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Summoned to a magical world where beauty and courage ignite the passions

Summoned Series Romances
by Susan Hayes
Some of the first stories I ever wrote (in crayon no less) were fantastical tales of dragons and knights and fairy creatures. I have loved sword and sorcery tales since I heard my first “once upon a time,” and the Summoned Series is a chance for me to go back to my roots. 

It’s a world where magic is power, and not all those who wield the gifts of the magi are noble of purpose. There are those who use their powers not to aid others, but to enslave them. These dark hearted men and women move between worlds and planes, searching for the rare, the powerful, and the unique to sell for profit.  Anything can be bought, for the right price. Anything, or anyone.
Dark magic, white knights, shapeshifters , fae beings, brave deeds and true love… welcome to the many worlds of the Summoned Series Romances.  

Summoned and Sold 

Book #1
Torn from her world and enslaved by magic, Vela’s life is shattered in the name of greed. Born of a fae race of shifters, her exotic beauty and unique powers have damned her to a life of slavery. But as a true Feral, she will never allow anyone to enslave her spirit or claim her soul.

Torin is the Prince of Stryx, forced to watch as his father’s madness pushes the kingdom closer to the brink of destruction.  Strong and true, Torin’s flaw keeps him from being the leader he is meant to be. Upon learning of his father’s plans to breed Vela’s fae abilities into the family bloodline, Torin agrees to marry her rather than subject her to the cruel perversions of his father’s bed.

Worlds collide under the king’s dark reign, but when Torin sets eyes on his bride, her beauty and courage ignite his passions. He knows that he will do anything to keep her at his side and in his bed, but how can Vela ever learn to love a man she is forced to call her master?

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Summoned and Stolen

Book #2
Lily is a magically bound slave who exists only to serve as a living ornament - the greatest of her master’s treasures.  When her master is killed, she finds herself bound to a vicious and cruel Duke whose dark intentions leave her terrified for her life.
Kel is the leader the fiercest mercenary army in the kingdoms, answering to no man and guided only by his personal code of honor. Upon learning that he and his men fought and died so their employer could gain control of a fae pleasure slave, he is furious. When that same man breaks his word and refuses to pay for Kel’s services, the mercenary knows just how to even the score.  He steals the Duke’s prize, the lovely fae slave.
Freedom comes at a cost, and the price Kel paid for the slave girl has made him a wanted man. Now the renegade warrior and the soft-hearted fae healer are running for their lives.  To survive, Lily must put her life in the bloodstained hands of a killer. To have what her heart desires, she’ll need to heal more than Kel’s wounds. She’ll need to heal his heart.


“We still have a little time left. Is there something you wish to do before I have to hide?”
“Aye, there is, little temptress. And I think you know full well what I wish for. Unfortunately, we’ve not got time to stop for that. I’ll have to be content with having you in my arms for now.”
Lily’s laughed and spread her wings, allowing herself to float until she was hovering above the saddle instead of sitting in it so that the two of them eye-to-eye. “Who said we have to stop?”
“Temptress indeed.” Kel slid a hand between their bodies to palm her breast while his other arm kept her close to his chest.
“Not a temptress. I just have no desire to be anywhere but in your arms,” Lily whispered her confession and Kel answered her with a kiss that made her quiver to the tips of her wings. There was hunger in his touch, but there was something else as well. His lips lingered, teasing and tasting her with a tenderness she’d never felt from him before. His hands, roughened by years handling weapons, were gentle as they caressed her.
The kiss deepened and she let her senses drink in everything as their tongues danced. His natural scent was earthy and dark, like the deep woods they had hidden in last night. The red-gold stubble of his jaw was scratchy where it touched her face, and she could feel the hard surface of his chainmail beneath his shirt. Kel’s hips rocked gently in time to his horse’s pace, an echo of the hard, fast thrusts he had used to bring her to orgasm just that morning. All around them birds sang and the trees rustled as they shifted, leading them out of the forest and back into a world full of danger. This time, though. She wouldn’t be facing that world alone.
She had Kel.
Kel’s need for Lily hit him with the force of sword blow, leaving him stunned. He had wanted women before, but never needed one. Lily was different. He couldn’t explain what it was that made her special, but she was. His men were going to be merciless when they saw him again. For so many years he’d claimed a true warrior needed nothing but his blade and an enemy to fight. Whether Lily stayed or not, Kel knew he’d never be able to make that claim again.
It was Lily who broke their kiss and then shifted herself in his arms so that she could reach the laces of his pants. Nimble fingers made short work of the knots he had tied, drawing out his cock with a soft coo of delight. That tiny sound made him even harder, and he had to resist the urge to haul her down onto his shaft and fuck her then and there. The only thing that stopped him was the knowledge that he’d hurt her if he did. The last thing Kel ever wanted to do was to cause her pain.
He removed his hand from the sweet curve of her ass, letting his fingers trace a line down between her legs to her pussy. Wet heat enveloped him as he slid a thick digit into her folds, seeking out her clit. “You’re already wet for me, little one, and I’ve barely touched you. Tonight I’m going to lay you down in the moonlight and learn every inch of your body. I will learn every secret place, every spot that makes you moan, and I will make you come harder than anyone has ever done. Your body is going to remember mine forever.”
Lily could only moan in response to his whispered words. Tonight couldn’t come fast enough. She had no doubt that Kel meant every syllable, and there was nothing she wanted more than to spend the night lost in his body. Until then, they would just have to settle for what they could get. His index finger found the swollen bundle of nerves and pressed down hard enough her entire body quivered. Her hand tightened around the thick shaft of his cock in response, and he groaned deep in his throat.
His mouth found hers again, hungry and wild with urgent demands that exactly matched her own. His fingers moved faster, sending her pulse racing. She rode his hand, letting his mouth muffle her sounds of pleasure. She stroked his cock in time to the rocking of her hips, and soon they were both breathing hard and she was lost to everything but her lover’s touch. Her attention slipped and she inadvertently dropped a few inches, bringing their bodies together. Once that happened, Lily let gravity work in her favor. She made a quick adjustment with her hands, wrapped her legs around Kel’s waist and sank down on his cock.
“Gods! You’re not ready for me yet.” Kel tried to move away, but there was nowhere for him to move to, no way to stop what was happening.
“I need you,” she whispered as she tightened her legs and drew him another incredible inch into her body.
“I need you too, little one. You have no idea how much.” Those softly spoken words were Lily’s undoing. She heard the pain buried in the words, and recognized the same loneliness that filled her heart. In that moment of instinctual connection with her battle scarred warrior Lily knew she’d found more than a protector. She’d found a kindred spirit.

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