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Sunday, August 16, 2015

How to live a good life, even after you are dead

Remembering Hell
The Sequel to
Awake in Hell
by Helen Downing
from Beau Coup LLC

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Now a long-term resident of Heaven, Louise finds a need to return to the one place she thought she had left behind forever – HELL. Back in Central City Hades, she meets Joe who needs a guardian angel. Louise also meets a tall, dark and handsome stranger who just may change her afterlife. In this compelling sequel to 'Awake In Hell', you are invited to return to the land of the damned with Louise as she learns a whole new set of lessons about how to live a good life, even after you’re dead.


When I arrive at the Second Chance Temp Agency Gabby is waiting, coffee in hand, with a huge smile plastered across her face. It looks unnatural like she is secretly Mrs. Potato Head and she has just picked up that smile and crammed it into her face seconds before I got there.

“Should I be frightened?” I ask.

“Why?” she answers sweetly. “I just figured you wouldn’t have time to chat while the coffee brewed since you didn’t arrive until two minutes to eight for an
eight o’clock appointment.”

Good grief. I had forgotten about Gabby’s almost compulsive need for punctuality. “So that’s it? You are worried about my being on time?”

“Of course it is!” she says, and that smile gets even wider, against all biological possibility. Gabby is not being 100 percent honest.

Suddenly it strikes me. She saw my dream. My arrogant, ambitious dream that pretty much proves I was lying my ass off when I swore that was not why I wanted to go back to Hell.

“Gabby, I can explain my—”

“Inability to get up and moving on time?” she interrupts me gently. “Too bad, you’ll have to save your excuses for your next visit. You are officially out of time. The boss will be bellowing down the hall any second now.” Her smile is now kind, but her eyes are screaming at me. And I don’t need telepathic powers to get the message loud and clear. Shut up, Louise. Shut up now. Keep your secrets safe.

“I understand,” I say with gratitude. “Thanks for the coffee.” The delicious brew is halfway to my mouth when Deedy’s voice intrudes into our unspoken conversation.

“Where is that darling girl? I tell you something, Gabby, you are slipping. You used to be so much more on point, keeping my appointments running on time!” I can hear laughter in his voice. I think it is funny that Deedy has noticed her whole prompt issue too.

“Don’t let him get away with that, Gabrielle!” I say loudly, but also with humor. Then I storm through the door into his office and announce, “Honey, I’m home!”
Deedy laughs out loud. “My goodness, Ms. Patterson, you are in an awfully good mood, considering what is about to happen.”

“And what is about to happen?” I say eagerly, pulling up a chair across from his desk.

Deedy strides over to his desk and lets his long body fold into the chair. Then he reaches into a drawer and pulls out a file. I used to hate that when I worked here. Those file folders house every bit of information regarding a person’s life, death, afterlife, even dreams. When I was still under the false impression that Deedy was a weird temp agency owner, I was still very aware that he had some kind of access. He knew all of my baggage, some of it that was lost even to me, in my remorse ridden brain. He now looks over the file in front of him, and I realize he is peering into the very soul of some poor schmuck who is as clueless as I used to be.


Helen Downing has aspired to be many things in life. An actress, a writer, a trophy wife, a publicist, and a bang up media sales executive. In reality, she's a chubby, middle-aged, twice-divorced battleaxe who is addicted to sci-fi and social networking. Please buy this book. It's her only chance of ever fulfilling her full potential, and possibly getting into heaven.