Monday, October 28, 2013

The Inner Goddess November Spotlight Author: Tara Rose

  • Contemporary Romance  
  • Erotica
  • Menage
  • BDSM
  • Paranormal Shapeshifters

 Tara Rose has a book for everyone!   She currently has 13 books released, with two more due in November.  She writes about small towns that have big histories, filled with secrets and skeletons. 

We are excited to spotlight Tara Rose on the Inner Goddess Forum, starting on Nov. 1.  Enter the Forum here.

Racy Nights

Come on in and take a stroll through Racy, Indiana with its spunky heroines and drop-dead gorgeous heroes. This is small town America, and Racy residents gossip as much as anyone, but when the crap hits the fan, they’re there for each other. From ex-Doms and serial killers, to ex-wives and AWOL soldiers, and all the way to tornadoes and arsonists, Racy has its share of trouble, but our heroes are on hand to make sure no harm comes to their heroines.

There are 8 books in the series so far, but you can get the scoop on who's who by visiting the Racy, Indiana website.

Passion Peak, Colorado

Welcome to PASSION PEAK, COLORADO, where cowboys and sexy Doms compete with the mountains as the best scenery in town.  But years ago, this sleepy mining town in the Rocky Mountains included bootleg liquor, organized crime, and stolen money that's rumored to be hidden behind walls, and in the abandoned mines outside of town...

There are currently 4 books in the series, with book 5 releasing on Nov. 8. Read a blurb for each book on Tara's Passion Peak page

The Alpha Legend

There are shapeshifters among us, living quietly in secluded, remote villages in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains above towns like Passion Peak, Colorado. You may occasionally see them in town, although you won't recognize their true form unless you're one of them...
Welcome to THE ALPHA LEGEND... an erotic MFM menage series featuring cougar, leopard, and jaguar shifters, consensual BDSM, and an HEA in every book.

Book 1 of The Alpha Legend was released Oct. 18th and book 2 is scheduled for released on Nov. 29.  Learn more on the Alpha Legend website.  




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BOTM Discussions--In addition to our current book discussions over Tara Rose's books, we will have BOTM style discussions on her three recent releases

Captured by Two Alphas - released Oct. 18
Persuading Eve - releasing Nov. 8
Protected by Two Jaguars - releasing Nov. 29

Interviews--In addition to an exclusive interview with Tara Rose, the author herself will be stopping by the forum to join in the discussions.  If we ask nicely, she might even gift us with an excerpt from her upcoming releases.

Contests--We will hosts contests to win Tara Rose swag and eBooks throughout the month.  Be sure to drop by the Inner Goddess Forum and participate!


  1. Thank you!! I'm so excited about this!!!

  2. Tara, I can't think of a more deserving spotlight! Congrats to you. Now I have to get reading.