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Preparing for the Madness of RT (Giveaway)

by JM Madden

I joined the Lexington chapter of Romance Writers of America almost seven years ago now. I remember walking into a lunch at a local eatery and just being entranced by the women there. They were real writers. Unlike me. I just scribbled in notebooks at the time. Had no idea what to do with what I had, but knew I needed to do something because the stories just kept coming.

That group of women started me on my career as a writer. I worked on my manuscripts for a couple of years, then eventually built up the courage to submit to a newly opened digital publisher. That was in October of 2010 and my first book, Second Time Around, was accepted almost immediately. I cried that day, unable to believe that somebody believed in me that much!  

That following April, I flew out to LA to meet my publisher and to attend the Romantic Times convention, my first as a published author. Sounds cool, huh? I have to say, it was a hell of a thrill for this country girl.  Romantic Times is one of THE biggest conferences for romance writers in the country. And readers. I certainly found myself falling into reader/fangirl mode a lot out there. Definitely more than author mode.

If you’ve ever been to a conference like that, you’ll understand what I’m saying. It’s thrilling to walk through the halls of the hotel and pass women whose names you’ve only ever seen on the covers of books. Or listen to the innovators of the industry talk about their visions for the future. You are just in awe of the sheer brilliance surrounding you.

I find that as I get ready for my third Romantic Times conference, that excitement is still there, although it has morphed to a certain extent. I’ve met wonderful writers over the years and have realized that they are just regular people, like me. They have kids and mortgages and bills. Insecurities. Weaknesses.  

But it’s funny because I now have people coming up to me with that fangirl mentality. Which feeds my enthusiasm for writing. I love meeting readers that have read my books, because many times they’ve fallen in love with my characters as much as I have, so we automatically have a lot in common. 

Each conference I go to, and I’ve been to a good many in the past couple of years, is different. They nurture different environments and different readerships. Different genres of writing. But so far, RT is the only one I’ve been to that nurtures everything. It’s the most all-inclusive get-together I’ve ever been to, and it feeds my creative soul.

This conference begins on May 1st, and the excitement is building inside me. I’m anxious for this week to fly. Anxious to get in the truck and drive for eight hours to get there. Anxious to stand in line to get my Published Author badge. Anxious to sign the first request by a reader. 

It’s been hectic getting ready, ordering swag to give away, books to sell. But I know once I get there it will all have been worth it.

Book Blurb

I’m promoting a new series this year that’s very dear to my heart. It’s called the Lost and Found series. It’s about wounded veterans returning from overseas and having to build a new life for themselves. The prequel to the series, The Embattled Road, is free right now. You can check it out at Amazon here.
The second book, Embattled Hearts, deals with one of the partners, and his search for love. Here’s the blurb:
John Palmer hasn’t felt like a real man since he was injured during combat in Iraq. Though not content with his new life, he is mostly adapting, just like the other vets at the Lost ‘N’ Found Investigative Service. When Shannon Murphy is hired on as the new office manager, life suddenly gets a lot more interesting. Before long, John finds himself wondering if he could ever be the kind of man Shannon needs.
Shannon Murphy wasn’t really looking for love when she hired on at LNF, but finds herself hopelessly attracted to the sex-on-wheels former Marine, John Palmer. The man is grumpy and nearly impossible to work with, but his brand of masculinity appeals to her on a basic level. Soon Shannon is wondering just what it would take for John to want her the way she wants him.
When an old enemy tries to settle a vendetta against Shannon, John insists on protecting her. He moves into her house, fanning the spark of attraction into a blaze. But the danger continues to escalate. Will the connection that they’ve found survive when they’re thrust into a fight for their lives?

 Giveaway Contest

John Palmer was one of my most difficult yet satisfying men to write. I’ll be giving away a download of Embattled Hearts to one lucky visitor, just tell me if you’ve ever been to a romance conference of any kind, and your experience, good or bad.

 I sincerely appreciate you stopping to read!  And Happy Birthday Inner Goddess Blog!!!

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Bound by Seduction Tour & Giveaway

Inner Goddess is excited to be hosting Kharisma Rhayne's Bound Tour.  Today, we get to show an excerpt from part 5 of Bound by Seduction.  AND Kharisma stops by to show us her WIP, Somewhere in Time.   Check it out!

