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Friday, July 4, 2014

Last Day to Nominate before the fireworks!

Last Day to Nominate!
This could be anyone from Mr. Darcy to Rhett Butler to last year's winner Ethan Grant
Return this weekend to vote from Top 10. 

July 1-4

  • Return each day to nominate
  • Type name in Rafflecopter box
  • You can give a shout out in the comments section, if you like
  • Each nomination = 1 entry for the Grand Prize

July 5-6

  • Return to vote on the ballot
  • Top 10 nominees will be on a ballot
  • Your vote = 1 entry for the Grand Prize

Complete rules and prizes are listed on the event page.
Curious to know who has already been nominated?
Each night, I will list all the names nominated that day, too. 

In addition to the FDNY 2015 calendar, there are also books from 29 authors
Here's a taste of some of the yummy hotness in the Grand Prize. 
In addition to a Kindle copy in the Grand Prize,
Lisa Renee Jones is also donating Kindle copies to 5 Runner-ups!
Lisa Renee Jones:    a contemporary and paranormal erotica romance author, Jones' suspense truly sizzles with an energy similar to FBI tales with a twist
Prize:     Kindle copy of The Master Undone to Winner and 5 Runner-ups
Mark Compton is the Master of his universe, whether its in the art world or in his club.  Women would kill to be with him. Just his presence is enough to lead women and men to cede their control over to him.  But to be the one who causes Him to lose His infamous control??  That's hot. 
The Master Undone is part of The Inside Out series, which is being developed for TV by STARZ. It follows the journey of Mark Compton, one of the major characters in If I Were You, Being Me, and Revealing Us.  While the initial mystery may be solved, it is far from being resolved.  Life continues and Mark faces a very  unsure future. Its sequel My Hunger releases July 7th. 
The other major character is Chris Merit, whose story splinters off in His Secrets and then No In Between (releasing Aug. 19).  In torn jeans and riding a motorcycle, Chris is no less of a Dom.  Both Doms have pasts that have left their scars on each man's actions.  The desire to heal him and make him whole adds to his appeal, making the intimate scenes even hotter. 
Iyana Jenna:    an MM romance author of 21 novels and novellas in Adult and YA genres
Prize:    ebook of Will And Pleasure
Another character who needs healing is Luke from Iyana Jenna's new release Will And Pleasure.  Whether its a sick puppy or a broken man, there is an innate drive that melts our hearts, driving to make him whole again.  And perhaps in our own way, heal a part of ourselves.  Who can resist????
Sophie Oak:    author of 2 Cowboy erotica ménage series Nights In Bliss, Colorado and Texas Sirens, as well as the paranormal erotica ménage series A Faery Story.  She also writes the Masters And Mercenaries erotica ménage series and Thieves paranormal erotica series under Lexi Blake, and co-authors the Masters Of Ménage series with Shayla Black
Prize: eBook of winner's choice from Sophie Oak or Lexi Blake backlists
Everyone has such different ideas about what makes a man HOT.  And luckily there are tons of romance books available to meet your whim.  Do you like characters like Jack, the sexy Dom, or Sam, the playful lover, (both willing to protect you from all threats) from Small Town Siren by Sophie Oak?  What is your dream come true? your ultimate fantasy?
Sophie Oak's AMZ Link        Lexi Blake's AMZ Link
Tara Rose:    Ménage BDSM author of 3 series: Racy Nights, The Alpha Legend, and Passion Peak, Colorado.  Her new series The Doms of Sybaris Cove releases August 11. 
Prize:   winner's choice of 3 ebooks from Tara Rose's backlist
Another author that gives you plenty of options to choose from is Tara Rose.  I don't know what they put in the water in Indiana and Colorado--but all her male characters are HOT!  I can never pick a favorite one because the answer if always, which book did I finish last.  Each of Tara's men are unique and I think that adds to the HAWT factor:  something unique and special to just that one man.  The one thing you can't get from anyone else and have to have.  In her new release Chasing Their Racy Destiny, thunder and lightning bring them together for a night of passion. 
AMZ Link
Katherine Rhodes: author of the BDSM romance series Club Imperial, she enjoys writing erotic romances which are kinky, dirty, and fun
Prize:   ecopy (Kindle) Consensual, book 1 of Club Imperial series
It's that zing of electricity, where lightning races through you with just the gentlest touch, that heats you up with the right man.   A feeling that becomes addictive, driving you to be with him.  As Emmy finds with Nathaniel, She couldn’t deny the electricity between them, the utter animal magnetism She felt for him.  She draws him into her world so she can keep him.  And in book 3 Not Quite Juliet, sparks fly between Morgan and Nick D., turning their one-night fling into something more serious. 
Dina Redmon:  a novelist specializing in coming of age and romance/erotica books
Prize:    kindle copies of Chasing Circumstances and To Speak of it Again
One thing is for sure, though.  You never believe it can be real, until you meet HIM.  And when you do, are you willing to drop everything to be with HIM?  In Chasing Circumstance, Amia has to decide whether to cross an ocean, moving to Scotland, after falling for Stuart.  Could you/Would you for the right man?  for the man who makes you melt?
Aurora Zahni:   author of the contemporary coming of age Heller Park series
Prize:  kindle ecopies of  Ellie Stanton and Terminal Romantic (Heller Park books 1 & 2)
According to Aurora, "most rational people can agree to the fact that time and space are relative. The same could be said about love and romance."  And even more so is true about what defines HOT.  Ellie Stanton has to experience life to learn what she wants, much as we like to try out different romances, looking for that perfect Book Boyfriend. 
So let us know, which Book Boyfriend makes you HOT.
And if you don't know yet, check out this awesome list of
 Book Boyfriends already nominated. 

If you missed Day 1,2, and 3,  just scroll down to see what you missed.


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