Monday, May 30, 2016

Most Memorable Man of Service: Voting on Top 10

This Memorial Day we are grateful to the real Military and First Responders who work so hard to keep us safe.

We are also grateful for the fictional counterparts they have inspired for providing us with action packed stories and hot steamy reads.  Duty and Devotion, Loyalty and Protection are knightly qualities, even in the modern age.

The Nominees are in and the top 10 are listed alphabetically below. 

First I would like to think the sponsor of our Gift Basket to be randomly given out to a participant who nominated or voted. 

  • Morgan Ashbury:  $10 Strandbucks
  • Maria Elena Alonso Sierra: E-book - one each of her books : (1) The Coin and (1) The Book of Hours
  • Andrew Jericho: All three e-books in the Rock Series: "Rock Hard" (Rock Stars 1), "Sex, Love, and Rock 'n' Roll" (Rock Stars 2), and "Flirting with Heaven" (Rock Stars 3)
  • Amber Daulton: one ebook copy of 'A Hero's Heart'
  • Paige Tyler: signed paperback of Hungry Like The Wolf
  • Jessica Lemon: signed paperback Forgotten Promises ARC
  • Lavinia Kent: signed paperback Ravishing Ruby ARC

Sheriff Adam Kendall

S&R  captain Callum Cook

Lt. Dan Gamez

Sergeant Devin Ulysses Clay

SEAL Jack Preston

DEA Agent James Caldo

Master Chief James Jones

FBI Detective Julian Darcangelo

Soldier Matthew Buchanan

Sheriff Paul Creed in


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  1. Adam Kendell is is the MAN, In all of the Alpha males in Lusty TX, he is the Bigist, he's so tough but with a middle full of love for all the ladies he keeps every one of them safe, and they don't make it easy on him either. It is he mission in life to protect all that he holds dear His women, his family, His Town. But ladies if your in trouble and you come to Lusty you will find his protection will include all thoses that Lusty claims as theirs.

  2. Adam Kendall is by far as man of true honor. He has a need, a drive, and instinct to protect. If a woman needs that protection, whether or not you are his, she WILL be protected to the best of his abilities.

    Wish he was real and mine. Sigh. ;-)

    Stacy Wilson
    dragn_lady at yahoo dot com

  3. I see TWO men of honor who needs some love, Adam Kendall in Love Under Two Kendall's by Cara Covington (aka Morgan Ashbury) and Jack Preston in Caitlyn O' Leary's Her Adoring SEAL!

  4. All of Bella Juarez's Black Ops Brotherhood men worthy of being recognized in this contest. They embody, alpha, tender, and yummy. Lt Dan Gamez and Master Chief Jones are my two favorites. All of the Black Ops Brothers are, for me, the most memorable men of service. If you haven't gotten to know them - get to know them, it's worth your time and money. Great Reads!

  5. I see Paul Creed has been named but he's not on the voting list...

  6. I cast my vote for Master Chief James Jones, of Bella Juarez's "Tactical Error," because it is one of a tiny number of books to feature leading characters in their late-50s, who are still just as a smexy and full of life as the younger kids are.

    JJ created a space where Irene feels comfortable exploring her sexuality, and she is his safe place, a woman he can give his heart to, for safekeeping. Great story!