Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Escape: Will she ever get her HEA?

The Escape
by N.C. Winters
a Contemporary Small Town Romance
When tragedy strikes the life of twenty-one year old Annabelle Martin, the only thing she knows to do is run. She takes her best friend Harper Reed and moves to a small town in Tennessee. The two begin a new life in the country, not expecting to fall in love. When Anna met Paisley he was everything she'd ever wanted in a man, Harper fell for his best friend, Ryder, and life was perfect for them - until something terrible happens. Will Anna ever get to experience her happy-ever-after or will the tragedy of her past haunt her forever, leaving her with a constant reminder of her horrid past?


“I would really love to try out my new tub. It looks so relaxing.” He smiled at me with a wink. “I'll let you join this time if you would like.” I giggled and headed toward the bathroom.

“Oh no, you don’t, you find some clothes and I'll start your bath.”
I headed over to the bags he’d carried up for me and debated on what I should wear. I picked a pair of black lace underwear with a matching bra, pajama shorts, and a matching tank. I walked in the bathroom where he had already had the bath filled. I could not wait to get in. Just then I felt his hands slide up my sides. He felt so soft against my body. “Let me help you,” he whispered in my ear, sending chills down my spine. I turned to face him as he slid my shirt up and over my head, exposing my black lace bra. He placed gentle kisses from my forehead to my belly button as he slowly unbuttoned my skirt. Oh, the things he was doing to me, he made me crumble inside. He kissed all the way back up my body until he reached my lips. I became limp in his arms as we shared the most passionate kiss I’d ever had. I reached my hands up under his shirt and pulled it over his head. I stepped back enough to take in every inch of his body, his arms, chest, and those piercing blue eyes. I slowly unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down, exposing his boxer briefs. I kissed down his body and slowly worked my way back up.
“Anna, you have to be the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on.” I blushed. He was so perfect, it had to be too good to be true. I turned around as he unhooked my bra and let it fall freely to the floor. He was taking in every inch of my body as he slowly hooked his finger in my panties, pulling them down. “Now you get in before the water gets cold. I will join you,” he said with a wink. I felt him watching my every move as I got in the tub and sank in. I watched as he removed his briefs to expose himself.
My God, he is huge. “You are perfect, Paisley.” He climbed in behind me and slowly started to kiss my neck. I felt the goose bumps go all over my body as I tensed up.
“Relax, beautiful, it's okay.” With those four words I melted into him. He continued to kiss down my neck as he slowly slid up and caressed my breasts, lightly pinching each nipple, and I shuddered. I felt an ache between my legs I had not felt in ages. He slid his hand down between my legs, gently pushing them apart, and started rubbing my clit slowly. I let out a moan, and turned my head to place my lips on his. I felt his bulge up against me as I rolled my hips in unison with his fingers. He slowly slid his finger inside, and I was sure that was going to be the end of it.
As he plunged it in deeper and deeper, I let out a loud moan and soon felt tingling build up in my body until I came. I felt every muscle in my body go weak as I collapsed against him.
“Oh my God, Paisley. That had to be the most intense orgasm I have ever had.”
He whispered in my ear, “Sweetheart, this is only day one.” I had to giggle. He did things to me that no man ever could. When we got out of the tub, I dried off. Looking over at him just made my ache return full force. Not now, I told myself, this is his turn. I walked over and ran my hands slowly up his back, over his shoulders and down his arms.

 About the Author

 N.C Winters has called West Virginia home for a over 20 years, she resides there with her husband Shawn and there four kids. She is 100% country and loves mudding and traveling the back roads with her family. The quickest way to her heart is with flowers and a reese cup. She loves country boys, reading and a happy ending.

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