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Spirited off to France and Enslaved to Love: Never Forget

Enslaved to Love: 
Never Forget
By Soleil Berlin

Genre: Historical Romance, Multicultural Romance 


Marie Bernard is sent to France with the feeling of Déjà vu. Catching the eye of two men, Yves and Leonce, she is determined not to succumb to the advances of Yves, the mysterious man who seems to ignite a burning desire inside of her. Torn between two men, will the past and present collide and will she risk it all to be with the love that she could never forget?


Prologue: France 1796
            Marie Blanco hurried along the moonlit path. Though she had nothing but moonlight to guide her, she did not stumble. She had taken this route many times on her way to see her secret lover, Pierre Aragon. It had been at least a week since their last tryst and though she often berated herself for not fighting harder, she could never resist the pull between them. Her hands trembled as the held up her long skirt. It wouldn't be easy to explain away dirt and grass stains when she returned. Finally the familiar cottage came into view. She could see a faint light shining though the curtained windows. Marie paused in front of the door with thoughts of fleeing in her mind. If she left now, perhaps she could pretend that this love affair had never begun. Before she could will her body to move away, the door opened and Marie came face to face with the lover she knew so well.
            Pierre had been anxiously waiting for Marie to arrive. All of his day was spent counting down the hours until they were together again. Seeing her indecisive stance in the doorway goaded him into action. He quickly took hold of her wrist and guided her into the cottage and into his waiting arms. Her hair smelled earthy and alive. Her skin was soft and warm. Her body trembled slightly with her emotions. This heavenly creature with eyes the color of expensive chocolate had been tormenting his mind and heart since the moment he first laid eyes on her.
            "You came my love," Pierre gasped in wonder. His emotions caused his voice to become deeper and a bit breathy as if to not ruin the moment.
            "I couldn't stay away," Marie answered piteously. It was true. No matter how much she berated herself in her mind, she continued to come back for more.
            A hand lightly gripped Marie's chin and drew her face up to look into the eyes of the man she loved. A single tear drop tumbled down her cheek as she trembled again with emotion.
            "No my love," Pierre shook his head as he leaned closer. "It is I who cannot stay away from you. It is as if I have been bewitched."
            Before Marie could think of a retort, Pierre took her face between his hands and drew their lips together. What started as a simple brush of lips turned into a waterfall of kisses as their emotions crashed over them. Guiding them to the single bed, Pierre gently tumbled them down so his body pinned Marie's to the soft blanket. Marie was lost in the sensation of Pierre's warm hard body so tight against her own. Neither lover heard the sound of crunching tree limbs and rustling bushes until the door was abruptly thrown open with such force it slammed against the wall.
            Pierre was grabbed by the back of his neck and pinned face first against a wall. Marie was horrified when she opened her eyes to see Monsieur Gil and his two sons. His larger son Miguel had Pierre pinned against the far wall as the other, Leonce, grabbed Marie by her wrists.
            "Did you really think you were going to get away with this girl?" Gil bellowed. The windows shook with the force of his voice as he took hold of the back of Marie's hair. She screamed as several strands of hair were ripped from her head to fall on the bed below. "You have made a fool of me for the last time!"
            Gil dragged Marie from the bed and towards the door of the cottage.
            "Don't forget me!" Marie tries in vain to fight the two men off and return to her captured lover. "Never forget our love!"
            Pierre fights hard to remove the painful hand from his neck, but can only struggle helplessly as he watches his love carried away into the night.

 Author's Bio: 

Soleil Berlin was born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina. She attended and graduated from the University of North Carolina Greensboro with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Since she was a teenager, she has been an avid reader of romance novels. She enjoys writing novels that keep readers interested until the very end. 

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