Sunday, June 2, 2013

BEING ME: The Art of Writing a Review 101

by pearls
Sara and Rebecca in BEING ME have something in common:  they both know (and love) art.  However, neither believed they could actually make a living with it.   They remind me of my friends and myself.  We met 5 years ago on an online book club.  We knew what we liked, but we didn’t see ourselves as professional reviewers.  Now, all of us write our own book blogs and our reviews are tweeted and printed on dust jackets.  Which just goes to show that anyone can do it! Like Sara and Rebecca, we were able to share with others our passion, helping them to see the value in the art.  

Posting a review is a great way to show whether you support an author. (Not to mention cheaper than buying a million dollar painting.)  But many readers don’t post a review because it suddenly feels like an English class essay assignment.  

But that is NOT what you should do at all.  Think about telling your best friend about the book:  you wouldn’t discuss symbolism, irony, or stylistic devices.  You would say in a sentence or two whether you liked it or hated it.  In the same way, Sara let her passion for a piece move her buyers because the technical mumbo-jumbo would turn most away.  So just like Sara in Being Me, writing a review should be you being you. 

So whether you are posting the review on Amazon, Goodreads, Smashwords, Siren, or Ellora’s Cave, etc, here are a few tips on how EASY it is to write a review.  {And win the love of your author}

  1.    Be brief and specific.  Anything beyond two paragraphs belongs in blogs and journals. 
  2.   Start with a short description of the plot or main idea. One sentence will do.  
  3.   State if you enjoyed it or not, perhaps mention what made you feel that way.
  4.   State if you would recommend this to someone [NOTE: I do not mean if you would recommend it to everyone, but would you recommend it to someone that enjoys this genre.]
  5.  Is there something about the book that you feel important to mention?
  6.  IMPORTANT:  If you did not finish the book, say that.  And mention why. 

That’s it.  You are done.


Important side note:
Never give a bad review because you dislike the topic.  For example: If you do not like ménages, and the book has ménages, it is fair in step 5 to forewarn future readers.  But --it is not a reason to give a negative review.  Simply list it as your reason for not finishing the book.  The rating should be based upon how the author wrote the book, not on if you bought a book on a topic you hate. 

STILL not comfortable writing a review??   

Find a review that matches what you would have said  and “like” it or mark it as “helpful”.  

Class Assignment:

Write a review of BEING ME book 2 in Lisa Renee Jones’ Inside Out series, now optioned to STARZ.

In Being Me by Lisa Renee Jones, Sara continues her search for the missing Rebecca, but also tries to decide where she fits in the art world and with whom—Chris or Mark or neither.  I enjoyed every part of this rollercoaster ride, from seeing into the souls of Chris and Mark to the incredibly hot passionate scenes.  This is a must read, with mysterious turns throughout the book keeping you on the edge of your seat.  I laughed and cried, and sighed:  watching Sara transform and seeing into the real Chris and Mark, all while Rebecca’s diary trail of bread crumbs, was an exhilarating journey.--pearls

And I would definitely give Lisa Renee Jones an A+.  
BEING ME releases on June 9.           Nook 

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Being Me Releases in 9 Days
I do as he bids and the instant I comply, he lowers his mouth to linger above mine, his hands still holding my arms, his breath warm, teasing me with the kiss I burn for, but he withholds. I am breathless when his mouth brushes mine, and shocked when his teeth nip my bottom lip. I yelp with the sting and my fingers loosen behind me. He holds my arms in place, so I can’t reach for him, and his tongue snakes forward. He licks the wound be- fore he delves deep into my mouth, stroking me into a compliant moan.
“Pain,” he explains moments later, his arms still wrapping my shoulders,“that becomes pleasure.”His eyes burn into mine. “Lace your fingers again.”

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