressing his dick. They both gasped as Preston stroked him, their lips separating, allowing him to gulp in air. The air didn’t stop his head from spinning or his dick from throbbing.

 Preston acted like he knew what he was doing. He was calm and confident, his hands manipulating Alec like he’d already done this a hundred times. Alec had no idea where to put his own hands or how to touch Preston. Lost to the sea of emotions and lust, he stood with his arms at his side, feeling more dorky than ever before.

He’d only really seen one other guy’s erect dick and that was on a porn site. He’d caught a few quick glances of soft dicks in the bathroom at school, but he sure as hell had never touched another guy’s prick.

Preston pushed both of their shorts low, and then their dicks were touching as Preston stroked them together. Alec clutched at the wall, then clung to Preston, squeezing the guy’s shirt so hard he feared he’d rip it. Preston’s breath was hot on his neck and loud in his ears. Alec’s mind started to buzz and his legs shook.

“I’m gonna—dammit, Preston.” Alec was shaking like a leaf, his balls pulled so tight he wondered if they’d ever go back in place.

Preston was doing something with his hand, reaching away, then his touch was back just before Alec blew his load. Preston was smart and had grabbed napkins. The harsh paper scratched the tip of his dick, but he didn’t mind. He’d just come with Preston—freaking hot Preston—star of the football team, Preston Freaking Gentry.

How the hell had this happened?

About the Author:

Sara York's life is writing. The stories fight to get out, often leaving her working on four or five books at once. She can't help but write. Along with her writing addiction she has a coffee addiction. Some nights, the only reason she stops writing and goes to sleep is for the fresh brewed coffee in the morning. Sara enjoys writing twisted tales of passion, anger, and love with a good healthy dose of lust thrown in for fun.

For more information on other books by Sara, please visit her official website:

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