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Revelations: When Separate Worlds Collide

When Separate Worlds Collide 1
by Izzibella Beau
a Paranormal Romance
from Beau Coup LLC
What happens when two totally different people from two separate worlds collide? This is the story of Zach and Emily, their family, their friends, and what happens when the truth finally becomes known and love might not be able to save them. Welcome to West Lakes, a place where your friends and family may not be who they seem. This is a world where it’s not the dark you should be afraid of, but what could be waiting for you inside that darkness – that’s what should terrify you the most.


Jacob heard her voice ring out in the dead silence of the night. All he wanted was to go home or maybe shift and just run away from it all. His wolf willed him to stop, but he didn’t turn to face her. At least he still had that much control st
ill left, where he could save himself the aggravation of facing one pissed off and hurt woman. Shit, he was going to have to deal with Brindle on those accounts too as he knew she saw what had happened.

Madison saw that he wasn’t walking away from her, so she walked closer to him and hoped he wouldn’t take off running away again. Jacob wouldn’t turn to look at her as she came up behind him. He stood there like he was frozen in time.

“Um.” She had no clue what to say to him. Usually she’d have no difficulty spewing her mouth over something he’d done or said, but now there wasn’t a sensible thought that came across her mind. “I think Brindle was looking for you.” Madison mentally slapped herself in the head for even saying such a stupid thing.

Jacob softly chuckled. “You came down here to tell me that?” He still hadn’t turned around. He knew that if he did his wolf would somehow gain control and he would probably melt into her arms once again. “I’m outta here. You need to go back to Alex and those guys.”

“Why can’t you even turn around to look at me?” Madison was getting a little pissed at the whole ignoring act he was putting on. “There’s something up with you, Jacob. I saw something in your eyes tonight that I had only seen once before.” She was referring to the wolf that comforted her the day in the field. “Are you saying you didn’t feel anything with that kiss?”

“Just nauseated.” He heard her suck in a breath after he snidely commented back to her. Jacob felt bad about saying that, but he had to somehow get her away from him. The wolf inside was howling in protest and he needed her to leave so he could control his feelings. This wasn’t supposed to be, there was no way they could ever be mates.

“You know what? Game over, you win, Jacob.” Madison was trying to control her anger, hurt, and all of the other mixed up emotions she was feeling about this self-centered prick standing in front of her. “You stay away from me and I’ll stay away from you. Don’t talk to me, don’t look at me…just…stay away.”

Jacob could hear the disappointment in her voice. He heard her footsteps getting farther away so he knew she was walking back to the school. He wanted to run to her, but he knew that would be the biggest mistake he could make right now. He turned around and saw that she was nearing the school. “Madison,” he yelled out. She stopped, but didn’t turn around. He couldn’t say he was sorry. He did everything just so she wouldn’t get involved in all the mess of his family. “Don’t be mad.”

Madison swung around and stared at him from the entrance of the school. She looked so small being that far away, like she wouldn’t be able to fight off anyone or anything if they tried to attack her. The moonlight was reflecting off her hair and it seemed like it was glistening. “If that was an apology, it was a sorry ass one. It’s too late. Way too late for that, Jacob.” She turned around once more and walked into the school.


Izzibella Beau is an aspiring writer currently residing on a farm in South Carolina USA. She is married and has 31 children; 3 biological and 28 canine. She earned a bachelor and master degrees in criminal justice from Saint Leo University. She also has many graduate hours in the disciplines of teaching and public services. Ms. Beau in now part of the awesome authors of Beau Coup Publishing LLC. Broken: Book One of the Assumption Series is her first attempt at novel writing. To date, this particular series will have three books based on the lives of BayShore Academy high school students, Ayma and Colton. the series will continue though with each additional book focused on another dynamic character (s) from the series. Ms. Beau enjoys writing, reading, taking long walks, playing with all her children, and the Pittsburgh Steelers. She is an animal lover and will contribute a portion of her royalties from the Assumption Series to animal rescue and shelters nationwide.

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