Saturday, January 14, 2017

Laurie Olerich - Vanek, A Demons After Dark series

One of our favorite authors - Laurie Olerich - has a new series Demons After Dark coming soon and she has been so kind as to give us a sneak peek of the first book Vanek!!

First Excerpt
That’s not what you want to know, Dylan. Why don’t you just say what you mean?” Vanek squeezed her thigh and pressed her to answer. “I thought you were taking control? If that’s true, ask me what you really want to know. Don’t fuck around.”
Her head whipped around, eyes flashing. He held back a smirk. Gotcha, babe.
You’re so clever. Why don’t you just tell me what I’m thinking?”
Oh, he heard the warning bells; he chose to ignore them because he liked living on the edge. She was wounded up so tightly he was afraid she’d explode and take out a city block. Lucky for her, he had plenty of experience with combustibles. Time to light the fuse.

Okay. Fine. I think you’re wondering if I’m going to miss you when you leave. I think you’re wishing things were different between us. I think you’re wishing this had a happy ending and not the kind with my dick inside you.”
Her indignant gasp was immediate and full of anger. “Don’t you dare presume to know what I’m thinking! You have no idea. None! You couldn’t understand me if you tried. And you’re way too proud of that piece of meat hanging between your legs. Get over yourself.”
And boom! Wincing, he regrouped.

 Sounds like a great read, now doesn't it??  How about another sample??

This woman . . . She was undoing everything he thought he knew about humans. She wasn’t weak and stupid; she was brave and strong. Stubborn and kind. Resilient and fucking sexy. If he wasn’t careful, she’d worm her way under his skin and make him want to stay. That couldn’t happen. But if she wanted to poke the beast, play on the dark side, who was he to resist the temptation?

Careful, babe. You won’t like me when I’m pissed off. I’m not one of the good guys.” He took her by both wrists and walked her back against the glass. Her heartbeat skyrocketed. He allowed himself a satisfied grin before saying, “You might even say I’m wicked.” Stretching her arms over her head, he trapped her hands in one of his own. Cupping her breast, he brought her just to the edge of pain. Her nipple swelled and tightened against his palm. That quick glint of fear left her eyes, replaced by hunger, lust that mirrored his.
Softening his hold, he smoothed his palm over her breast until she whimpered and let her eyes drift closed. Squeezing hard enough to pop her eyes back open, he buried his face against her neck and murmured, “Some might say I’m insatiable.”
She shivered in anticipation, her body melting against his. Taking that as permission, he held her in place, rocking his hips to brush his erection against her mound with maddening slowness. “Hunger’s a demon thing.”
Her pulse thudded as he dragged his mouth over her throat and nibbled the tender skin underneath her ear. “I’m so hungry, I could eat you alive.”

And while we are rather impatiently waiting for Vanek, we can enjoy Primani, her first series again and again.

If you haven't already read them, why not pick the up today...


And preorder Vanek while you are at it!

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring me! I'm sooo excited to get this series off and running!