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KT Grant invites you to enter The Gate into the Dark Path series

Dark Path Series, #1

A chance encounter between a successful author and a billionaire owner of an underground BDSM club, leads to the most pivotal relationship of their lives…

Erika Walsh has carried a torch for Christopher Milton, heir to her father’s publishing empire for years. After one steamy make out session she begins to wonder if it might develop into something more. But when M. L. Crawford, better known as Max, her father’s publishing rival, seeks her out at a society event, she’s drawn to his magnetic charisma and powerful demeanor. Their verbal bantering and innuendo laced overtones stir feelings she never knew existed, and soon Erika is consumed with knowing the real man under Max’s restrained public façade.

Erika’s sweet nature and naivety excites Max to near madness. He wants to train her in the art of seduction and make her succumb to his every wish and command…as his perfect submissive. Yet, Christopher is determined to keep Erika from becoming the latest victim of Max’s sinister sexual hungers. He knows all too well what Max hides in his black soul and will stop at nothing to reveal all of Max’s secrets in order to protect the one thing he holds dear above all else- Erika.

Max’s dark desires scare yet arouse Erika, as he opens her eyes to a new bold world full of passion and ecstasy she never imagined until him. But the biggest question remains: Is Erika’s craving for Max just an illusion that transpires behind the walls of The Gate?

Excerpt: (Rated-R)

Her arms were stretched out along the wall, attached to the hooks. He didn’t use scarves or a rope, but fur-lined wrist cuffs. He left her legs free but ordered her to keep them spread. She was naked and on display, her cheek resting on the wall.
Max moved somewhere behind her, and music filled the room. He chose Pink Floyd’s The Wall album. Comfortably Numb played through the speakers. She almost broke down in giggles. How appropriate.
His hands landed on her shoulders, causing her to flinch. Shushing her, he rubbed her muscles there, loosening her up. She dipped her head when he squeezed the nape of her neck, digging his fingers into her spine. He traveled down her back then around, cupping her breasts.
“Are you aroused, Erika?” he whispered in her ear.
“I-I think so.” She couldn’t describe what she was feeling, but it was much like when she was ready to have sex with him. She was slick and warm, her body achy and itchy at the same time.
“Hmm, you are, just by the way you’re trembling, how heavy your breathing is.” Sliding his hand down her stomach, he petted her mound. She moaned when he spread apart her folds, circling a finger between them. Twisting upward, he stroked her clit hood.
“Oh! That feels….” She pressed her forehead into the wall. He teased her, but didn’t enter her.
“You’re primed and ready to go. This will make it easier for when I begin. Don’t be surprised if after the first slash you grow even wetter or come.”
“Has anyone ever lost their…um….” She was at a loss to explain what she meant.
“Pissed? It’s never happened to me but I’ve heard others have. If you think you need to relieve yourself or end up having an accident, don’t be embarrassed. Our bodies can only take so much.” He stopped playing in her pussy to pet her bush.
“Well, actual sex is messy, too….” Her comparison sounded lame, so she shut her mouth and closed her eyes, allowing his touch to soothe her.
His husky laugh filled the room. With one last kiss on the side of her throat, he moved away.
When he dropped the strap on her shoulder, she jumped. He coasted the leather down her back and across her ass. She dropped her forehead to the wall, her legs trembling as he ran the leather down each leg and up again. When it fell away, she peeked over her shoulder.
“Face the wall, close your eyes, and brace yourself. I’m going to start with soft slaps and, in time, whack harder. I’ll keep going unless you scream the word, ‘stop’ at the top of your lungs or call out your safe word. You remember your safe word?”
She nodded, mouthing the word that would make him quit the moment she said it. She would try her best not to. She would be strong, allowing him to use her in order to release whatever demons raged inside him.
She was given no warning, but the slap on her ass barely stung. She jolted because she was surprised, not because it hurt. She kept her eyes close, digging her nails into her palms as she waited for the next slap. It came. Then another.
He kept a steady stream of slaps on her ass and back. After a few, her legs shook even more, and those areas throbbed. She warmed, trembling all over. She inhaled and exhaled deeply, just as Max taught her to do. It helped as the flicks of the leather grew stronger, more powerful.
He didn’t say a word as the strap came down on her back and ass. She bit her bottom lip as her flesh throbbed from the stings. Then he changed direction, the strap hitting near the back of her knees. She cried out. The pain ran up her legs, pitching in her stomach along with her throbbing cunt that became wetter with every snap of the leather.
Each slap multiplied with brutal force until she was sobbing. A trickle of wet dripped down the inside of her thigh. She squirmed, jerking on her bonds, yelling Max’s name as his strikes grew harsher.
“Oh God!” she yelled when the strap hit her right in the middle of her back. Her heart pounded in her ears. Her throat clogged with unshed tears.
“More?” he asked somewhere over her right shoulder. The strap slashed her there.
Trembling, she yelped. Tears streamed down her cheeks, she opened her mouth, a soundless scream leaving her.
“Erika, I stop when you tell me to.” His voice didn’t sound uneven, but strong and steady like each slap he gave her. How could that be?
Her back and ass were on fire, the blaze running through her body, traveling through her head, over her face. She burned like she was on the sun. She wouldn’t be able to last much longer.

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Erika doesn't k now it yet, but she is tired of being treated like a fragile doll.  Max is the first person to treat her without kid gloves, and she flies to it like a moth.  While others love her, they would have her wrapped in cotton and stowed safely at home.  Max gives her the courage to leave the safety of the nest and to explore her own identity.  While she is exploring her own needs and desires, the other characters are also discovering other sides of their own personas which they didn't know they existed.  From jealousy to lust to love to freedom, each of them succumbs to their passionate desires.  The result is a dark book where self-doubt and guilt reign, and mere mortals grasp onto the ones they feel will save them from drowning. 

About the Author:

KT Grant is a self-proclaimed eccentric redhead who not only loves to read a wide variety of romances, but also loves writing it. Under her alter-ego, she is a well-known book blogger who doesn’t shy away from voicing her opinion. A proud native of New Jersey, KT is multi-published and writes Gay, Lesbian and Straight romance. KT has been a top ten best-selling author at Amazon, as well as being a multiple All Romance Ebooks best seller and a Night Owl Reviews Top Author Pick.

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