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Bound by Seduction Tour & Giveaway

Inner Goddess is excited to be hosting Kharisma Rhayne's Bound Tour.  Today, we get to show an excerpt from part 5 of Bound by Seduction.  AND Kharisma stops by to show us her WIP, Somewhere in Time.   Check it out!

Part 5 blurb: 

Jacob liked Isa, maybe even loved her, but if she couldn’t accept everything, it was time for them to both move on.  Would she accept what he was about to tell her?

Book FIVE Excerpt

Standing in the middle of the room, Jacob let the whip crack. He loved how it sounded hitting the tile floor, the hiss it made as it flew through the air, the crack it made when it hit its target. Feeling himself get hard, he adjusted his cock, cursing his uncomfortable jeans.

Could he get Isa to feel the same way he did about the whip? He’d know soon enough since she was on her way over and he’d already decided tonight was the night he was going to be honest. He’d hidden this part of himself from her for a year already. 

He liked her, maybe even loved her, but if she couldn’t accept everything, it was time for them to both move on. Would she accept what he was about to tell her?

 Upcoming: Bound by Seduction:  Somewhere in Time, Book 4

 Thanks so much for being a stop on the Bound Tour.

Are we having at least a little fun yet? Today I’m going to introduce you to Bound by Seduction 4: Somewhere in Time. This one is short stories of time travel.

SOMEWHERE IN TIME (Which is becoming Book 4 will include books 16-20)
--NOTE: blurbs are not final and are subject to change--

Book 16: Sionn & Beth (Highlander)
Coming 2015
Beth is a waitress in current time. She’s spoiled and enjoys her life of luxury (being that she only works when she wants and mostly has Daddy’s money). What happens when Beth suddenly finds herself in an unknown and hard world hundreds of years before she was ever born? Will Sionn convince her it’s a good thing?

Book 17: Agnar & Kallye (Viking)
Coming 2015
Forced into becoming the clan leader earlier than planned, Agnar has no desire to wed the match that was set for him before his father’s death. Can Kallye, while in a world she doesn’t belong in, convince him he’s wrong?

Book 18: Maska & Lissette(Native American)
Coming 2015
Lissette finds herself somewhere she never dreamed of. Somewhere she’d only seen in old movies. Being an outsider was never easy, but to survive here, she had to fit in. Maska, the man who looked at her with kindness when he thought no one saw, might be her only hope.
Book 19: Klaus & Tatum (Pirate)
Coming 2015
Klaus didn’t know how the strangely dressed woman came to be at one of the seaside sales sites, but something within him urged him to purchase her. Would this feared pirate ruin his reputation as he got to know Tatum?

Book 20: Chance & Kasia (Cowboy)
Coming 2015
Chance likes things uncomplicated. He has his ranch, some good farm hands, and that’s all he needs. On his way back from town, he finds Kasia wandering around. She claims to have no idea where she is. Has Chance been tricked into a wife, or has he just been saved?

I hope you’re enjoying the sneak peeks at future books in the Bound series. Be sure to stop by the rest of the stops to see what else I have in store.

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  1. all the sneak peaks look great. It will be interesting to see how they turn out.