Friday, August 7, 2015

We're in FaceBook Jail :(

If you can't find us on Facebook this weekend, it's because we are in FB jail.  So the following pages won't be working:  Pearls InnerGoddess, Inner Goddess, Romantic Releases, and the planning pages for these events: Summer Lovin' and Most Magnificent Menage.  Because FB does this without any warning and they did it on a Friday, it will be Monday before I can get the proof they want that pearls is my authentic name.  That it was their policy that forced a last name. 

Meanwhile, we will continue to post here on the blog, on our twitter page @Innergoddesses, on our Pinterest and Google+ pages at Inner Goddess and on tsu at @innergoddess aka pearls Innergoddess  Please follow us there.  And if you need to contact us, we are at

Meanwhile, I am heartbroken that I was turned in.  We work hours and hours on promoting authors for free.  We have never charged an author for promotions, blitzes, FB parties, TW chats, Release events, Street Team creations and tons of other promotional services.  We have raised thousands of dollars for charities and promoted others' charities to help them do the same. 

To think that someone turned me in guts me. With over 4000 followers/friends/likes, I try to be sensitive to everyone.  I don't post in groups that aren't promo groups and never on someone else's timeline.  I don't add people to groups or events without their permission.  I never speak negatively about other authors or bloggers or readers.  I don't blindly ask people to be my friend or to like me.  I will never know why someone turned me in, which as a service subbie will bug me, but we will rise above this.

Thank you to our supporters, friends, and followers.  We will continue to provide the love to the romance and erotica communities that we always have.  And we'll let you know once we get paroled from FB jail.

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