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Feisty Foodies: Recipes and Reads from Romance authors

"We should be dealing in culinary orgasms"
--Adam Jones, Burnt
Last week, I viewed the culinary arts movie Burnt.  Once again the link between food and passion was linked as Adam Jones, played by delish actor Bradley Cooper, strives for a comeback as one of the world's premiere chefs.  The food is sexy, and the sexiest scenes are watching Bradley and Sienna's characters work side by side in the kitchen.  Don't you love a man who can cook!!!! And then when he feeds her...... yep - Ka-thunk!  And don't even get me started on the sweet as can be birthcake scene.  Total  AHHHHH moment!!!
Join us this week as we look at some feisty foodie authors and their books.  The authors are dropping off recipes and prizes, so stop be each day Nov. 19-23 to see what's new!
Our first guest is author Bella Juarez, author of the Military Romance series BlackOps Brotherhood.
Bella is giving away a $10 AMZ gift card 
I remember her first book of the BlackOps Brotherhood series--boy, did those two make a mess in the kitchen! 9 1/2 Weeks has nothing on that scene.  And then she has two chefs in later novels, because we all know the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.  In Book 5 Minefield, she treats us to a sexy scene of a man cooking for his woman.  Check out this 3 courses of excerpts:
Minefield Blurb:
[Classic: Erotic Interracial Consensual BDSM Romantic Suspense, flogging, sex toys, HEA]
Dr. Isabel Vasquez joins Doctors Without Borders, insisting on serving in post-Taliban Afghanistan. She hates the pain and devastation caused by her country’s actions in that war-stricken land and openly protests US global militarism. While treating injured and sick Afghanis, she is captured and held prisoner by terrorists. Navy SEAL Senior Chief Alex “Doc” Richards must find the war-protesting doctor who witnessed the effects of a deadly pathogen known to be in the hands of the same terrorists. He doesn't count on finding a tempting dusky beauty.  As a powerful attraction grows, Izzy and Alex find themselves working to stop terrorists from turning Afghanistan into a lifeless wasteland.  A mysterious Turkish wanderer reveals a secret to Izzy that Alex has hidden since joining the SEALs. Can Izzy submit to Alex’s dark desires? When Alex is faced with an impossible choice, can he save the woman he adores from terrorists who have her in their crosshairs?
BlackOps Brotherhood Series are stories are about extraordinary men and women who play just as hard as they work. This series will appeal to both men and women with hard hitting military suspense and the hot erotic romance. This series deals with real world issues and real time relationships complicated by the ever changing mission of the military. It’s a world of intrigue experienced by very real heroes and heroines. These strong women and even stronger men find ways to save the world and keep loving, sometimes dark relationships going on behind closed doors. Be sure to check the Scuttlebutt (  for what's coming next. Currently there are six novels in the series with several more planned. 

Bio:  Bella Juarez

Bella Juarez has a passion for writing and tells her stories with a high level of military suspense and erotic romance.  A few years ago, Bella was an IT technician with a craving for military and espionage history and would devour anything, fact or fiction, about the subject.  Today, she lives on a south Texas ranch with her family and dogs.
With stories of intrigue running through her imagination, she always dreamed of writing a novel.  Finally, in 2012, she wrote and released Rapid Dominance, book 1 of the Black Ops Brotherhood Series. Since then, she has released five more novels in this series. Branching out, she’s written three erotic romance novellas all with military elements.
Her stories blend today’s headlines into thought provoking, intricate plots interwoven with razor-sharp suspense, intrigue, and scorching, white-hot romance.
Bella’s idea of a perfect day starts out with a run, followed by a pot of strong French roast coffee, to keep her going while she sits at her keyboard tapping away on another story.


