Saturday, August 24, 2013

Black Stetsons, Bon Fires, and the Best Date Ever! (Giveaway)

Her Knights in Black Stetsons, Smalltown USA book 1

 by Shae Shannon

Before writing Her Knights in Black Stetsons, Smalltown USA my head flooded with ideas.  I grew up in Oklahoma, which made the country small town setting familiar to me.  So many awesome past experiences finally got to be re lived. 

I knew without a doubt some of the elements I wanted to incorporate to give everyone a taste of fun in the sticks.  Mudding on quads, bon fires, back roading, and spotlighting are activities not everyone knows about much less knows the extent of amazing entertainment they provide.  Instead of a candle light dinner, we had a bon fire, a 30 pack of Coors Light, and music pumping from the speakers of your truck which made for the best date ever.  Men are raised on meat and taters, and are muscled from hard labor.  EmmaLee and the Dennison boys get to relive my glory days!   
Book 2 will hold more southern mysteries and charm, and I hope to deliver a series that will keep you craving more!  Grab a glass of sweet iced tea and happy reading!


EmmaLee Anderson was raised in a small town. Her family life was rough growing up, and the Dennison’s immediately took her in as one of their own. The boys had always come to her rescue, and ran off every boy within a 500 mile radius. They were the big brothers she never had. 

Bad luck finally gets the best of EmmaLee. When things look hopeless and impossible, her knights in black Stetsons waltz in and fix the world by taking her back to the ranch where she belongs. What they hadn’t anticipated was the sexy woman she had become that replaced the gawky, lanky girl they had grown up with. 

When temperatures rise and feelings bubble to the surface, Jase, Lyndon, and Dixon fight an inner battle of what is right and what they want. 

One night out sends a bad relationship to smack her in the face, literally. After a little ‘counseling‘ session by the Dennison clan, they assume he has learned the error of his ways. Revenge comes back in a nasty, sick plan of murder and kidnapping, threatening the one they hold dearest. The boys round up the family in a manhunt of vengeance and guns to save their country princess. 

Can she pull through from the brutal beating and win the love of the three that have captured her heart since pig tails and mud pies?

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Rafflecopter Discussion topic:  Knights in Black Stetsons and Bonfires:  What is your idea of a perfect date? 


  1. Doing anything with my fiance'. I don't care where or when or what we do, as long as he is with me and loves me.

  2. for me its a nice quite dinner while watching the sun set

  3. Picnicing on the Champ De Mars under the Eiffel Tower in Paris, one of the most romantic cities on the planet! BTW, I have done this and hope to do it again some day - sigh...

  4. I would love it if 'he' took the time to cook dinner for me, have a nice candelit dinner at home, maybe a movie afterwards...yeah I don't ask for much ;)


  5. Nice quite dinner, a stroll on the beach and then sit by the fire while having a few drinks and light conversation before going to bed for slow sensuous lovemaking with my husband! :)

  6. A nice dinner out with my husband, a quiet walk on the beach. Then home to spend some "alone time" with him now that the kids will be in bed. :-)

  7. Congratulations to Bethany72!!! Bethany, be looking for an email from me!

  8. Congrats Bethany72! And a warm thank you to all who participated!