Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Birth of an Erotica Author (Giveaway)

by A. J. Moore

When I was a young girl I discovered that I loved to write stories.  I loved the freedom, the adventure and the wonder of getting lost in a world of my own creation. The idea that I could create individual people, make them be whoever I wanted them to be was absolutely fascinating to me.  Oddly enough, I most enjoyed writing sad tales.  Stories that would make the readers cry.  Why?  I liked to make people think and I knew that if they were sad or even crying, they were feeling my story as well.  Sure, I got a few odd looks and a well-meaning discussion or two from the adults who read my stories but once it was established that I was a normal, happy child those same adults were impressed.

Then I grew up and I realized that life is already sad enough.  No one needs to be inspired to tears and if they do all they need to do is read the news or take a hard look at the world around them.  Life is tough and when you become an adult, you learn that lesson quickly.  So writing became an escape for me.  But what to write?  Alas, I have no talent for comedy and no interest in writing mysteries.  I couldn’t wrap my mind around YA characters and writing Romance is frustrating to me.  So I am left stagnant.  Until one day I got to thinking and I realized that if I couldn’t make people laugh and shouldn’t make them cry, maybe I could make them sizzle.  Bring a little joy or a fun escape into their lives through passion and lust, and thus an erotica author was born.

I originally tried writing romances.  Honestly, I got bored very quickly.  Someone back me up on this: I cannot be the only person in the world who is repeatedly frustrated by Romance novels?  Don’t misunderstand, I love romance novels, have been reading them for about 15 years.  All kinds of romances, all time periods, many many different authors and publishers.  Who doesn’t enjoy reading about love and seduction?  But sometimes I’ll be reading a perfectly awesome book and at about page 200 find myself ready to scream “Would you just have sex already?!”   Is it just me who feels that way? Like romance and seduction can be played out way to far, until you silently start to hate whichever character is holding out when you wish they would be putting out?  That’s part of what first brought my attention to Erotica.  I am impatient and if I want to read about hot steamy sex, I don’t want to skim through two hundred pages to find what I am looking for. Erotica is a bit of a more direct approach, in my mind.

I will admit that when the idea to write Erotica first occurred, I was a little nervous.  What would people think?  What if my Mother found out? Or worse yet *Gasp* read one of my books?  I didn’t want people to be shocked, horrified or offended by what I write.   That thought bothered me a little bit until I realized that in order to find what I was writing the reader would have to go looking for it.  Erotica doesn’t just magically appear on your Kindle. 

When I started writing my Erotica novella, I knew that I wanted to create a character that would have a legitimate reason to have multiple partners in her sex life.  Someone who could be free loving without being labeled or cast in a negative light.  Of course, the first option to pop into my mind was a succubus.  A creature that feeds on sex.  But it’s been done, many times in many wonderful  ways by many talented Authors.  Besides that, Succubus are demons and that would involve a lot of research that wouldn’t really interest me.  So I looked elsewhere and finally landed on Greek Mythology.  I created Rose, one of the immortal nymphs who were cursed by the Goddess Aphrodite to need sexual release in order to maintain their immortality.  She’s not a succubus; she doesn’t feed on the life energy of those she has sex with. She’s not a demon at all; she is a spirit of nature.

I named my character Rose after the flower.  My thoughts being that like women, there is a huge variety in Roses.  Different colors, shapes, sizes, planting preferences, fragrances, origins, petal counts and care needs.  I wanted to create a character that any woman could relate to, as well as a character that could become many different types of women yet still retain her own femininity and roots.   I see Rose as a down to earth, realistic character that is doing what any woman would do in her place: making the best of her situation.  Rose loves life, she loves humanity, she loves variety and she loves sex.  Yet not everything in her life is handed to her. She doesn’t have a magical ability to take any form she wants in the blink of an eye.  She can’t snap her fingers and make ten pounds drop off of her hips and thighs.  She has to work for it, work out, eat right and keep herself in shape.  Rose works for her successes in life and doesn’t let her curse get her down.  She’s not immune to love or sadness or pain or heartbreak, in fact her existence would be pointless without those experiences.

Rose is the main focus of my novellas, as she recounts tales from her long and eventful sex life.  She is attracted to many different kinds of men, from all walks of life. She has one time encounters, as well as long standing relationships.  She makes emotional connections and shares affection with a few different men as the series progresses but only one man from her past truly holds her heart. She has loved and lost but chooses to recall her life in a positive light, tries to keep an upbeat attitude and a smile on her face. Overall, I think I created the character that I wanted to create.  Someone that I as the writer, and hopefully you as the reader, would want to spend time with. 

I am currently working on Erotic Tales of the Immortal Nymph #2, in which Rose recounts her steamy adventures with other Immortal or Paranormal beings she’s met up with throughout the years.

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  If you were a nymph, which flower or plant would you be named after?


  1. I think I would be a Moon Flower. I am not a night person by nature and would so love to be. Besides, I would help to pollinate the planet.

    Moonflower's blooms are 5 to 6 inches.

    Moonflower, Ipomoea alba, is part of the morning glory family. The flowers release heavy fragrance during sunset, when the 5- to 6-inch blooms start to emerge. Heart-shaped leaves grow on the vines. Moonflowers are climbing plants.

    Pollinating moths are attracted to the white blossoms. The flowers will bloom more quickly on hot nights, sometimes taking only minutes to completely open. Moonflowers resemble morning glories, which open during the day.

  2. I keep trying to think of what kind of a flower I would be. I think a yellow rose, because I am friend, but I do have thorns. And like a rose, I like to be delicately handled.

  3. Congratulations to TwilightTink! You have won a copy of Forever, Rose. Enjoy!