 “Doc! I need you over here!” the man yelled in English.
“What’s going on, Shaq?” a deep voice answered from out of the darkness.
“I don’t know. I know she’s breathing, but I’m not sure what’s going on with her,” the man said, looking her over.
“Ma’am? Are you all right?” This time the man called Doc asked the question in Pashtun. “I need to touch you to make sure you’re not hurt. Please, I mean no disrespect. I’m a medic and I want to help you.”
The man tugged at her fabric prison and Izzy shuddered against the chilly predawn day as the burqa was lifted away from her battered body. A cold wind kicked up again and washed over her as he uncovered her face. This was the first time in over twenty-four hours it seemed as if she could finally breathe. When she opened her eyes she saw two men, a black man with a full beard and a white man also with a full beard and longer hair, both were carrying weapons. The white man was crouched over looking at her.
They were dressed in the customary style of the men in these parts, the perahan tunban,long shirts with camouflaged jackets and pants with the customary Keffiyeh scarf wrapped around their necks. Only these men weren’t from here. They were Americans and the worst kind. They were American military Special Forces trained to blend in with the locals.
Doc was assessing Izzy’s vital signs as she lay still, and she knew the drill but noticed a couple of added steps to his routine. She knew these men would not sell her to the highest bidder, but she was in a lot of trouble if they found out who she really was.
“Shaq, cover me,” Doc said, standing and slinging back his weapon against his shoulder. Doc helped her sit up and wrapped her in the discarded burqa. Izzy overheard Doc tell the other man that from his assessment she was suffering from hypothermia. “We can’t put her in back with the others because she’s in pretty bad shape. I’ll need to carry this one back.”
Doc knelt again and picked up Izzy effortlessly. Hell no! Izzy suddenly felt a surge of energy run through her as she began to fight. He seemed to take little notice of her struggles. She realized that damn burqa had imprisoned her once more. He had wrapped her arms inside the material. He simply tightened his grip and held her firm because she tried to move her arms but couldn’t budge them. It seemed that Doc had managed to restrain her in a fashion that wouldn’t allow her fight but would allow him to transport her in relative comfort.
To Izzy, it seemed as if the small party walked forever. She drifted in and out of consciousness and had lost her sense of direction before she realized they had reached their destination. Doc annoyingly kept her wrapped inside the burqa and she hated it. When they finally sat inside a vehicle, he opened his jacket and wrapped her inside. She started to thaw from his welcomed body heat as they rode into the breaking dawn. Let me out of here! She pushed against his chest as she started to struggle once again.
“Shush, shush…It’s all right. We have a field hospital near Kush. You’ll be safe there,” Doc whispered in her ear, again in Pashtun.
Izzy stopped and looked at him. The sound of this man’s seductive deep voice reached her and made her go still for a moment. She could listen to this guy talk all day! His voice seemed to reach into her soul, and she’d never heard anything like it in her life. It was a sweet call she couldn’t resist, and she couldn’t help but relax. He attempted to soothe her with his light touch running up and down her back. Izzy melted and relaxed into it.
In the breaking dawn, Izzy looked up into his face and he smiled reassuringly at her. She noticed his eyes were the color of rich sapphires. She relaxed into his body because she instinctively knew he would keep her safe. He was very sure of himself and his surroundings and that self-assurance conveyed a sense of security that eased Izzy’s confusion and panic. How many times had she seen that look on a man and was instantly turned off? She wanted to hate that smug look on his face. But for this man, it was natural and not unattractive. It was reassuring and safe.
He held her firm as they jostled down the bumpy trails back to…Kush did he say? Izzy noticed his body was hard and unyielding when she tried to push against him. She felt the bullet-proof vest he’d opened bounce against her shoulder. Something about this man was out of place because of the way he held her and tried to comfort her spoke volumes about him. He was a natural caretaker. He had compassion. What is he doing here? Carrying a gun? Izzy remembered what he really was and stiffened. He was a medic or something like that for the other animals she despised. She didn’t have the strength to fight anymore but tried anyway.
“No…” Izzy hoarsely whispered as she struggled. Her throat was so dry, she could barely speak.
Izzy saw a hand come around and give something to Doc. He frowned as he took the object from the mysterious hand. She couldn’t see what he was looking at because she was facing the wrong way. She watched the range of emotions run over his strong features, confusion, understanding, and finally anger when he looked at her again.
“You’re an American?” Doc asked Izzy in English.


