Sunday, November 2, 2014

Interview with a Hot Vampire

The Orbus Arcana series

a Paranormal MM Romance
by Authors Vina Grey and Viki Lyn

Authors Vina and Viki interview Vince,

the exiled vampire hero from the Orbus Arcana series.

VV: You can tell a lot about a person by snooping in their cart. From the items I see below, I’d guess John hates to shop. Amazon is his one-stop shopping for lots of personal items besides books. Vince will be our guide to John’s Amazon shopping cart!

Vince: First is Taylor of Old Bond Street Jermyn Street Luxury Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin.

VV: John must want to keep his skin smooth for you!

Vince: Oh, John is perfect just the way he is. Let's see, what else does he have in there? Also Aqua Di Gio men’s cologne - Giorgio Armani. I caught a whiff of this cologne for the first time in an elevator in Italy. The young beautiful Italian man smelled wonderful! John smells just as sexy when he wears it.

Next is no surprise: Hershey's Kisses - Original - Silver Foil, 5 pound bag. You will not believe how many Kisses he can go through in a week. Especially if work is stressful, and I’m not there to give him real ones. *grin*

VV: Right, John keeps his kisses in his office drawer.

Vince: And in the car and in his pocket (lol). Now John is particular about his toilet paper. It has to be 2 ply. Charmin Ultra Soft Bathroom Tissue 9 Family Rolls is a must.


Vince: LOL, okay, moving on. John has three books in his cart. Italy in Mind: An Anthology by Alice Leccese Powers.

VV: Ah, this is nice. John must be trying to understand your culture.

Vince: I hope. There is much I want to share with John about who I am and my family. He’s also buying, Vino Italiano: The Regional Wines of Italy.

VV: Oh, John is trying keep up with your wine knowledge, but that will be hard since you have hundreds of years on John.

Vince: He does pretty well, I would say. The last book in his cart is The Complete Sailing Manual, Third Edition Hardcover by DK Publishing.  John plans on buying a sailboat some day. Living in Arizona is one of the reasons he’s been putting it off. But he might be buying a boat sooner than he thinks!

VV: What? OMG. Is he going to give up the police work?

 Vince: Maybe, maybe not. Lets just say he’s thinking about his future. He could take several paths, yes?

 VV: Yes, of course, he has several options. But sure would be nice to know which way he’s leaning.

 Vince: You two are entirely too nosy. Wait and see.

 VV: Oh, alright, we’ll wait. Thanks for the tour. We’ll let you get back to baking cupcakes…and waiting for John to pop by the shop!


Book One

For the Bite of It
A vampire, a cupcake, plus one sexy cop, is a recipe for trouble.

VINCENT KAMATEROS is an exiled vampire making a routine living as the owner of a cupcake bakery in Arizona. Until a car with a dead driver crashes through the wall of his shop, bringing after it, All-American, closeted cop, JOHN REEDER. Smitten the instant he sees John, but bound to silence by the Vampire High Council, he can never reveal his true self to John.

John Reeder can’t control his attraction to the sexy Italian baker. But as addictive as the sex is, John can't overcome his fear of rejection for being gay, and open his heart to a man with so many secrets

Book Two

A Bite In Time
A dangerous secret, a vampire, plus one sexy cop is a recipe for trouble. 
JOHN REEDER has accepted his love for VINCENT KAMATEROS, but he doesn't know his lover is a vampire. When a killer targets Vincent, John has to deal with uncovered secrets that blow his life apart.

Will Vince reveal his true nature to protect the cop who has come to mean more than his own life? In doing so, he might ruin his only chance for a ‘happy ever after’ with John.

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  1. Thank you for hosting us this morning! Vina and I have a free Halloween read on our site featuring our vampire, Vince and his human lover, John. Enjoy! Vina and I are working on book 3 and hope to have it published in early 2015. Wow. 2015 already...we really are living in the space age. :)

  2. Stopping in to say hello, Happy Halloween weekend, and here's to Autumn colors and the fortitude to put aside vampires and cops and rake leaves.
    Thanks for hosting us.

  3. I like chocolate anything! Congratulations on the newest release!


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    For a special treat, Oh My Bar!, from this little chocolate shop near my house. It's a layer of milk chocolate, a layer of peanut butter with pretzel sticks, another layer of chocolate topped with sea salt. The top layer of chocolate comes in milk, dark, and white. The white is my favorite :)

  5. Loved the interview! I love chocolate candies with Milky Way bars being one of my favorites!