Sunday, April 6, 2014

A broken heart even Prince Charming can't heal?

Let Me Love You
by Amy Davies
a Cinderella Love Story
Debut, Self-Pub


Natalia Slone(Tally) had no choice but to leave an abusive relationship and find herself again. Tally decides it's time to to move forward with her life.

After starting a new job at one of LA's biggest photography studio 'Exposure'. Tally meets LA's newest and hottest TV star James Wilde.

Will Tally allow James to help her move forward and over come her personal issues.

Goodreads Reviews

5 Stars: "Debut author Amy Davies knows how to bring it!! This book includes drama, passion, betrayal, heartbreak, and romance throughout the entire story." -Renee Entress

4 Stars: "Let Me Love You is a beautiful story about acceptance (of yourself & others) and over coming your past. It has a wonderfully moving message that'll leave you with warm fuzzy feelings all over! I enjoyed the fast pace in which it was told and how you're immediately thrown into the story." -Maria's Book Blog

About this Author

Amy Davies
Mum of 3 amazing kids Jackson, Max and Isabelle. Married my best friend and soul mate Darryl.
I am an avid book reader. I love photography, reading and music.
I started my 1st book a while ago but hit my writer's block but after meeting some amazing people online I managed to get back into my book and finish.



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