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The Young and the Virginal

The Stylist, His Dom, and Their Dancer
Hedon Falls 4
By Michelle Graham
Stylist and salon owner Remy Alexander got a second chance at love when he found Seamus O’Connell, but the more time he spends with his daughter’s dance teacher, the more he wonders if there is room for another in his marriage.

As a result of a troubled past, Shay needs order and control in everything, from his work as a chef, to the bedroom he shares with his submissive husband. Remy’s idea to have a ménage relationship upsets the delicate balance Shay has created for himself, but he can’t deny his desire for the sexy dance instructor.

Nicole Collins is a good Catholic girl who pours all her energy into her work as a dance teacher. When she falls for Remy and Shay, they teach her about passion, submission, and love, but incur the wrath of her own father. Can Nicole find a way to hang on to everyone she loves, or will one relationship cost her the other?

 Guest Blog by Michelle Graham

I’ve noticed recently between blurbs I read and books I buy, that there seem to be a disproportionate number of virgins out there. According to an article on (which cites data from the Kinsey Institute) the average male loses his virginity at 16.9 years and females at 17.4 years old. Of course in erotic romance, all participants have to be at least 18, and Siren requires them to be 21 if it’s a ménage romance.

Do people actually make it to age 21 or beyond as virgins?

I’m going to guess that there are some out there (I had one cousin who made it to her wedding day at age 30!!!), but that they’re overrepresented in today’s books, just like characters with red hair.

So of course my upcoming book features a 23 year old virgin with red hair. *facepalm* But it’s part of who she is. Nicole Collins is the daughter of Irish immigrants who are devout Catholics. Those who are more religious would have a stronger reason for postponing their first time. In Nicole’s case, she’s also a World Champion Irish Dancer, and her single-minded focus on her career precluded any kind of romantic involvements.

Why do we love to read about virgins? For me, it’s partly for the same reason I read romance at all. Through books, we can experience that rush of first falling in love with someone all over again. And my first time was less than perfect, which I’m sure is true for a lot of people, so I like to have the fantasy of what it would have been like in different circumstances. When I got married, I found myself wishing that I’d saved myself for my husband and I think in books it’s nice to see that when the heroines finally do give it up, it’s with THE ONE (or two or three). Maybe the books are unrealistic, but it’s all about the fantasy, the what-ifs.

What do you think? Do you like reading stories with virgins or would you prefer your heroines to have a little more experience under their belts? Leave me a comment and you’ll be entered to win a delightful swag bag (US and Canada) or an ebook and $10 Strandbucks (International).

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Story Excerpt

The knife tapped against the cutting board as Shay mutilated the celery. When that was done, he turned to the peppers, reducing them to tiny bits in a matter of minutes. As he continued his preparations, he tried not to think about the dance teacher. Tried not to think about the supple strength of her legs as she moved. Tried not to think about the way her sports bra had clung to her breasts. Tried not to think about how hard he got watching her.

With a groan, Shay continued to take his anger out on the helpless produce. He couldn’t stop thinking about her and it scared him. He was a married man, but his husband seemed to share his attraction to the woman. He didn’t know what to do, and the uncertainty scared him. Everything in his life was in perfect order, from his kitchen, to his bedroom, to his goddamn tie collection. Where did Nicole fit in?

A movement on the other side of the island caught his attention and he looked up to see Remy sitting on one of the bar stools watching him.

“We need to talk,” Remy said.

“I don’t want to talk.” Shay scraped the chopped veggies into the pan on the stove, poured some wine over them, and then took a long swig from the bottle.

“Shay, I know you’re attracted to her. And I think she’s attracted to us too. Maybe we can invite her to join us.”

Shay choked on the wine. “What do you mean? A threesome?”

The sexy smile on Remy’s face said it all. Rage flared in Shay’s head. “How can you possibly suggest that?” His voice boomed through the kitchen and Remy blanched. “After what they—You know that there’s no way I could do it!”

Fear sliced through the rage, gripping Shay’s heart and squeezing as a memory flashed through his head. Pushing it back, Shay grabbed another pepper and started to chop it. He ignored Remy’s attempts to talk to him. Remy knew his history. He knew why a threesome would never work, but he had the nerve to suggest it anyway. He got some satisfaction picturing how red he planned to make Remy’s ass later.

“Fuck!” Shay cried as a burning pain lanced his fingertip and looking down, he saw he’d cut himself with the knife. “Goddamn it!” He thrust his hand under the tap and turned on the water. Fiery needles jabbed through the finger and up into his arm and he swore again, unable to keep back the tears now.