Izzy had a small night light on in the bedroom. She slept with it when he was gone. He switched it off and took off his scrubs, getting naked before he slipped into bed beside her. Izzy snuggled closer.
“You okay, baby?” she asked sleepily.
“Bad day, angel.”
“What happened?”
“Experiment failed. It’s okay. I’ll just start over tomorrow,” Alex said, wrapping his arms around her.
“I’m sorry,” she said as she turned and buried her face in his neck.
Izzy kissed the center of his throat and sighed. Alex closed his eyes as his body relaxed in response to her nearness. Even though he was tired and could barely move, he needed the comfort she offered to relieve his mounting anger. He quickly swept off her clothes, delighting in the skin to skin contact he required right now. His bad day was slowly sinking into the background and the anger he had about all his work wasted was subsiding at being so close to something so right.
“Angel, I need you,” Alex said as he captured her mouth.
“Mmm…” Izzy moaned.
Alex wouldn’t let her speak and he didn’t want to hear anything but her sultry moaning. He enjoyed the taste of her. He flipped Izzy around so her back was against him. He reached around and played with her breasts and lowered one hand to her pussy, teasing her clit, finding her so deliciously wet and willing.
Izzy hissed as she sucked in a carnal breath. “Alex, that feels so good.”
“Yes, angel, you do feel good.” Alex growled, biting her earlobe.
Izzy reached behind her and took his cock in her hand. Alex smiled as he nipped her shoulder because she was so much less inhibited about what she wanted now. She would reach for him whenever the mood struck her, demanding him as much as he demanded her. She was becoming just as aggressive as he was and it was perfect. He threw back his head and groaned as she stroked his cock. She opened her legs and wrapped a leg around him as she guided his cock to her pussy.
Alex pulled back slightly. “Not yet, angel. I want to play a little more.”
Isabel wasn’t listening. By the way she was urgently reaching for him, Alex knew she was already consumed by her own primal lust. She maneuvered herself and quickly consumed his cock inside her eager pussy. Alex flipped her over and roughly picked up her hips as he landed a slap to her ass.
“I said to wait for it!” Alex growled and Izzy moaned. This wasn’t the first time he’d meted out a little discipline to her. He massaged away the sting he knew he’d caused her. He ran his hands over her smooth ass. “I’ll fuck you when I’m damn good and ready.”
Alex brushed his fingers over her clit and Isabel pushed back against his hand. He slapped her cheek again and briefly wished the light was on so he could see his handy work. Her creamy pussy was calling to him. It wouldn’t be much longer that he could resist.
“Don’t fucking move!” He growled.
“Alex!” Izzy demanded as he brushed her clit again.
“Do you want me, angel?” Alex teased as he sank two fingers inside her cunt.
“You know I do,” Isabel said, shoving backward, forcing his fingers deeper.
Alex slapped her ass again. “I asked you a question. I didn’t tell you to move!”
“Stop teasing me!” Isabel growled.
Alex removed his hand as he gripped his cock and rubbed it up and down her slit. Without warning he shoved forward and impaled himself deep inside her throbbing pussy. He gripped her hips and willed himself not to be too rough with her. She was having his baby, after all.
“Hang on, angel. I’m in a mood tonight.”
Isabel cried out as he slammed in and out of her, disregarding her cries and giving in to his own carnal need for release, fucking her hard and fast. Isabel reached around and grabbed his wrist. His fingers were digging into her flesh and he kept pounding into her pussy without any thought to her pleasure. Right now it was all about him. He sensed his need to climax draw closer. His balls tightened and the familiar slight spasm in his back as he ploughed into Isabel and allowed himself to come deep inside her. After he was finished he flipped her over and roughly pushed her knees back.
“What we have here, a freshly fucked pussy…” Alex taunted.
Isabel screamed when he attached his mouth to her clit and started sucking it. He nibbled and licked as she squirmed under him. She grabbed his head and fisted his short hair.
“Eat me!”