Part 5 blurb: 

Jacob liked Isa, maybe even loved her, but if she couldn’t accept everything, it was time for them to both move on.  Would she accept what he was about to tell her?

Book FIVE Excerpt

Standing in the middle of the room, Jacob let the whip crack. He loved how it sounded hitting the tile floor, the hiss it made as it flew through the air, the crack it made when it hit its target. Feeling himself get hard, he adjusted his cock, cursing his uncomfortable jeans.

Could he get Isa to feel the same way he did about the whip? He’d know soon enough since she was on her way over and he’d already decided tonight was the night he was going to be honest. He’d hidden this part of himself from her for a year already. 

He liked her, maybe even loved her, but if she couldn’t accept everything, it was time for them to both move on. Would she accept what he was about to tell her?

 Upcoming: Bound by Seduction:  Somewhere in Time, Book 4

 Thanks so much for being a stop on the Bound Tour.

Are we having at least a little fun yet? Today I’m going to introduce you to Bound by Seduction 4: Somewhere in Time. This one is short stories of time travel.

SOMEWHERE IN TIME (Which is becoming Book 4 will include books 16-20)
--NOTE: blurbs are not final and are subject to change--

Book 16: Sionn & Beth (Highlander)
Coming 2015
Beth is a waitress in current time. She’s spoiled and enjoys her life of luxury (being that she only works when she wants and mostly has Daddy’s money). What happens when Beth suddenly finds herself in an unknown and hard world hundreds of years before she was ever born? Will Sionn convince her it’s a good thing?

Book 17: Agnar & Kallye (Viking)
Coming 2015
Forced into becoming the clan leader earlier than planned, Agnar has no desire to wed the match that was set for him before his father’s death. Can Kallye, while in a world she doesn’t belong in, convince him he’s wrong?

Book 18: Maska & Lissette(Native American)
Coming 2015
Lissette finds herself somewhere she never dreamed of. Somewhere she’d only seen in old movies. Being an outsider was never easy, but to survive here, she had to fit in. Maska, the man who looked at her with kindness when he thought no one saw, might be her only hope.
Book 19: Klaus & Tatum (Pirate)
Coming 2015
Klaus didn’t know how the strangely dressed woman came to be at one of the seaside sales sites, but something within him urged him to purchase her. Would this feared pirate ruin his reputation as he got to know Tatum?

Book 20: Chance & Kasia (Cowboy)
Coming 2015
Chance likes things uncomplicated. He has his ranch, some good farm hands, and that’s all he needs. On his way back from town, he finds Kasia wandering around. She claims to have no idea where she is. Has Chance been tricked into a wife, or has he just been saved?

I hope you’re enjoying the sneak peeks at future books in the Bound series. Be sure to stop by the rest of the stops to see what else I have in store.

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I’d love to hang out with everyone. You can find me at: WebsiteBlogFacebookBound by Seduction   Twitter @KharismaRhayne


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I Got Knocked Down (But I Got Up Again)

by Michelle Graham

Like many writers, I tend to have a combination of extreme arrogance and harsh self-criticism. It may not seem like these two things can go together, but they frequently do. In my case, the self-criticism is usually the more dominant part of me. I am riddled by feelings of doubt and inadequacy. There are lots of writers out there who are better than me, who manage time and produce more than I do, who sell more books, write more blog posts, and on and on and on. When I sat down to write my first book, the process was filled with moments of second-guessing myself and thinking that I was wasting my time.

So when a publisher actually told me they were going to publish my book, my ego inflated like a balloon on a helium tank, and floated up into the sky. It was helped along by addition of more publishing contracts and more books released. The only problem with that? The helium leaked out and sent me plummeting to the ground. 

All of my books so far have been erotic romance, which I really enjoy. ;)  But I decided to take a chance and submit a novel in another genre to a different publisher. And I got a rejection, but that didn’t really phase me. It was one of the bigger companies and I fully expected it. So I submitted to someone else, and was thrilled to get another contract. 

I’ve been anxiously awaiting the edits for this book, and in the meantime have spread the word far and wide that I’m going to have a book published (it’s mainstream so no need to hide behind a pen name on that one). And the arrogance took over and I was convinced I was hot shit.
Then the edits arrived. Talk about bursting my balloon. 

