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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Meet Alayna, the Heroine of 3013:Renegade

by Susan Hayes
SciFi Erotica
a collection of novels by different authors
Guest blog by author Susan Hayes:

I love all my characters, but there are some that quietly take up a permanent place in my heart and become one of my favourites. Alayna, the heroine from 3013: Renegade, is one of those characters. While I was writing Renegade, Alayna’s character made me laugh, brought me to tears once or twice, and became the sort of person I would like to be friends with if she ever came to live in this world.
Despite being orphaned in the badlands when she was only a few weeks old, Alayna is a survivor. She makes no apologies for who or what she is, a thief and a renegade who does the best she can to help people like herself. She has a soft heart that’s carefully guarded by several layers of sass, sarcasm and attitude, and a tongue that’s almost as sharp as the knife she carries in her boot.

With a heroine like that, I knew it would take a special kind of man to make her happy. In fact, it would take two. Nikolai and Colin, two of boldest, most confident men I’ve ever written. They are everything I knew Alayna would need to be happy. Her men are devoted, determined, and strong enough to keep her safe, even from herself.


 In the aftermath of a war that almost destroyed Earth, the Alliance now rules, but not everyone chooses to live by their laws. Alayna is a rebel living by her own rules in the harsh badlands, outside the Alliance’s control. She is a thief, stealing from the wealthy to provide for those who cannot survive on their own, all while hiding the tattoo that marks her as one of the few remaining fertile women on Earth…making her a target.

 Alliance Elites Nikolai Grekov and Colin Nielson are stationed at a neglected base on the edge of the badlands after years spent in space. Their orders are to track down an elusive thief that’s been plaguing the area’s outposts, but they also have their own agenda. Both men want to find and claim a fertile woman to call their own and fulfill their dreams of becoming a family.

 When the men catch the sexy, headstrong, thief breaking into their home, they claim Alayna for their own. Nikolai and Colin may have claimed their chosen, but the battle for her heart has just begun. Can they find a way to win her trust or will their beautiful renegade’s need for freedom destroy their chance of happiness?

 2 Excerpts!


 Storyline Excerpt

 She snarled in defiance as he turned his back on her, holding out her knife so she could see it. “And that’s why I’m keeping your knife. Watch yourself, Ghost. I’ll be right ba—” Nikolai’s instincts kicked in and he turned, catching the little minx in mid-air as she came at him, her hands already curved into claws. He used her own momentum against her, letting it spin them both around so that she wound up slammed against the kitchen wall. He didn’t want to hurt her, but despite trying to slow her impact he heard Alayna’s teeth clack together as her back hit the wall.


“Give me back my knife!” Alayna yelled, reaching for the blade despite the fact his reach was far longer than hers.

“Not fucking likely, minx. If I do, you’re going to stab me with it.” As much as he disliked the idea of hurting a woman, he had no intention of getting his ass handed to him by a girl either. And right now she was doing her best to take him on. She was stronger than he’d expected given her lean build, and a hell of a lot fiercer.

She kept struggling with him, her deep green eyes wild and her expression nearly feral. She was close enough he could smell her, a mix of warm woman and rainwater that somehow seemed like the best perfume he’d ever scented. She wrapped her legs around his waist and gripped tight enough Nikolai felt his spine creak in protest. Nails slashed at his cheek and he dropped the knife, freeing his hands to grip her wrists. His face burned where she’d scratched him, adding more fuel to the fire raging in his blood. He pinned her hands to the wall on either side of her shoulders and leaned in, using his body to trap hers and force her to stop fighting him.

Adrenaline surged through him, but coupled with it was a powerful need for the woman currently trying to scratch his eyes out. She was glorious in her fury. Like a goddess of battle from another time. He growled as she writhed against him and she responded in kind, her soft lips parting as she snarled in challenge. Every twist of her body ground her pussy against his cock and dragged the swell of her breasts across his chest. Gazes locked, bodies bucking, what had started as a struggle turned into something just as primal, but far more intimate.

Nikolai dropped his head and kissed her, crushing their mouths together and capturing that first sweet moan against his tongue. He released one of her wrists, using his newly freed hand to cradle the back of her head, cushioning it from the wall behind her. She grabbed the front of his uniform and twisted it in her fist, using it as leverage to lift herself up. Her mouth opened to his, tempting him to savor and taste. Her tongue dueled with his, their kiss evolving into a sexually charged battle for dominance that Nikolai had no intention of losing. He sensed that given an inch, the minx in his arms would take a light year and still not be satisfied. She was all fire and fury, and he wanted to fuck her so badly his dick throbbed in time to his pounding heart.

Thief or not, he wanted her, and he hoped like hell she was going to let him have her. Let them have her.

