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Caviar and Covert Ops

Caviar and Covert Ops
Military Moguls #3


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Women are only attracted to Dane Braxton because of his money and movie star looks. At least that's what he thinks. He's sure the single mother he's secretly investigating isn't any different. Females are all the same.


Lily is a tired, overworked, and underappreciated single parent living paycheck to paycheck. It makes for a hard, lonely life but as long as her son is happy and healthy it's worth the sacrifice.

So when Lily meets handsome attorney Dane in the park, she falls head over heels for his intelligent wit and caring nature. He's everything she's wanted and more.

Dane feels the same about Lily. She's nothing like the other women he's dated and he can't wait to plan a future with her.

There's just the little matter of telling her who he really is...

Military Moguls Series description: 

Money. Champagne. Diamonds. And the most precious of all... Love. 

Men born into wealth and privilege. Growing up together - they worked hard and played even harder. Now back in civilian life after serving their country, these hot alpha males are primed...
ready for passion and their very own happily ever after.


The man held out his hand.  "Since they've introduced themselves, I guess we should too.  I'm Dane. And you are?"
"Lily," she stammered as his strong fingers closed around her own sending a jolt of electricity up her spine. 
"It's nice to meet you, Lily."  The man - Dane - smiled, a dimple appearing in his cheek.  "Would Nicky like to play Frisbee with us?"
"Yes!  Yes!"  Nicky jumped up and down excitedly.  There really wasn't any reason to say no.  They weren't in a hurry to head back to their drab little condo and it was a beautiful day.  If Nicky wore himself out at the park he'd go to bed easier later tonight. 
"I guess that would be okay.  You're sure it's alright?"
"Ace would love to have some other company than mine.  I think he gets bored with me."
Dane was laughing and she knew it was meant to be a joke, but she doubted the veracity of the claim.  The dog seemed very attached to its owner, looking up at him with sheer adoration in its brown eyes.
Somehow Lily found herself playing Frisbee as well, helping Nicky and enjoying the frolicking canine.  Looking up at the sun in the sky, she realized they had been at the park for three hours.  She needed to get home and feed Nicky before bath and story time.
"I really need to get Nicky home," she began but Dane waved away her explanation.
"I understand.  I should be getting back as well.  Thank you for helping me entertain Ace.  Your son did a good job."
Her gaze fell on Nicky who was petting the dog's back and giggling.  She swallowed the lump in her throat as she thought of what might have been.  "He's a good boy.  Most of the time."
Dane tossed the Frisbee up in the air and caught it.  "Then he's like most of us.  It was nice meeting you, Lily."
"It was nice meeting you."
Patting Ace on the head, she took Nicky's hand and led him to her car, a sad little economy model that had seen better days but was reliable and had good gas mileage.  She strapped Nicky into the car seat and climbed into the vehicle, starting up the engine.
"Miss doggy," Nicky said sadly, his lower lip stuck out in a pout.  "Tomorrow?"
"No, baby."  Lily shook her head.  "We won't see the doggy tomorrow.  But it was fun today, wasn't it?  What do you want for dinner?  How about spaghetti?"
It was best to change the subject and get Nicky's mind on something else.  He was so stubborn he'd pester her about it all evening. 
She drove the short distance home still wondering what had come over her today.  She'd played Frisbee and talked with a virtual stranger.  A man she'd never seen before and probably never would again.  He certainly was attractive.  And polite.  He hadn't seemed creepy in the least, like some of the people she'd met in the park.  He just seemed...nice. 
This afternoon had been nothing more than a reprieve from the reality of her life.  She worked two lousy jobs.  She was a single parent.  That was her life.  A possibly half-admiring glance from a handsome man didn't change anything and it sure didn't pay the bills.  And she had plenty of those to keep her attention. 
She'd do well to forget she'd ever met Dane whatever-his-name-was and his adorable dog Ace.
About the Author

 Olivia Jaymes is a wife, mother, lover of sexy romance, and caffeine addict. She lives with her husband and son in central Florida and spends her days with handsome alpha males and spunky heroines.

Olivia also writes as Lara Valentine.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OliviaJaymes   @OliviaJaymes
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