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Bella Juarez writes about Real People who are Hanging by a Moment

 Hanging by a Moment
by Bella Juarez
Knights of the Red Horse #1
Decadent's 1 Night Stand series (1NS)


Making it real, but not too real…

Most of my writing has a tendency to be intense and intricate but in the novella, Hanging by a Moment, I had to do something different.  I joked with my wonderful editor Kate Richards when I told her it “It takes me 30,000 words just to get to the first kiss.”  Well maybe it wasn’t a joke…  When I looked at some of my other books and searched for the first physical interaction between my H/h, yeah, it was almost 30K.  I try to immerse you, the reader, into the character’s world.  I want you to believe that at some point you’ve seen that guy or girl or you’ve passed that place and remember it the way I describe.  I also wanted to relate to situations we’ve all been through, an uncomfortable cocktail party or dinner or maybe a once in a lifetime encounter, maybe even your own self-doubt. My characters are real and most of time they’re you and the people you know.  

Doing the unexpected…

I love a good twist.  My characters are older, middle aged, and when you’ve been in a long relationship suddenly finding yourself single,  middle-aged, and on the dating scene,  can be more terrifying than when you were eighteen and inexperienced.   The world can change drastically in the twenty plus years you’ve been married and comfortable.  You know there’ll be an HEA in my books, I love hearing, “I didn’t see that coming.”   In this 1NS my characters never really quite know what they’ll do about the dilemma Madame Eve has placed them in.  Madame, in all her infinite wisdom, knows they’ll eventually find each other but how they do it, I hope, puts a little different spin on your one night stand with Tom and Emily.  

What I love about a one night stand…

Emily and Tom are real people with real lives, fears, and feelings.  I wanted to recapture the excitement of a new romance and make it magic by connecting them together in a unique way.   A one night stand can conjure negative images and when I first started this project that was a question I was asked, “Why are you doing a one night stand story?  It’s not your style.”  No it isn’t my style nor was it Tom and Emily’s but left in the capable hands of Madame Eve; it turns into an enchanting connection that will leave you breathless and hanging by a moment.  **wink**


Can a child’s party be the chance meeting of fate? When Tom Ryan accepts the invitation, he never guessed his life would change forever. Emily Sanchez is a gutsy artist finally starting to get the accolades she deserves for her controversial work. Emily and Tom turn to the 1NS Dating Service to ease the loneliness of their empty personal lives. Life throws dependable Tom and temperamental Emily a curve ball when they meet and discover a sizzling connection with one another. Madame Eve comes through but with the worst possible timing. Will Tom throw away a once in a lifetime chance with a woman who’s reached his grieving heart? Will Emily’s uncertainties make her turn away from a man who can provide stability to her chaotic artist’s soul? Will both reluctantly see through their commitment to Madame Eve’s one night stand? Or will they seize the night and submit to explore a hidden, dark desire that could seal them together forever?


“What do you think?” Emily slipped her arm into his.
“I love it. It’s my favorite here.”
“Is it?” He caught the mischievous spark in her eyes. Emily was up to no good. He found it amazing how swiftly he could be in tune with a woman who at first blush was his polar opposite. “Interesting….”
He gazed into her big brown eyes. It would be easy to get lost in those warm pools. But she presented a dangerous trap. Lucian was right, and he needed to make a decision about the direction and the type of relationship he wanted with this complicated, intelligent, and charming woman. He could lose his heart to her without realizing what had happened to him. Emily leaned in closer and sensually whispered in his ear, sending a shiver down his spine.
“So tell me, which one are you, Tom? Are you the loving Master, willing to do whatever it takes to tame your wayward slave? To teach her and show her what she’s been missing in her life?” He swallowed hard. Damn what a picture she painted. His cock immediately responded to her words and her touch. He closed his eyes when her lips brushed his earlobe. “Or, are you the submissive slave, bowing to his Mistress, willing to do anything to please her? Will you give her your very soul?”
Tom spun toward Emily. She had his future hanging by a moment with her wicked proposition. Which would he be? Her slave or Master? One thing was for sure, he wanted and needed Emily in his life. In her, his muse had returned. She could give him the passion, color, and creativity he’d believed had withered and eventually died. When his grief dissipated, work had become routine not the passion it once had been. He stared at a new source of inspiration but this muse had a dark side, one that would explore self-imposed taboos. She’d bring things out in him he’d never imagined expressing. She would own his soul, and he’d give it to her, willingly. But unlike his relationship with Karen, there would be no vacillation in power. Tom made his decision and, being as in sync as they were, he conveyed it to her when their eyes met. The understanding that lit up her face reinforced his belief they were meant to be. From the way she drew slightly away from him, he construed she understood him immediately.
“Interesting…very interesting,” she said in a sensual purr.



Author Bio:

Bella Juarez is originally from San Antonio, Texas and now lives and writes on a small ranch in South Central Texas. She draws inspiration from the real-life heroes and heroines of the United States military and her many experiences in the twelve years she worked within that world as well as from her life in the civilian world. Her love of thrill and adventure is reflected in her stories. When she’s not writing, Bella runs a business and is active in the business community. She also runs half marathons and loves to be in the kitchen whipping up something to feed her hungry boys.

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