Sunday, August 14, 2016

Summer Lovin' LGBTQ Showcase: Day 4

Welcome to day 4 of our Summer Lovin' Showcase. 

We hope you have added some great new titles to your TBR list.  And don't forget to complete the Rafflecopter for a chance to win the great prizes donated by these awesome authors, too.  There will be 1 Grand prize winner and 2 second place winners. 

Love Under Two Adventurers
Lusty, Texas
by Cara Covington
an Erotic Cowboy Menage Romance, M/M/F

Rebecca Jessop had just decided to damn her pride and go after Greg Benedict, when he arrives with his lover Cody Harper! But loving two adventurers brings complications she never saw coming. Greg, who already lost one lover to tragedy, knows he’s got to face his own demons if he wants to build a future with Cody and Rebecca. Nothing could please him more than to realize there’s a strong bit of lust at first sight between Cody and Rebecca. Now if only they can surmount one more hurdle. Cody is in need of recuperation time after a harrowing ordeal in Europe, but he’s suffering a little more than he wants to admit. Will the love of two people, and the support of an entire community, be enough to help Cody slay his own dragon? Rebecca’s not without her demons. It only remains to be seen if the threat to her is identified before it is too late.


Cara Covington is giving away a $15 Strandbucks gift certificate (to be used at Bookstrand/Siren).

Love Me Tomorrow
by Ethan Day
a Contemporary Romance MM

Event planner Levi Goode is positioned to inherit the newly vacated throne, becoming the in-demand party planner for Wilde City’s elite. Years of hard work and perseverance are finally paying off as Levi lands his next big fish, working with socialite Julia Freeman-Kingsley. Distracted by work and dealing with his head strong mother, an ex-Vegas-showgirl suffering from debilitating health issues, Levi has his hands full. Time for love or even the occasional one-night stand, is one aspect of life Levi hasn’t been able to master.

Sparks of interest fly during a chance meeting with a paramedic called to the aid of his mother, and thanks to Ruby’s meddling, Levi finds himself on a movie-date with the handsome Paramedic Jake. Personal and professional worlds collide when Levi realizes his new love interest is actually Jake Freeman, estranged brother to his brand new client. Discovering the man of his dreams already has a boyfriend, leaves Levi stunned realizing any hopes he had for something more with Jake were never going to be anything more than wishful thinking.

Struggling to downshift his expectations and remain friends with Jake while continuing to work closely with Julia quickly consumes all of his time and attention. Wondering if there will ever be a special someone to love him, is where Levi’s love story begins.

Ethan Day is giving away 3 ebook copies of Love Me Tomorrow

Infected: PARIS
by Andrea Speed
a Paranormal Romance MM

In a world where a werecat virus has changed society, Roan McKichan, a born infected and ex-cop, works as a private detective trying to solve crimes involving other infecteds.

Roan is working a frustrating stalker case, with no shortage of suspects and little solid evidence, when he comes across a startling eyewitness living in his car across the street from the scene. A tiger-strain infected, the only one Roan’s ever met, Paris Lehane is a former Canadian golden boy who suffered a breakdown after becoming infected in college.

While Roan's ex, Diego “Dee” Cole, warns against falling for the infected Paris, a man doomed to die, Roan struggles with his attraction and the knowledge that no happily ever after is possible for them.

But is the knowledge enough to discourage him from following his heart? Roan helps Paris out of homelessness, and maybe a special hospital can help Paris with the infection, but Roan’s got his hands full with this case, and there’s no end in sight.


Andrea Speed is giving away an ebook of Infected: Paris

Always and Forever
a Warriors of the Light novel
by AJ Jarrett
an Erotic Paranormal Romance, M/M,
vampires, shape-shifters, witches

Death was supposed to be the end but when a powerful witch is your fated mate, it's only the beginning. Aaron Watkins doesn't know what to think when he learns that he's been dead for the past four years and brought back to life by a witch. Not just any witch but the first in all creation and his mate. Aaron thought things couldn't get much worse until he discovers he's also human.

Finding his mate should have been the happiest day of Ares's life but being mated to a hard headed warrior isn't easy. Ares knows that using his magic has back fired and now his once wolf shifting mate is now a human and Aaron isn't happy with the outcome. In their world nothing ever comes easy. The rise of evil is getting stronger and now Aaron must decide whether to become the one thing he despises or give up and allow death to take him once again.


AJ Jarrett is giving away $10 AMAZON Gift Card.

Lucy's Men
by Lynn Ray Lewis
an Erotic Menage Romance MMMF

One stripping entrepreneur, a high power business man, and a lawyer all have Lucy in their sights. Now all they have to do is prove to her that she fits perfectly into their lives and that she’s meant to be theirs forever.

But what the hell is one woman supposed to do with three men? Three sexy, successful, dominant, sweet, sexy men… Color her skeptical, but Lucy would never have thought that a one-night stand with a stripper and a bartender would ever amount to more than a really great birthday memory. She certainly never expected another man to be added into the mix, or that she would be so tempted to fall for all of them.

Lynn Ray Lewis is giving away 2 $5 AMAZON Gift Certificates.


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