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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Live from Paris: It's Lisa Renee Jones (Giveaway)

Live From Paris:  It's Lisa Renee Jones

Hi to everyone at Inner Goddess from Paris! I’m here through the 14th when I’ll be traveling home so I’ll have a window of time I’m quiet. I can’t get use to this time change. It’s 10:40 in the morning in Colorado right now and 6:40 at night in Paris! I just got back from taking pictures of one of the areas Chris has an apartment. He has a place outside the city and one in the heart of the city. It’s been fun giving life to his back story.
I feel the same way about Rebecca’s back story and I’m excited to talk about The Inside Out series and Rebecca’s Lost Journals.

Rebecca has been very a part of the series from the very beginning and you will find that to be even more the case in book 2 (BEING ME). So these serials allow you to get to know here and even know things Sara doesn’t know since these journals were never in her hands.

In Rebecca’s Lost Journals you get her story in her words from the day she first walks into the gallery. You will also find loads of clues to what happens in BEING ME and I can’t wait to find out which ones you pick up on. One thing I can say about BEING ME is you will get the conclusion to the Rebecca thread of the trilogy. It was very important to me that readers didn’t feel like the storyline got drug out too far. 
That said, book 3 is not a fluff book. It’s very important to the trilogy and you will know why when you get to the end of BEING ME. The story doesn’t end at book 2 but don’t worry! No huge cliffhanger this time:) However, you should really want to read 3 at the end to find out what is going to happen IF I did my job as author right.


Being Me is a very dark book. I can’t promise it will be all roses. In fact, I can promise it won’t be all roses. Real life isn’t about everything being sunny side up all the time but it is about how people heal and come out on top after struggles. I hope that you will find that these stories take you on that kind of journey.

I’ll leave you with a small excerpt.... And I look forward to chatting and answering any questions I can!:)


The opening paragraph of 
Have you ever met someone who you immediately knew could change your life? I’ve heard about this happening, but I never experienced anything near it until tonight.Tonight I met him. I don’t know this man’s name, nor does he know mine, but I still feel the impact of our brief meeting deep inside.
Release Dates for Inside Out Trilogy
If I Were You  currently available in ebook; publisher push March 12, 2013 
Being Me  June 11, 2013
Revealing Us  Sept. 10, 2013
Release Dates for Rebecca's Lost Journals 
 The Seduction  available for pre-order now; releases Jan. 28, 2013 
The Contract  available for pre-order now; releases Feb. 18, 2013
My Master  available for pre-order; releases May 7, 2013
His Submissive  available for pre-order; releases July 9, 2013
The Master Undone   available for pre-order; releases August 6, 2013

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Lisa will be stopping by to answer questions and comments below.
We love talking about Lisa's books so much, we are doing a **GIVEAWAY** of The Seduction in ebook format.  A winner will be chosen from all who comment below.  In your comment, share your favorite Lisa Renee Jones character from any of her books and why you love them.  Contest ends Jan. 19 at midnight, CST (Chicago time)