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Kissing a lot of Frogs

Kiss A Frog
The Book Club Series 1
by Scarlett Jade
a Contemporary Romance
from Beau Coup Publishing

Available here:

*** Blurb***

Lily Halloway had been best friends with Abby Killian and Laura Monroe since
before she could remember. Even though they had their differences, their love of romance novels brought them together monthly for their book club. They decided to read a popular erotic romance and see if their lives changed in the month before Lily’s thirtieth birthday. The quest was an easy one. Kiss all the frogs you can and try to find a prince. Simple, right? 
What Lily discovers is that finding an eligible bachelor under forty is nearly impossible, and after a couple laughable sexcapades, she's ready to give up. She agrees to one more date with a co-worker’s brother, only to prove she can get a boyfriend before they can. Meeting Luca De Soros, the sexy FBI agent for a blind date propels her on a crash course with danger. Lily can’t stay away from his heat, even though she knows she can be burned in the process. Luca is everything she ever wanted in a hero, but time might run out for her to be saved. Will she be able to see if happily ever after can really happen, or will she miss out on her thirtieth birthday altogether?


“What?” she interjected, taking a big drink of her coffee.

Abby rolled her eyes. “Why do I even bother talking?” She sighed melodramatically, and Lily gave an apologetic shrug.

“Look, I fell out and hit my head, I could be suffering from a concussion here, soooorrrry I’m not listening to every word that drips out of your mouth. Here you two are going on about a stupid book, and I should be at the hospital! What if I died tonight, how would that make you feel?”

“The only thing you’re suffering from,” she quipped back, “is lack of sex.”

Lily rolled her eyes in return. “This is true.” Her battery operated boyfriend had been getting a serious workout. Duracell stocks should be doing nicely right about now…

“As I was saying,” Abby continued, sniffing in disdain, “I think we should be able to finish it in a month. We should meet back here, and see how much our lives have changed. What do you guys think? I really feel that it will push us into new adventures.”

Lily felt a bubble of laughter building in her throat, and she choked it down with another drink of coffee. Burping behind her hand, she snorted. “You really think this book is going to change our lives? In a month?” Her laughter erupted anyway, and she lost it, smacking her hand on the table and guffawing like a wild animal. Sitting up finally and wiping the tears from her eyes, she found her friends were staring at her like she was an alien. Maybe I hit my head harder than I thought.

“If you aren’t going to be a believer in this book changing our lives, Lily, maybe you should just go home.” Abby sniffed again and crossed her arms across her chest, making her monster boobs look even bigger.

Laura nodded, mimicking Abby. “Yeah!”

“Okay, okay.” She threw her hands up in defense. “Fine, I’m a believer. This book will change our lives in a month. Really.”

“I say,” Abby continued, “that we just do what we want for a month. Kiss a whole bunch of frogs until we find our princes. I mean, it should be fun! We aren’t necessarily getting any younger. I’m twenty-nine, you’re a month away from thirty, Lily, and Laura is almost twenty-nine.”

Lily gasped in horror. “Don’t even remind me I’m almost thirty. That’s a dirty word we won’t allow in this conversation. So you’re saying we should be sluts for a month and that it’s going to make some huge change in our lives, by my birthday?” She snickered behind her hand.

“Let’s make it interesting,” Laura interjected. “How about if you don’t have a boyfriend by your thirtieth birthday, I’ll buy back the book from you, and I’ll pay for you to have a spa day for your birthday.”

Abby bounced in her seat, visibly excited. “Yes! I’ll throw in two hundred dollars for a shopping spree. Be a believer, Lily.”

She stared back and forth between her two best friends and rubbed her forehead, already knowing she had to agree. “Fine.”

What did I get myself into? I hope they don’t expect me to really read this…

Roping Two Frogs
The Book Club Series 2

a Contermporary Romance
w/  Menage MFM


Laura Monroe moved to Texas for a job advertising the fledgling Cowboy Denim Company owned by brothers Beau and Heath Dawson. But nothing was going like it was supposed to. She didn’t plan on Heath being an angry, broken veteran that irritated her. Nor did she expect that Beau would be the sweet balm that soothed her. Falling in love with one brother was impossible. Falling in love with them both was out of the question…or so she thought. 

A woman both men once loved tried to break up their happiness. Laura ran away because she refused to be anyone’s second choice. A heartfelt letter called her back to the ranch a couple months later, and she found that she had not one but two surprises in store for the brothers. 

Roping one frog into happily ever after was hard enough for a girl to do, but capturing two men up in love’s lasso was nearly impossible. 

Is happily ever after in the cards? 

**Content Warning: This book contains adult language and situations, including m/f/m situations. Recommended for 18+**

Available here:

Beau’s brow crinkled, and he shook his head. “Don’t run her off, Heath.”

“I ain’t gonna do that. She wants me, Beau,” Heath retorted cockily.

“I most certainly do not want you!” Laura shrieked, stomping one small foot in the dirt. “How dare you talk about me like I’m not even here?”

“Princess, you kissed me back. Your little wet, hot tongue tangled with mine. Deny it all you want to.” Heath chuckled.

Laura’s face went into full flame, and she rolled her eyes. “Go to hell.”

“I’m already there, sweetheart.” His eyes darkened and his face went taut.
Beau cleared his throat. “Stop it, Heath. Laura, I apologize for my oaf of a brother.”

“I ain’t sorry.” Heath smirked, and Laura fought the urge to slap the cocky grin off his perfectly formed lips.

