Friday, July 5, 2013

Post Pyrotechnic Psychodelics

After 3 1/2 hours of counting votes, the result is........................

I have decided that next year I am doing a different accounting method!!!!!

We went from about 300 votes a day to over 1000 votes on Thursday. In all, about 2000 votes were cast. 

 It's 3:30 am and I'm still counting, but my eyes are going cross-eyed.  My bed is calling me.  I have a 28 hour train ride ahead of me tomorrow, so trust me-- I will have plenty of time to finish counting tomorrow and to post the winner.  (Although it will be from my ipad, so may not have the fancy graphics). 

So stay tuned.  Results within 24 hours I promise.  The top 4 are continuing to duke it out.  I will post on FB and twitter when I have the results ready to post. 

Off to sleepy time I go.  Next time you hear from me---It will be live from Amtrak. 

PS:  Quick promo--On Sunday, July 7, we will be hosting Jennifer Zane on the blog.  Stop by and join us!


  1. God bless you girl! That is a heck of a lot of votes to count! Rest now, later & after lol. You sure do travel a lot, hoping it's for your job or something even better. Anywho, have a great day & even better weekend ;) :)

  2. Thanks, Sharon. I am finally on my way home! Will feel good. I had not traveled by Amtrak before this week, so it has been a learning experience to be without phone service for hours at a time. But I am getting lots of reading done!!! I just fell hard for Wyatt McCrae.

  3. I LOVE traveling by train! Did round trip from Reno to Denver in January and it was WONDERFUL!

  4. I'm going round trip, Texas to Chicago. I had zero Internet in most of Arkansas and.

  5. Ok, I have all 1327 votes entered. If I can get the post up before I lose service- woohoo. If not, I'll get it up once back in range
    Thanks everyone for playing along and adding to my TBR pile 😘

  6. Pearls, you did an amazing job with this! I am always in awe of your made skills!