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Monday, March 11, 2013

Sheri Savill is CRAZY (and she knows it)

Sheri Savill Is A Crazy Woman Who Writes BDSM Erotica

Hi everyone.
The big juicy secret about me is that I actually have a background in traditional journalism and publishing, but only recently decided to write BDSM erotica and have now self-published a debut release (Owning Julia) on Amazon.  Oh. And also, I’m a real-life submissive. And I do web development. And I’m a very private person. Hey wait, is all this going out over the internet or something?

Yeah, so, I was in publishing and media-related stuff (editor, writer, reporter, graphics person; for newspapers, mags, radio; did freelance writing too) for years.  You see what it did to me.
But all those years, I wrote non-fiction articles and … humor, not fiction. And certainly not erotic kinky-as-hell fiction. Then I had a vanilla website for a long time, where I wrote about daily bullshit, rants, anything I felt like writing. And people seemed to like it. What I call my Legion of Fan™ [sic] would periodically clamor for MOAR blog posts from me, to my great surprise, so I would ignore them and treat them very badly. They liked it. And now, ten years later the Legion of Fan™ is still pestering me for MOAR blog posts and I can’t tell them I’m writing smut because, well, I’m sort of embarrassed about it, even though my mom knows I’m writing smut and heartily approves. In fact, her exact words were, “That’s great honey! Smut? That’s great.” You wish you had my mom.

So now I write kinky BDSM erotica, and I do mean kinky. And the reviews have been encouraging! My favorite review so far was the 3-star one that said, “Just sex.” Honestly that is the best review ever for an erotica e-book. I have this crackpot theory that bdsm-erotica is, somehow, about sex, and that review just nailed it.

I have a doctorate in something that’s about as far away from erotic fiction writing as you can get. I won’t tell you what subject because I like to be super mysterious and elusive when I am not all over the internet and social media and making new websites for myself and talking about myself and blurting uber-personal shit about myself every five minutes.

 When I write erotica, I try to write what I think is “hot.” Actually I spell the word “hawt.”  Because I was a professional editor, I can do things like that. My erotica contains some real experiences, or at least parts of them, that I’ve had as a real-life submissive. You’ll just have to read my books to try to figure out which experiences are real and which are total fantasy.  Teaser! Evil! Thank you!
Let’s see, what else? My erotica tends to be edgier and darker than what some may like and that’s fine. No judging. Just mock silently, like I do. Really, I’m the first to admit that my books are not everyone’s cuppa tea. But if you like some darker and heavier stuff, you might like my debut release, Owning Julia. See how smoothly I worked in a plug? (Heh heh heh I said “worked in a plug.”)
My next release is called Marked for Submission, due out in March. The new story takes place in a tattoo shop and the main character is a submissive woman named Janna. She likes the tattoo artist guy and they do kinky things together one night in his shop while he tattoos her. And when I say “she likes him,” you know what I mean there, don’t you? This is BDSM erotica, baby! Whips and chains. Bring out the gimp!

OK, just kidding about the gimp. There’s nothing at all like that in the new book. But really, please don’t be afraid to explore a little of the darker erotica stuff if you haven’t already, you sneaky thing you.  I mean, if “50 Shades” is your gateway drug, then sooner or later you will end up craving some of the harder stuff.  Oh yes, you can quit anytime. I know. Tap-tap-tapping on the inside of the crook of your elbow trying to find a vein.

I invite you to sink to my level. No one has to know! Thanks to the miracle of e-publishing, you can read whatever the hell you like on your “portable electronic devices” and, if you put on a pair of tortoise-shell reading glasses and let them slip down the bridge of your nose and then look disapprovingly at people every now and then over the top of the glasses as you read, people will assume that you’re reading white papers and think tank pieces on public policy. They don’t know you’re reading a smutty little story about a woman who is strapped to a table and tattooed and fucked silly by a hawt hunky tattooed guy.  Every now and then you should say, thoughtfully, “Hm, indeed” aloud as you read.  Maybe grab a sticky note and jot “This is fucking HAWT!” on it and people will think you’re deep into your “policy” piece. Not that I do things like this.

Oh! As part of my efforts to cement my reputation as an elusive, mysterious, inscrutable new erotica author, I just started a new group blog with a couple of great erotica writers who will hire lawyers as soon as they see their names mentioned here with mine, but I’m going to do it anyway. Truly, they are both great writers and friends (well, they were, anyway) and not nearly as butthead-y as I am. Their names are Trent Evans and Natasha Knight.  Check them out. Oh if only there was a way to search for things on the internet, you could find these two and read about them and buy their books!
So. The new group blog is called Romancing the Kink and, as I said it’s under construction (sorry, there’s no little manhole cover graphic with a guy in a hardhat digging). But we’ll be posting and excerpting and having discussions and stuff over there soon, if we haven’t already. We have some cool ideas for making the site fun and worth a little of your time.  For one thing, I like to write humor and I believe humor and BDSM-erotica go together like oil and vinegar, like pastrami and mayo.  So expect to see some way off-base ham-handed humor attempts over there. Here is the link to the new group blog:

Thanks for reading this far, unless you just skipped down here to the end looking for a “TL:DR” tag, in which case, you’re totally my kind of person.  I hope you now have a sense of what a total wingnut I am and that you will think of me and my books next time you are looking for something that is pretty much “just sex.”  If you want to read something with a good plot, detailed character development, romance, a complex multi-layered structure, and well-thought-out themes, I can’t do better than to recommend Gone With The Wind.  Or something by my friends Trent and Natasha. They write superbly well, and both have, I dunno, “plots” and stuff like that in their books. Weird. I mean, to each his own, right?

Sheri Savill is an independent author of BDSM erotica. Her books tend to be dark, edgier, and … sex-focused.  Because, this is, after all erotica, not "great literature."
Her first book, Owning Julia, has not won any prizes or prestigious awards. Her mother knows what she is doing and totally approves.
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Owning Julia  Amazon
Marked for Submission  Amazon, March-April 2013