Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Texas CHAOS: a contemporary western romance

by Sable Hunter
a Contemporary Western Romance

The letters C. H. A. O. S. don’t just refer to reality out of control, it’s an alert–the Chief Has Arrived On Scene! Logan Gray is that chief. He covers the ground he stands on and people show respect when he walks by. In his late thirties, Logan is a confirmed bachelor. While he may adore the young Jenna from afar, at 18, he considers her to be a lifetime too young for him. 

Jenna is of another opinion. Logan Gray is everything to her. He rescued her from a fire at 16. His parents took her in when she had nothing and no one. Raised on his Gray Wolf guest ranch, Jenna learns how to trick-ride and perform in the rodeo. When Logan’s not looking, she even loves to try her hand at bull-riding. And now, she is ready to go after what she wants most–Logan Gray. 

Ignoring the fact that his heart and body craves Jenna like a drug, Logan does what he thinks is best and gently turns her down. What happens next turns his world on end. Logan learns that love can’t be defined by a number and life without Jenna is no life at all.

As Jenna sat on the brown leather couch adjacent to the fireplace, Logan flipped on a lamp. When he did, Jenna could see him clearly for the first time since leaving the bar. What she saw made her breath hitch in her throat.

He was aroused.

Big time.

There was no denying what she saw. Logan had a hard on.

For her?

She let him walk off while her mind spun. Was this possible? She jumped up and began to pace. What if he did want her? What if all of this was some grand gesture on his part because of their age? What if she could make this right?

Before she could change her mind, Jenna began to remove her clothes. Oh yea, she was inexperienced, but Jenna had one advantage in the situation.

She had fantasized about him so much and so often, Jenna knew exactly what she was going to do.

Seduce Logan Gray

– or die trying.

In the kitchen, Logan put on his old fashioned percolator, then hung over the sink, splashing water in his face while the coffee brewed. Was he crazy? The woman he adored was in the next room. He could count the times on one hand that he’d allowed them to be totally alone with each other. And now - she was here, she was legal and most importantly – she wanted him.


Logan jerked up right, running both hands through his hair. “Yea?”

“Could you come here for a second?”

“Coffee’s not done, I’ll be there in a minute.” He needed just a bit more time to get his errant dick in line. Now that he had her here – what could he say? What could he do? He’d hope to get her to go home to Gray Wolf where he’d know where she was, and that she was safe.

“I don’t want any coffee,” she called. “There’s something else I want. Something I need.”

With only a moment’s hesitation, Logan left the kitchen. “What can I do for you, Jenna?” When he stepped around the corner, he froze – he couldn’t move, speak or think.

Jenna, his Jenna was lying on the couch. Her head on a pillow, her eyes on him, that sweet tongue of hers peeking out and licking her top lip. One leg was bent, her back arched – her incredible breasts thrust up. And God help him…

She was gloriously, stupendously nude. 

Completely naked.

“Jenna?” His whole body blazed red hot. Electric. If he’d thought his cock was hard before, now it was huge, rock-solid and throbbing.

“Logan?” She held her hand. “Make love to me.” She ran one hand over her breasts, down her middle to tease the top of her mound. “Please?”

“This is…this is not why I brought you here.”

He didn’t take his eyes off of her. She could see his chest moving up and down, taking in deep breaths. But still…he didn’t move.

Well, if the man won’t come to Jenna, she’d have to go to her man. “No? I can’t think of a better reason. I’ve wanted you for years.” Gracefully, she rose and began walking toward him slowly with catlike grace.

Logan’s mouth was dry, his body shook. The woman was fuckin’ perfect. Over the years, he’d envisioned how beautiful she must be under her clothes.

Damn, he wasn’t even close.

“You’re magnificent,” he whispered. The truth couldn’t be contained. Every part of her was utterly delectable.

“No strings attached. No expectations. No promises. Just love me.”

God, he loved her. He’d always loved her. That wasn’t the problem.

Logan was still stuck in his tracks. His mind wasn’t functioning worth a damn. “Jenna, this…”

“Is what I want.” She stepped up to him, her swollen nipples grazing his chest.
“You’ll never know how I’ve dreamed of this moment.” Placing her hands on his shoulders, she rose up on tiptoe and fitted her mouth to his. “Kiss me.”

One touch, that’s all it took and Logan was free. Free to touch, free to hold, free to join their lips and inhale her like she was life-giving oxygen. He wrapped his arms around her and held her tight. She was small, delicate. When she was nestled against him, his body enveloped hers – and he never wanted to let her go.

Jenna began working on his shirt as they kissed, undoing buttons and tugging it from his pants. When he tried to stop her hands, “Baby, baby, we…”
She went with step two.

“We can do anything we want to do.” Turning in his arms without breaking contact, she placed her bottom against his swollen package and rubbed – up – down, looking over her shoulder and up into his eyes.

Up. Down.

He was so big a
nd hard, she felt like she was rubbing against a steel rod.

Logan was hyperventilating. He was about to die. There was no way in hell he could keep his hands off of her. Wrapping an arm around her, he covered one breast with a big palm – and rubbed.

She purred, the woman fuckin’ purred.

Logan didn’t have a chance.

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