Foodie Recipe and Excerpt

Story Excerpt:

Izzy stretched and yawned as she turned over. She reached out and felt for Alex before she opened her eyes and found he was gone. She could hear Alex in the kitchen grinding coffee and she saw that the bedroom door was closed. She lay still and heard another, unfamiliar voice talking to Alex. Izzy got up and listened for a moment. The voices were hushed and she couldn’t quite make out what they were saying. She threw on some yoga pants, socks, and a hoodie. She tentatively walked out of the bedroom and saw someone familiar talking to Alex.
“Good morning, angel,” Alex said, looking up.
The man turned around and Izzy recognized him as Petty Officer Montgomery. Alex and all the men called him Friday. She smiled at him.
“Good morning, Doctor Vasquez.”
“Good morning. I’ll get my coffee and get dressed while you’re talking,” Izzy said.
“Come here, angel. Some of this involves you,” Alex said.
Isabel took tentative steps toward Alex because she was very self-conscious about their relationship around the men he worked with. Even though they all seemed to take what was going on between them in stride and accept it without question, she was still nervous about any display of affection between the two of them in front of these men.
When Isabel stood beside Alex, he put his arm around her and kissed her lightly. It was hard not to push Alex away, but she promised herself she wouldn’t do that to him anymore. She quickly glanced at Friday who was drinking his coffee and studying some papers in front of him.
“What’s going on?” she asked, reaching for a cup.
“We’re getting organized before we go back to the lab,” Alex said.
“I’ll be your personal assistant,” Friday said, winking at her.
Izzy smiled and turned around to reach for the coffee. Alex was making something in the oven that smelled delicious.
“What’s the plan?” she asked, taking a drink.
“That’s what we’re working on,” Alex said.

 What was Alex cooking? 
Alex’s Morning Frittata
6 eggs, beaten
1 -ounce Parmesan, grated
1/2 teaspoon black pepper
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon butter
1/2 cup chopped asparagus
1/2 cup chopped country ham or cooked bacon
1 tablespoon chopped parsley leaves
Preheat oven to broil setting.
 In medium size bowl, using a fork, blend together eggs, Parmesan, pepper, and salt. Heat 12-inch non-stick, oven safe sauté pan over medium high heat. Add butter to pan and melt. Add asparagus and ham to pan and sauté for 2 to 3 minutes. Pour egg mixture into pan and stir with rubber spatula. Cook for 4 to 5 minutes or until the egg mixture has set on the bottom and begins to set up on top. Sprinkle with parsley and more cheese if desired.
Place pan into oven and broil for 3 to 4 minutes, until lightly browned and fluffy. Remove from pan and cut into 6 servings. Serve immediately.
Redz World Reviews
Reviewer: Luna
The fifth installment of Bella Juarez’s Black Ops Brotherhood finds our sexy SEALs dealing with biological intrigue at level defcon! But Alex is ready to navigate not only these dangers but the caustic tongue of a do-gooder doctor as well. I loved seeing Izzy and Alex as they found their footing. Their politics were complete opposites but the growing feelings forced them to look beyond those differences to work for the betterment of mankind. Ms. Juarez continues to give us action packed stories filled with complex romance. She never makes it easy for her characters to find their happily ever after and Izzy and Alex are no different. But even as she continues to weave an overlying story arc she allows the main characters an opportunity to fall in love. The chemistry between Izzy and Alex was believable and their struggles felt real. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Ms. Juarez allow them their happily ever after in spite of the danger that surrounded them.    --Five Shooting Stars