Remy appeared at his side with a towel and wrapped it around Shay’s finger before leading him to a stool. Unable to control his sobs, Shay buried his head against Remy’s shoulder and let the pain pour out. Remy stood silent until Shay was able to get himself under control. Remy’s ability to give Shay exactly what he needed made him the ideal mate, and that’s why the suggestion of a threesome took Shay by surprise. Shay lifted his head from Remy’s shoulder and wiped the last of the tears from his face.

“I’m good,” he said at last. “Sorry about that.” Shay glanced down at the towel to see it soaked with blood. “Shit. The bleeding isn’t stopping.”

“Okay, let’s get to the hospital, then,” Remy said. “I’ll get someone to watch Ainsley.”

Shay went to turn off the stove and grab another towel. In the background he heard Remy on the phone, and then he yelled for Ainsley to come downstairs. Remy explained what had happened and Ainsley ran over to hug Shay.

“Papa, are you going to be okay?”

His heart melted a little and he kissed her forehead. “I’ll be fine sweetie. But I can’t finish supper, so do you want to order a pizza?”

“Yeah!” she cried. “Can I call?”


She skipped off to the drawer where they kept the take-out menus and began flipping through them. The front bell rang and Remy took off to the door. Checking for his wallet, Shay headed to the door, but stopped short when he saw Nicole standing there. He glared at Remy.

“Shay, are you all right?” she asked coming over to him. She looked down at the bloody towel and gasped. “Oh my God!” Her hand brushed his arm and an electric jolt raced through him, causing his cock to harden. Damn, Remy!

Remy avoided making eye contact with Shay as he escorted Nicole into the kitchen where Ainsley shrieked with delight. When Remy returned, he held the door for Shay and helped him into the car, even doing up his seatbelt. After sliding into the driver’s seat, he started the vehicle and pulled out into the street.

“That was sneaky,” Shay said finally.

Remy had the decency to look guilty. “I’m sorry. I just thought that if you got used to her being around, you might realize that she’s not like—”

“If you know what’s good for you, you won’t finish that sentence.”

Remy stayed silent the rest of the ride, while Shay thought about Nicole. There was no denying her beauty. Or his reaction to it. It had been years since he’d been with a woman. He missed the soft curves, the feel of breasts, the slick wetness of a pussy. Shit, now I’m hard again. In truth, the more he thought about Remy’s suggestion, the more he liked it, and it scared the crap out of him. He couldn’t imagine finding a sweeter woman, but he knew only too well that people could change when they got into the bedroom. And if she were going to be with them, she’d have to be submissive. He couldn’t be intimate with someone who wouldn’t follow his directions exactly.

When they reached the hospital, Shay still hadn’t figured anything out. He and Remy walked into the Emergency Department and quickly went through triage before being asked to sit in the waiting room. The silence stretched out uncomfortably, until Shay couldn’t stand it anymore.

“I’m sorry for freaking out.”

With a gentle smile, Remy took his good hand. “I only brought it up because I saw how turned on you were from watching her. I thought…”

“She turns me on and I won’t pretend she doesn’t,” Shay said. “But asking her into our bed is a huge step, for all of us, and I don’t think I’m ready for it.”

Giving his hand a squeeze, Remy leaned over and kissed his cheek. “I didn’t say it had to be right away. Let’s spend some time getting to know her, letting her get to know us.”

Shay leaned his head against Remy’s. “You’re not just talking about a physical relationship here, are you?” Remy shook his head. “I’m not going to make any promises, but I’m willing to think about it and see where this goes.”

Shay’s heart fluttered when Remy’s lips brushed his, knowing that ultimately, he wouldn’t be able to resist his husband, or the gorgeous dancer.

Adult Excerpt

Remy stood and went into the bedroom. He bent over Nicole and began kiss her neck as he gently shook her shoulder. It wasn’t long before she stirred, and rolled over to look up at him.

“Hi,” she murmured, rubbing her eyes.

“Hi, yourself,” Remy replied, kissing her. “Shay and I are going to do a scene and we want you to watch so you see what he likes.”


“He told you he’s a Dom, right? This will help you understand BDSM better. Or at least, understand the way Shay likes to do things.”

“Oh. Okay, I guess.”

“Perfect! Just go sit in that chair in the corner.”

While Nicole got out of the bed and padded across the room to the chair, Remy pulled a small bench from a storage room beside the closet. Then he laid on it, face down, and waited.

“Remy, what are you—”

“If you’re going to watch, then you need to stay quiet.” Shay emerged from the bathroom, completely naked, and walked over to where Nicole sat. “Stand up and bend over.”

Remy jerked his head up. He wasn’t sure spanking Nicole right now was the best approach. “Shay, I don’t think—” A look from Shay was all it took for Remy’s mouth to go dry, and he stopped talking.