“I accept your apology, Beau. Obviously Heath was dropped on his head as a child.”

“Hey!” Heath yelled.

“Look, guys, we’re losing prime light here,” Bob interjected.

Laura flounced away, back to the house. “Do what you want. I’m going to the house.”

She wrapped her arms around herself and nibbled at her bottom lip. Heath’s kiss was unnerving, delicious, and wrong, all at the same time. Why in the hell did he kiss me? Oh my God, it felt so good. She closed her eyes for a fraction of a second, savoring the memory of his mouth on
Her foot went into a dip in the path and her eyes jerked wide as she fell forward, her elbows catching the brunt of her weight. A sickening pain ricocheted up from her ankle, and she cried out. Pushing herself back to sitting, she gripped her throbbing leg. Stupid girl! You’ve twisted your ankle thinking about that jerk. Good job!

Within the space of thirty seconds, Heath and Beau were beside her. “You okay, Laura?” Beau asked gently.

She shook her head, not even caring that her mascara was running down her face right along with her tears. “No.”

“Where are you hurt?” Heath asked.

“M-my ankle!” she hiccupped.

“I’ll carry you to the house.” Heath insisted, and
before she could tell him no, that she was way too big for all that, she was caught up in his arms.

“Heath, you shouldn’t be carrying her!” Beau argued. 
“Shut up. I made her run off being a dick, so I’m carrying her.”

Laura could see that she was hurting him. His jaw was tight, and the muscles there played with each step he took. “Put me down,” she sniffled. “I’m fat.”

“Shut up. You’re not fat. You’re beautiful, and I’m a jerk,” he ground out.

Laura gasped. “You think I’m beautiful?”

“It’s what I said, ain’t it?” Heath growled.

Beau sighed behind them. “Let me carry her. You’re
going to mess up your leg too, then I’ll be stuck babying both of you.”

“Shut up, Beau. I’ve got her. You’re not touching her.”

Laura shivered at the gruff words. Why is he being so testy about Beau carrying me? What the hell?

The progress to the house was slow, but Laura didn’t mind being held in Heath’s arms. He was still damp from being squirted with the hose and the heat radiating off his body was wonderful. Her ankle still throbbed, but it was nothing compared to the throb building in other areas of her body.

“Come on, Heath, pass her over,” Beau argued.

Heath’s grip on her grew tighter. “I said no. She’s mine.”

“Um, I’m not yours,” Laura piped up.

“Keep telling yourself that, princess,” Heath murmured.

Beau sighed. “All right, caveman, but if you want Cowboy Denim to work, you better not run her off.”

“Don’t worry.” Heath insisted.

He carried her up the porch, and she pushed at his chest. “Let me down.”

“What? No, you have to get upstairs,” Heath argued.

“Yeah, and you’re shaking all over, you can’t get me up those stairs. I’m heavy, and I’m hurting you.”
“I can get you up the stairs, dammit.” Heath insisted, pushing through the front door and placing his foot on the bottom step.

“No. I’ll put my arm around your neck, and you can help support me up the stairs if you insist, but you’re not carrying me.” Laura squirmed in his arms and tried to extract herself from his grasp.

“Fine, damn stubborn woman.” Heath slid her down his body, and Laura did not miss one ripple or divot of his muscles. Oh my God!

She flushed hot and tried to step back from his beautiful body. She wavered on her good foot, unable to put weight down on the other. “This is all unnecessary. I can make it upstairs.”

“Why, and deny me the pleasure of you blushing hot? It’s okay, Laura, I know I’m sexy. You’re just so cute when you’re all flustered.”

“Oh good God, I can’t take any more of this,” Beau groaned. “While you two flirt and figure out the pecking order, I’m gonna call doc to come look at that ankle. Heath, don’t do too much and mess yourself up.”

Laura watched Beau storm off down the hall. “What’s his problem?”

“Ah, I think he might’ve had the hots for you. I claimed you first.” Heath explained.

“Um, I’m not claimed by anyone.”

“That’s what Kelsey used to say too. You remind me of her. I haven’t figured out if that’s a good thing or not. Regardless, your ankle is hurt, and you need to go upstairs. Now, I guess it’s your choice, do you want my brother, or do you want me?” Heath’s hazel eyes had gone dark, and Laura swallowed nervously, her gaze darting away fromhim.
“Right now I don’t want either of you.”

“Okay, princess, whatever gets you through the day.
Come on, put your arm around me and let’s get you upstairs.”
Laura rolled her eyes and put her arm around Heath’s broad shoulder. He took on most of her weight as they slowly traversed the staircase. Both were panting and shaking by the time they made it to the top, and Laura chuckled. “We’re out of shape.”

“Your shape is just fine, Laura.” 

***Author's Bio***

Scarlett Jade is just a small town Southern girl who is now a Northern transplant. She was always found from a young age with her brow furrowed, scribbling words on paper. Now that she is grown, life isn't much different, she still scribbles words, but mostly on the computer! She is married to the man of her dreams, her real life knight in shining armor and Prince Charming. She has one son who is the apple of her eye and she homeschools year round. You can typically find her playing in the dirt with her son or snuggled on the couch with her dog Peanut, reading a good book. She loves chocolate, thinks coffee should be a religion, and loves to make people laugh with her quirky sense of humor. She is bold, brazen, and even been told she's ballsy, but she doesn't mind, she takes it in stride. She has a huge passion for all things paranormal and has a penchant for spicy love stories that leave you turning the pages and dying to slide between the sheets of her next book!

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