Alayna wasn’t sure when her anger had turned to lust. She wasn’t even sure why she had been so angered by Nikolai’s taunting that she’d gone after him. She only knew that having gotten a taste of what she’d been dreaming about for days, she wanted more. If this was to be her last night of freedom, then there was no reason she shouldn’t take what pleasure she could find. If she found a way to escape, she’d have to disappear. No matter what happened, she’d never see them again.

After a lifetime of dancing too close to the fire, Alayna had more than her share of scars and heartbreak. The one thing she didn’t have many of, was regrets. She nipped at Nikolai’s lip and then pulled back far enough she could meet his gaze. Fire and longing blazed in their dark depths. Longing for her. It was all she needed to know.

“Yes,” she said, giving him the answer to a question that hadn’t been asked yet.

She expected him to kiss her then, or carry her upstairs. Instead he released her other wrist, gave her a cocky grin and inclined his head to one side. She glanced over and saw Colin standing a few feet away, his gray eyes glowing like molten steel as he arched a brow at her.

“Yes?” Colin asked, his voice husky with desire.

Alayna’s pulse kicked up another notch as she heard the hunger contained in that single word. Both of them. Stars, what would that be like? Her inner walls pulsed at the idea, and her pussy flooded with fresh cream as her head filled with lurid images. Out in the badlands, trios were still not the norm, and Alayna’s lovers had always been singular. There wasn’t much she hadn’t tried, but two men…that was something she’d never considered. Not until now. She reached for Colin with her newly freed hand. “Hell, yes.”

Steamy Excerpt

“Stroke our cocks, Alayna. I want to feel your hands on me,” Colin said and moved back a little, opening a space between their bodies.

“Fuck, yeah,” Nikolai growled in agreement.

Alayna discovered her mouth had gone dry as she reached down and took a cock in each hand. Stars, they were big. Alayna couldn’t get her fingers to touch when she encircled their thick shafts. Thinking about what it would be like to have that impressive girth pounding into her drew a low moan of need from her throat, and both men’s cocks twitched in response.

She measured their length with her fingertips, running her thumbs over the slit at the top and spreading the moisture gathering there across their glans. When she ran the palm of her hand over the sensitive tip of his cock, Nikolai groaned and began to pump his hips so that his shaft slid between her fingers. “Fuck that feels good.”

Colin spoke. “Grip his cock tighter, Alayna. He likes it a little rougher.” She closed her tighter and Nikolai tensed, his hips working faster now. “See? Now you’ve got him. If you keep that up he’ll be coming soon.”

“Bastard! You want me to come so you can fuck her first.”

Alayna tightened her fingers around Colin’s cock and began working his the same way. “And how do you like to be touched?”

“Just like that,” Colin groaned near her ear. “We both like it a little rough. You game, princess?”

Her pussy creamed at Colin’s words and she nodded, not trusting her voice. She wanted these two any way she could get them, but if she was going to indulge in her fantasies, then hard and rough was exactly what she’d imagined it would be like with her two dream lovers.


“Then that’s where your hands stay until we give you permission to move them,” Nikolai told her gruffly and ran a hand down the top of her thigh. Colin mirrored his action and when their hands reached her knees both men took hold and tugged, parting her legs. She gasped as they both drew one of her legs over their thighs, exposing her bare sex. One of them groaned and she knew they could see how wet she was for them.

Colin moved first, running his finger along the seam of her pussy. His touch was too light to do anything but tease, and she bucked her hips, craving more. He gave in to her silent demands, sliding two fingers into her channel and Alayna’s entire world lit up like a supernova. Colin started fucking her pussy with his fingers while Nikolai started rubbing her clit, the combination sending her hurtling into a place of mindless pleasure. Thick digits plunged deep and then retreated again, fucking her mercilessly. Fingers worked the swollen bundle of nerves tucked beneath its tender hood, flicking and teasing until she was barely able to breathe. Her hands never stopped moving, and she could tell by their low groans that she was not the only one being pushed to the brink.

She closed her eyes as time slowed to a crawl. They worked her body like maestros, holding her at the edge of release but not giving her enough to send her tumbling over.

Nikolai was enjoying watching their little thief lose herself in her passion. It wasn’t often they found a woman with the combination of courage and confidence needed to take them both on without reservation, but here she was. Theirs, at least for the night. He had every intention making it an experience she’d never forget.

Maybe it would be enough to convince her to stick around for a few days.

He caught Colin’s gaze and gave his partner a single nod that had the other man grinning in answer. It was time. Nikolai curved his fingers upward on his next stroke, seeking the spot on her inner wall that he knew would send her into orbit and he felt Alayna tense as Colin pressed down hard on her clit. Her eyes flew open and her hips rose up off the bed as her climax struck, and Nikolai drank in her cries of pleasure.


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