Nicole had stood and bent over the chair, her hands resting on the arms. Shay moved behind her and used his foot to nudge her feet further apart, so that her ass and pussy were fully exposed.

“I explained that I like to have control in the bedroom,” Shay said to her. “If you don’t follow my directions, you get punished. I’ll take it easy on you right now, but this is what you can expect if you’re going to be with us. And keep quiet. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.” Remy could hear the tremor in her voice, but she was following Shay’s directions perfectly.

Shay brought his hand down on her ass, and she cried out softly. He ran his hand over the spot, rubbing the skin, and caressing her, before he hit her again on the other side. He alternated striking and rubbing the skin a few more times, and then he slipped his hand between her legs and slid two fingers into her pussy. That brought more moans from her.

“Very good, Nicole,” Shay said a few minutes later. “Now you can sit down again.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Remy thought she had handled the spanking rather well for her first time. He knew Shay would have been gentle, but it could be upsetting for some people. He didn’t have time to think about it much more because then Shay was approaching the bench. Without a word, he bent down and began to secure Remy’s hands and ankles to cross bars on the bottom.

Remy lowered his head, and began to inhale and exhale deeply, trying to find that spot in his mind that allowed him to take Shay’s punishments and turn the pain into pleasure. He focused on his breathing, tuning out everything but the sensation of being bound. A moment later, he felt the bite of the flogger striking his back. Shay rained blows across his ass, upper thighs and shoulders, and though Remy grunted a few times, he stayed in that zone.

And then, to Remy’s surprise, Shay undid the restraints. “On your knees.”

“Y-yes, Sir,” Remy stammered. This wasn’t the way their play usually ended, but he did as he was told and knelt on the ground beside the bench.

“Nicole, kneel beside him.”

“Yes, Sir.” A moment later, Nicole was on her knees beside Remy. Shay came to stand in front of them, his swollen member standing straight out in front of their faces, a tiny drop of pre-cum already forming at the tip.

“Remy, teach her how to suck to my cock.”

“Yes, Sir,” he replied with a smile. He grabbed Nicole’s head and kissed her, and then he guided her mouth to Shay’s dick. “Lick around the tip and up and down the shaft,” he instructed her.

She was tentative at first, and Remy leaned forward to help, each of them licking around the head and shaft. Their tongues would sometimes meet, and they’d kiss for a moment before continuing. Then Remy placed a hand on her shoulder to stop her, and began to suck Shay into his mouth, bobbing his head up and down, but stopping after a moment to let Nicole try.

“Open wide and be careful with your teeth,” he told her, watching as she slid her mouth over Shay’s cock, slowly mimicking the bobbing motion Remy had used. What she lacked in experience, she made up for in enthusiasm, and soon was taking most of Shay’s impressive length into her mouth.

“Stop,” Shay said.

Nicole immediately stopped and pulled back from him. “Yes, Sir.”

When Remy saw Shay reach out and brush his fingers along Nicole’s cheek, his heart leapt. Despite his attempts to remain more aloof, Shay was falling hard for the pretty redhead. And Remy wanted this relationship to work more than anything.


Shay slipped off his pants and boxers, and deposited his clothes carefully into the laundry basket, taking Remy’s pant leg from where it hung over the edge and putting it all the way into the hamper. Remy couldn’t take his eyes away as Shay moved around the room, tidying up the few items of clutter, his naked body like a sculpture in motion. When he came to the bed and lifted the sheets to climb in, his eyes dropped to Remy’s cock, now standing fully erect, and he laughed.

“Did you see something you like?” Shay asked as he crawled into bed beside Remy.

“Your gorgeous ass.” Shay pulled Remy close, their lips pressing together. He loved the feel of Shay’s light stubble as their mouths slid against one another, and he moaned when his lover parted his lips and swept his tongue within. Remy could feel Shay’s erection pushing into his thigh and reached down to stroke the velvety shaft which was already dripping a tiny amount of pre-cum.

Shay grabbed Remy’s wrist. “Did I tell you to touch my cock?”

A thrill shot through Remy’s body at the low cadence to his lover’s voice that told him there would be consequences for the unrequested advance, and he released the cock in question. “No, Sir, you didn’t.”

Pulling Remy’s hands away and pinning them above his head, Shay leaned in close and said, “Then you need to be punished.”

“Yes, Sir.” Remy’s voice was breathless and he trembled as Shay released him, and then sat on the side of the bed.

Remy lay across his husband’s knees, his cock painfully hard and pressing into the side of Shay’s leg. When Shay brought his hand down, the slap echoed through the room along with Remy’s loud cry. The sting of the impact faded to a burning warmth, but Remy barely had time to savor the sensation before Shay spanked him again, and again, heightening the pleasure for both of them.