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Another spicy author is Isabel Winsor, author of the Erotic Romance series Pleasure Grove
Isabel is giving away a copy of STAY WITH ME and UNLEASHED UNDER THE MISTLETOE!
Isabel Winsor's writing, like a fine dining experience, involves all the senses to excite and satiate the reader. 
Foodie scene from Stay With Me by Isabel Winsor
He went from polite to predatory with her standing naked before him. He'd wanted to be romantic and gentle. But then they started talking about their pasts and he almost wondered if he should just sleep on the couch.
But then in her quiet way, she took charge and offered herself as comfort, as a way to forget. Who was he to say no, even if drawing it out might kill him?
Speer walked away from her soft curves to the food he'd set out for them. His cock throbbed painfully in the confines of his pants.
"How about this for starters?" he asked.
Regina blinked. "Sapote? How did you find it?"
"You mentioned it was your favorite," he said, his cheeks darkening as he concentrated on piercing the soft flesh with a knife. Juice pooled in the palm of his hand. "Now come here and let me feed you."
Her heels tapped on the plank floor and he noticed her balance was a little off.
He yanked the chair from the table.
"Sit here."
She perched on the edge of the seat, her thighs primly pressed together.
He held a perfect quarter of the sapote, its flesh glistening in the light of the candles. "Open your mouth."
Sitting there with her pretty titties pebbled with chill bumps, her beautiful mouth open for him, he had to take a breath. 
He brushed the wet white flesh against her bottom lip. "Try it."
She bit into the soft fruit. Her eyes closed to savor the sweet creamy juice.
"Mmm," she moaned.
He touched his finger to the corner of her mouth, swiping off a drop of juice. Her eyes opened and he let her watch as he licked the flavor off his finger. "It tastes even better from you."
He fed her a second piece and then the third, watching her savor her treat. Her legs slowly eased apart and his mouth watered to taste her.
Speer picked up the last piece, letting her wait with her mouth open.
"Have you been touching yourself?" he asked.
She shook her head. "It's been sixteen days since I was your pretty girl," she said softly, her face flushing.
"You're always my pretty girl."
She scooted forward, her breasts shivering from the sudden movement. He almost hated to do this to her but he stepped back.
"What would you like next?" he asked.
"I think you should have some of this bread dipped in the olive oil."
Speer reached over, took his time selecting a piece of bread and then dipped it into a shallow plate of gold-green oil. He held it up, urging her to lean forward for a bite.
She braced her hand on his chest, leaning closer to nip the bread. As she moved in, he smeared oil across her lips and down her chin.
"Mmm, my pretty girl is not very neat," he said.
Instant heat flared up in her golden eyes, promising she'd find a way to make him beg. If she only knew.
"Stand up," he said.
She took her time rising to her feet.
She had to arch her neck to capture the bread between her teeth.
"Eat the whole thing," he said.
She lifted her chin to obey, keeping her eyes on his.
"Did you chew every last bite?" he asked.
"I did."
"But you made a mess for me to clean up."
Mexican Spicy Brownies by Isabel Winsor
1 cup of sugar
½ cuo of all-purpose flour
1/3 cup of cocoa (if you can find it, try Hershey’s Special Dark. It makes extra gooey, black as tar brownies)
½ tbs Achiote chili powder
½ tbs Pumpkin or Apple Pie Spice
*1 tsp of cayenne if you like it hot!
¼ tsp salt
¼ tsp baking powder
2 eggs
½ cup of oil
1 tsp vanilla
Mix all of the dry ingredients.
Add your wet ingredients until just mixed.
Pour into a greased 8x8 pan and bake at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes.
If you use the extra dark cocoa powder, you may need to bake for an extra five to eight minutes. Keep an eye on ‘em!
If you plan to share these brownies, try cutting them with a plastic knife. Trust me they cut much cleaner!
About Isabel Winsor

Isabel Winsor is the author of erotic romances, Stay With Me and Unleashed Under the Mistletoe. Her name is the nom de plume of a multi-published author of chick lit, romantic comedies and mystery. After being told to turn down the heat one too many times, Isabel wrote her own hot romantic fantasies about powerful women who fall in love with strong, sensitive men.

Reviewers recommended her novella, Unleashed Under the Mistletoe, as "a story that will heat you up on a cold winter night." (Romantic Reads & Such)

She lives in Orange County, California where she is writing her next erotic romance!

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