I know an editor’s job is to take a book and make it the best it can be. I’ve been through the process before, but it’s never been that big a deal. I know they have to point out the flaws in order to make it better. Unfortunately, this one tackled me from behind and pushed my face into a sea of criticism. And most of it was extraordinarily harsh (for example, “This is dull and uninteresting.” That comment came up a lot). The book was so bad that it needed to be “ripped down and rewritten”.
Needless to say, I spent the evening curled in the fetal position, sobbing and feeling like I’d been dropped from a building. My arrogance disappeared in a flash, my confidence shaken so badly, that every time an idea came to me, I was immediately questioning it’s validity and viability. 

Thankfully, I had the support of some wonderful people (my hubby and my Siren sisters), and I was able to pick myself up again. Slowly. But I’m getting there. With the help of a few good suggestions from the publisher, and a bunch of scribbles in a notebook, I managed to work out a new plan for the rewrites. I’ve made huge strides with it over the past few days, and no longer feel like crawling behind the couch and hiding for days. 

I’ve learned a couple of lessons. The first is that it’s important to keep the balance between the arrogance and the self-criticism. I’m not hot shit, or the next mega-bestseller. But my ideas have worth, and if I take the time and the effort to get them down on paper, someone will want to read them. I have enough publishing contracts to prove that, even if I’m not making millions. The second lesson is that there will always be critics, people who will make you feel more worthless than a bag of doggy doo. But if you let them get to you, and give up, you’re giving them power they don’t deserve. If they knock you down, get the hell up! Put on your big girl panties and prove them wrong. It will take persistence and dedication, and it’ll be a lot of frickin’ work.
But you are worth it.

Author Bio

Michelle Graham is an erotic romance writer for Siren Publishing. She lives in Ontario, Canada with her hubby, two kids, and a kitty. She enjoys doing research for her books (as does her hubby), and getting paid to have a dirty mind, and hopes one day to write about naughty things full time. 

Where to find Michelle

Book Blurb

Training the Help: Hedon Falls 3 coming April 27th

Unemployed and running out of resources, Sophie LaPlante is desperate for a job, when the perfect one appears before her. A wealthy couple from Hedon Falls requires a live-in housekeeper, and Sophie is just what they’re looking for.

Jack Sullivan, a powerful CEO and Dom, is married to actress Kendra Hughes.  He immediately senses submissive tendencies in his new housekeeper. His wife can never be the sub he needs, so while Kendra is away on a film shoot, he begins to train Sophie. When Kendra returns, she joins the training to explore her own Dominant desires. While their sessions were not intended to involve sex, they find themselves fighting a losing battle against their mutual attraction.

The three of them are caught up in a web of lust, guilt, and infidelity, all complicated by an ex-boyfriend who can’t leave Sophie alone.

Rafflecopter Contest

What could be more hedonistic than FREE books???   Join our Rafflecopter contest to win a free ecopy of Michelle Graham's new book Training the Help, coming out April 27th.  

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1st Inner Goddess Birthday Affair (Giveaway)

Inner Goddess Forum is turning 1 year old!

A year ago in May, a series of cross-country phone calls turned into the opening of a book club forum where we could share our favorite books and romantic characters with friends online, where we could set our Inner Goddess free to explore love and romance. This year has seen the site evolve into a meeting of authors and readers, complete with a blog page. Our presence has reached into Facebook, Goodreads, and Twitter. It has been a wonderful year, and we can’t wait to see what will happen in our second year!

What is a birthday party without a few gifts?

During our birthday week in May we will host lots of goodies for you. We wanted to give you a heads up on a special contest we will have for IG forum members only. The winners will be announced on May 25th. All memberships and posts from May 25, 2012-May 25, 2013 are eligible. Winners will be chosen by Randomizer.
Prizes: 1st place winner chooses first.
  •  signed copy of 50 Shades of Grey by EL James
  •  signed copy of Masters at Arms/Nobody’s Angel by Kallypso Masters

Rules: here is how to increase your chances!!!
  •  Registered member of IG Forum = 1 entry (mandatory)
  •  Post an Intro at IG Forum = 1 entry
  •  For every 5 comments posted to IG forum = 1 entry (ex: 50 comments = 10 entries)

IG Forum =
Contest ends May 25, 2013 CST (central standard time).