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Catch Cat Scratch Fever from The Alpha Legend, Tara Rose's New Series

by Tara Rose
The Alpha Legend is a cougar/leopard/jaguar shifter series that takes place in remote villages set in the Rocky Mountains and associated mountain ranges in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona. Central to the stories is the ancient text called The Alpha Legend, that is closely guarded by the shapeshifting communities. This text has its roots in several Native American legends. They are old and hand-copied, and most shifter cubs grow up with at least a passing knowledge of the text and all it contains.

The text primarily explains the legend surrounding alpha cats who are cougars, leopards, or jaguars. It begins specifically with the cougar called Sleepy Cat. This legend was introduced in my Passion Peak, Colorado series. The Legend says that when there is snow on Sleepy Cat Peak, the twin of Passion Peak, it forms the shadow of a cat. When snow melts early in the spring, the cat becomes angry and goes down into Passion Peak to cause trouble in the town for the remainder of the year.

But Sleepy Cat is only part of the legend. The rest of The Alpha Legend speaks to the alphas of leopard, cougar, and jaguar shapeshifters. It also explains the special power that black, or melanistic cats have among these shifters.

The text contains spells, uses for certain stones, warnings about interaction with humans, and the details of how and why in certain circumstances alphas are allowed to share a mate. It even describes how tribes with more than one alpha cat in them should function.

But the heart of it surrounds the importance of panthers, or melanistic cats, and what their presence in a tribe means. Panthers can exist among cougars, leopards, and jaguars, but they’re each very rare. The legend says if two mates are both melanistic, their panther cubs would be more powerful than any other shifters, male or female.

But if you're the wrong kind of people, anything that rare is worth hunting.

The League of Exitium is an underground society that plagues the shifter communities in the series. Over the centuries, they've perverted the texts to use them for their own agendas. They're dedicated to destruction and ruin rather than preservation of the shapeshifting societies.

The League members are difficult to track down because they use stones and spells to cloak their activities. They hunt melanistic cats to sacrifice to their gods because they believe those cats give them more power, and further appease their deities. They practice old, dark magic and aren't above murder of shifter and humans alike to achieve their goals


You'll meet Saffron Estampado in book 1 of The Alpha Legend - CAPTURED BY TWO ALPHAS. She's a black leopard shifter born to two melanistic leopards, so she is very rare. She is also running from an unwanted mating to two leopards in her home village, and is captured by two cougar shifters who don't believe her story. They believe she is part of the family who has been hunting them.

In book 2 - PROTECTED BY TWO JAGUARS - you get to know the residents of the Jargonian family, including heroes Micah and Stephen. They're brothers, and part of the special forces of jaguars who travel the country hunting and executing League members.

About the Author

 Tara Rose is the author of two popular MFM/BDSM series: Racy, Indiana and Passion Peak.  She writes exclusively for Siren Bookstrand. 

Legendary Felines

Cat Scratch Fever

  It's nothin' dangerous
I feel no pain
I got to cha-cha change
You know you got it
When you're goin' insane
It makes a grown man cry, cry
Oh won't you make my bed

Well I make a pussy purr
With the stroke of my hand
They know they're gettin' it from me
And they know just where to go
When they need their lovin' man
They know I'm doin' it for free

I give 'em Cat Scratch Fever
Cat Scratch Fever
They got it bad scratch fever
Cat Scratch Fever
Ted Nugent Lyrics from <a href=""></a>

And because I am an 80's Hair Band Babe, I must post Heart's black panther....

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  1. This looks Cool, I love me a shifter Novel!

    The only legendary felines i can think of are the lion's in the lion king!

    - Mandy @ Lace Vintage Book Reviews

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    Tony the Tiger

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    The movie Born Free

  8. Eye of the Tiger by Survivor

  9. Thank you for the giveaway. I love paranormal romances. The only legendary creature I can think of is maybe a unicorn. Have heard of them but never actually seen one.


  10. Love your books so far, can't wait to read these!!!

  11. Truly outdone yourself with this series. Can't wait to see what next you have in store for us readers.

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  14. Yay Tara! The only one that pops in my head is Puss in Boots!

    Looking forward to reading this series!

  15. The winner is Diana Merritt with The Cowardly Lion!