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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Got a Bounty Out For A New Series? (Giveaway and Excerpt)

Enter the exciting world of AJ Wiliams' bounty hunters.  Action, Danger, and.....Romance!!!


Bounty Series #1
December 2012
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance Novella

Keylee isn’t your typical bounty hunter. She’s young, petite, and has a Doberman pinscher as her personal bodyguard. Just as Keylee returns to town from a month long assignment, she’s asked to protect a man named Hunter, who has jumped bond and is on the run from other bounty hunters and the police. The mere fact that she knows who Hunter is and why the police are after him, places her life at risk. Now, Keylee has a limited time to save Hunter and herself.


Bounty Series #2
March 2013
Contemporary Erotic Romance Novella

Thomas has reached a point in his life where he is done with bounty hunting. He is finally ready to take the step in following his dream and hopefully put his family back together. However, before that happens, he has to rescue his neighbor—the woman he has been lusting after—from unsuspecting danger that lurks at every corner.

Wen has been in love with her neighbor, Thomas, for the last six months. Yet, with his schedule and her inability to welcome a new relationship, Wen is certain that her love will stay hidden. It does, until she learns that she’s being followed. Not wanting to intrude on her family, she calls Thomas.

Can Thomas rescue Wen and his dream? Or will danger permanently keep him from both?


Bounty Series #3
June 2013
Contemporary Erotic Romance Novel

Alek Kairis is a man on a mission to keep those around him safe from the dangers of a lurking dirty cop. But, before he can protect everyone, Alek learns of a deep secret that could not just change his life, but change his ability to protect those around him.

Tess Michaels only wanted her brother’s safety; she did not realize that she too would be placed in danger. Yet, the danger that is following her is not the only threat she faces. When she learns the truth of who her son’s father is, not only will her life change, but so will her child’s.

Once the truth comes out, there is no going back for Alek or Tess. What’s worse is that their ever-growing attraction is a distraction that neither of them need. Can Tess and Alek work together, or will danger and secrets tear them apart forever?


“So, are we going to talk about what just took place?”
He stormed at the windshield. Not once did Alek take his eyes off the road. He feared if he looked at her, there was a good possibility that he would see something that at this time he  really did not care to see—such as the hurt and fear she was holding back.
“Look, I already said my brother is on the run. He’s innocent and I’m trying to get help, to not just keep him alive, but prove his innocence,” Tess said.
“And what, buddy? Seriously, that’s the story.” This time, Alek heard the hiss in her words.
Maybe he was being a little rough on her making it seem as though he didn’t care. The fact was that he cared a whole hell of a lot. He was just pissed off because one of his windows had  been shot out; and secondly, because this woman didn’t know who the hell he was. Okay, so he
hadn’t realized who she was immediately either, but that was not the point. The point was that he did realized it now dammit, he wanted her to know him as well.
The then there was the fact that Keylee volunteered to do this job without even a team discussion. Something this important needed to be talked over. Plans needed to be properly made.
The longer Tess kept quiet, the more he thought about bringing up their past, but decided against it. When the time was right and he needed her to remember, he would refresh her  memory. Until then, he would hold that information to himself.
“Come on; seriously, this kind of crap just does not happen. I mean, really, I get that you’re pissed. I’m pissed, but do not think that for one second I’m joking.”
Alek watched out of his peripheral vision as she turned slightly to face him.
“I have been laughed at since this shit started. I’m sick of being laughed at. So listen to me closely, buddy. I plan on being a bitch, a pest, a nag, and any other name you can think of. Because right now, I’m facing so many things, it’s just easier to be angry then deal with what’s staring me straight in the face. I mean, my brother is running for his life, and I was just fucking got shot at.”


AJ Wiliams lives in Kansas City Missouri with her husband and two children, and their faithful dog. She grew up in Arizona and at the age of eight, her mother brought her to Missouri to be close to family. As an only child, AJ had to learn how to entertain herself. Writing was an escape from an isolated life she led as the only child with her parents. Living in a small town also proved to create lots of stories. Like most small towns, everyone knew everyone.

As she grew older, her grandparents played a large role in her writing life. By the age of thirteen, she had written several poems about her family and about growing up. Reading and music also became an outlet for her.

AJ loves listening to everything from the classics of Mozart to System of a Down to even Indie music such as Lana Del Rey and Florence and the Machine. That love of music has continued on, influencing her and the stories she likes to write.

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