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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Happy First Anniversary Elizabeth SaFleur

Inner Goddess wants to wish the awesome Elizabeth SaFleur
 a big Happy First Anniversary!

 And in honor of her anniversary,
we have a little treat!

How about a little excerpt from one of her hot books!


From PERFECT by Elizabeth SaFleur

Sometimes the perfect man is the one who’s most forbidden.

For ten long years, Isabella Santos denied she married the wrong man. After her husband’s death, fate gives her one more chance to connect with her perfect Master—Mark Santos, the brother of her late husband.


Before Mark could swing one leg out of the car, Isabella slipped into the passenger seat and let out a long breath. He grasped her hand, which released a flood of well-being that wiped the tension she’d been holding for the last few hours.

“Thank you for coming to get me.”

“You don’t ever have to thank me for getting you.”

“It’s kind of becoming a habit.” She laughed lightly. “Me, calling... and then you having to... well, thanks.”

He looked at her strangely, then pulled into traffic.

When they pulled up to a red light, he reached over and slipped his hand in between her knees. “Hike that skirt up. Open your knees.”

She jerked her head to take in his profile. “We’re in public.” Why did she bother stating the obvious? Like he would withdraw his command? Her stomach skipped. Yes, he just gave her a command. Did she care? Oh yes, she did. She cared a lot, and not in a bad way.

A long car horn sounded behind her, making her jump. The light had turned green. Mark didn’t move forward. His hand rested on her thigh, car horns now sounding a symphony behind them.

She inched her skirt up until it bunched at the waist. He then pulled away slowly, ignoring the angry fist raised from a driver who impatiently circled around them.

“Isabella, have you been waiting for me?” His voice rasped.

“Yes, I was outside when you—”

“No, I mean, waiting... for this. For me to claim you.”

Oh, Dios mio. Mark’s finger slipped under the elastic edge at her hipline. One slow swipe with his thumb along her inner thigh took her breath away. She didn’t need to touch herself to know he felt dampness.

“Ella, Answer me.”

“Yes, sir."

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Elite Dons of Washington Book 2 (Standalone)
Author: Elizabeth SaFleur
Genre: Contemporary erotic romance

Not all power in D.C. is wielded by politicians…
With fiery exchanges in the workplace, public relations princess, London Chantelle, intrigues and provokes the alpha male in wealthy attorney Carson Drake. He'd like to bend her over his knees—among other things.  Outside the office, an unexpected meeting at a local BDSM club suggests she is the ideal candidate for a weekend of sensual submissive pleasure. Mistrustful yet fascinated, London agrees to his proposal of forty-eight hours with him. Finally, she can satisfy her unwanted, darker longings.  Their passionate weekend stuns them both and London wants more of Carson Drake and his firm handling. But their assumptions about love threaten their budding relationship—even more than a blackmailing co-worker and London’s long-buried secrets.

Review by pearls
London has had to be the one in control for most of her life.  While Carson admires the strong business woman he meets, he can see the beautiful submissive she yearns to be.  As they maneuver the DC political and rumor mill, he teaches her to learn to accept help and to trust love. The story is smartly written, well paced. The connection between London and Carson is off the charts.  I love how the author deals with the charletons in the BDSM  community, reminding readers to be careful.   

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Author Bio
Writing erotic romance is the most fun I’ve ever had. (Well, except for the research.)
Many of my books are set in Washington, DC, where I lived and worked many years, running a public relations firm. In my PR career I’ve been fortunate to encounter or represent some of the city’s powerful insiders. I write, tweet and post under my pseudonym, Elizabeth SaFleur, since my clients might be a little shocked at how their counselor spends her free time. Then again, perhaps they’d fear they provided inspiration. (I’ll never tell.)
Today, I live  in Virginia with my husband and furry child. Occasionally I’m separated from my laptop to indulge in dance classes and visit wineries and hiking trails with family and friends. If there were a house fire, I’d grab my dog, laptop and five-foot-long, regulation, Sally Rand ostrich feather fans — in that order. (Hubby knows the way out.)
I’m a member of the Romance Writers of America, Washington Romance Writers, and an ongoing student of fiction writing, as well as avid reader of general fiction and romance, especially the erotic kind.
If you’d like to connect elsewhere, please circle me on Google+ or connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Goodreads.
Honest reviews of my writing are always welcomed, and know I appreciate each and every reader.
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Lovely (Elite Dons of Washington Book 1)
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Saturday, July 16, 2016

There's a new Elite Dom in town

Elite Doms of Washington, bk 3
by Elizabeth SaFleur
an Erotic BDSM Romance

Sometimes the perfect man is the one who’s most forbidden.
After her husband’s death, Isabella Santos fled Washington and its bruising memories. But estate matters force her to return and fate gives her a second chance to connect with a man she’d always secretly longed to call Master—Mark, the brother of her late husband.
Mark, retired from his black ops career, grabs the second chance Isabella’s sudden appearance in D.C. presents. He’s never forgiven his late brother’s neglect of Isabella, a woman he’s loved from afar for ten years. Now reunited, he’s determined to earn her heart and submission.
As their forbidden love blooms, they forge a perfect domestic discipline life that provides a feeling of oneness, completion and a healing of wounds neither knew they had.
But her family’s opposition and demons from her husband’s past have different ideas. In the end, Mark must become more than her Master. He must use all his training and skills to become her savior. Or will Isabella become his?

More  Titles by Elizabeth SaFleur
Holiday Ties, a Golden Flogger Award Winner by the BDSM Writers Con -- and now available at Amazon FREE
Lovely, Book #1 the Elite Doms of Washington series, available at Amazon and other retailers
Untouchable, Book #2 of the Elite Doms – available at Amazon and other retailers – Nominated as Best BDSM Book of the Year for the BDSM Writers Con Golden Flogger Awards

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