Monday, December 2, 2013

Carnal Sins: When Desire Breaks All the Rules

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Jan Bowles

Thank you Inner Goddess for inviting me onto your blog. 

Today I wanted to tell everyone about my new erotic romance series. It's called Carnal Sins, and will be the 1st series in Siren Publishing's new LoveEdge imprint.

So what is Carnal Sins?

Carnal Sins is an edgier romance series. To be honest, I love writing stories about deliciously, wicked heroes who need the love of a good woman to see the error of their ways. 

The 1st book in the series is called Blackmailed into the Billionaire's Bed and has just been released today.

Blurb for Jan Bowles' New Release

 Blackmailed into the Billionaire's Bed:

Twenty-seven-year-old Kendall van Heusen is in awe of her new boss, and so she should be, because Mac Buchanan, the legendary thirty-eight-year-old newspaper magnate is as powerful and ruthless as rumor suggests. Incredibly handsome and charismatic, Mac is a self-made man who rules his empire with an iron fist. Deeply attracted by his dominant nature, Kendall realizes she needs to be on top of her game as his new financial controller. 

It soon becomes apparent that they share a mutual sexual attraction. However, before they can act on their desires, Kendall receives a kidnap demand for the safe return of her best friend. Forced into stealing a million bucks from Buchanan Enterprises, she wrongly believes she can cover her tracks long enough to save Ashley’s life.    

When Mac discovers the deception, he is angry and gives Kendall an ultimatum—spend time in jail, or become his personal sex slave until the debt is repaid in full. Unable to tell him the truth, will Kendall be blackmailed into the billionaire’s bed?
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    1. I agree! and I love the cover!! Get it now before AMZ makes her change it.

    2. Thank you, Debbie! I'm thrilled you like it!

      Inner Goddess, II'm keeping my fingers crossed they let me keep it, but they've been forcing a lot of authors to do it. I say it's art. <3 :D

  2. Thanks for having me here today, Inner Goddess.

  3. I am loving the sound of this book. And I love the trailer just as much the second time around. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I am super excited about reading this book!

  5. The book sounds great! As a financial person myself, I am always interested in where authors take business and twist it into something sexy.

  6. Hi, Erin, thanks for commenting, and good luck :-)

  7. Thanks, Tina. I love meshing romance with business decisions. ;-) Good luck. X

  8. Such a great teaser (the video)! :D Jennifer A

  9. Thank you, Jennifer, and Life Without Frank. Good luck!

  10. I can't wait to read it! I love edgier books because there is just so much spice!!!

  11. Thanks for commenting, Angela, and Susan. Fingers crossed for you.

  12. Thanks, everyone for leaving a comment. I'd also like to thank Inner Goddess for hosting Blackmailed into the Billionaire's Bed on their blog.

    In the interest of fairness, would someone from Inner Goddess draw the prize winners? You can email me at janbowlesauthor (at) gmail (dot) com with the results.

    Have a great weekend.

    Jan x

  13. Congratulations to our winners!
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  14. Congratulations everyone. Let me know which books you want and in what format.

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