“Foot of the bed,” Shay ordered. After five years together, Remy knew exactly what was required of him. He moved to the end of the bed, bent over with his legs spread wide, and grasped the foot board. Shay knelt on the bed in front of Remy and began running the head of his cock over Remy’s lips. Remy was desperate to taste the sweet rod, but he knew if he tried, he’d earn another spanking, or possibly a taste of the flogger. Though the idea certainly had some appeal, Remy didn’t want to postpone the sex any more than necessary.

Shay teased for a few more moments, but Remy could sense that he was just as anxious to get to the main event, a feeling that was confirmed when he said, “Suck my cock.”

A contented sigh escaped as Remy opened his mouth to accept the hot flesh. The taste of pre-cum was tangy on his tongue, and he licked it all off the tip, then sealed his lips around the head. Remy lowered his head further on the silky skin, slowly taking all of the impressive length into his mouth, relaxing his throat easily. Shay had made sure he had lots of practice. Sucking hard, Remy began to bob his head up and down, spurred on by the other man’s groans, enjoying the knowledge that he could bring such pleasure to the man he loved. Remy would do anything to keep him happy.

As Shay began to leak more pre-cum, Remy sucked harder, knowing an orgasm was close, and longing to taste the hot fluid. But Shay pulled away from him and Remy groaned with frustration.

“Don’t worry, lover,” Shay murmured as he stroked the top of Remy’s head. “I’m not done with you yet.”

Remy turned his head up and they kissed again, before Shay got up off the bed. He opened the night stand and withdrew a bottle of lube and a package of wipes. Remy gasped as Shay dripped the cool lube onto his ass, and then began to massage it into the tight pucker of Remy’s asshole. Closing his eyes, Remy enjoyed the attention he received, relaxing to allow Shay to insert a long finger. The slow, loving strokes left him trembling. Shay added a second finger, and then a third.

“Oh God, Shay!” he exclaimed. “Please! I need you inside me.”

Shay slapped Remy’s already sensitive ass. “I’ll fuck you when I’m ready and not before. Understood?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Crazy with longing, Remy tried to contain himself, as Shay continued to finger his ass. Probably longer than he would have if Remy hadn’t spoken up. Sadistic bastard. But Remy knew that in the end, it would be worth the wait.


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What do you think? Do you like reading stories with virgins or would you prefer your heroines to have a little more experience under their belts? Leave me a comment and you’ll be entered to win a delightful swag bag (US and Canada) or an ebook and $10 Strandbucks (International).


  1. I like either. Well, as long as the ones with a virgin or "realistic". I don't like the ones with virgins who get taken roughly and then have an orgasm out of this world. Can't believe I haven' read any of Michelle's books. definitely going on my TBR list! Thank you.

    1. Thanks Tammy! This is the first of my heroines to be a virgin so it was a bit of a departure for me, but it was fun to write.

  2. It doesn't matter to me either way.

  3. I prefer they have more experience but when done right virgins make for interesting reading.


    1. I always find it interesting to see why they've gone so long without doing it. Hopefully I got it right! Thanks for visiting!

  4. I like either kind but I think I enjoy reading about virgins when it comes to having a Dom in their life. I like how in many stories it makes them even closer and it sometimes shows a weakness in him he didn't know.

    1. That's a good point, Kathy. I think that's why FSOG works - Anna's lack of experience means Christian has to approach their relationship differently. Thanks for commenting, but I need an email address to enter you in my giveaway. If you want to email me rather than post it that's fine. Mine is at gmail dot com

  5. I don't have a preference either way, if the virgin in question has a positive first experience. It is nice to see someone have the opposite of what my experience was.

    1. LOL, Megan! I know what you mean. My first time was in a Chevette - not a great location even when you have experience, but when neither of you know what you're doing? Not recommended! But I think that's another story!

  6. Interesting but for me, I prefer my guys to be virgins, if one or the other is going to be (maybe that's because my DH was LOL) but as the rest have said, if it is realistic and done right, I am good with it.

    Thanks for being on the site.

    1. The guy as virgin - now that's one I don't think I've ever seen. Thanks for hosting me!

  7. I like both ! But I do like when the book has a female that is a virgin! Just reading about her inner struggle with all the new feelings she is getting ready to experience. Thanks for sharing I really enjoyed the excerpt huge dan of your work!

  8. Yes, I am one of those hopeless romantics that believe we should wait for just the right one and that beautiful moment. I think it's because my first time was like (oh really that's it??) I like the idea of the submissive woman type and the Dominant man love affair. Oh and add in a few more men SOLD!!! To me it's a book/story, I can go for the closest to reality or completely and totally out in left field, perfect date, romantic best sex ever with the awesome orgasm. Either way I'm a happy reader.