Monday, September 7, 2015

Most Magnificent Menage contest: Voting on Top 10

Time to Vote

Who is the Most Magnificent Ménage grouping?

Each Vote counts as an entry for the Grand Prize.  See the last 5 blog entries to see prizes. 

And the nominees are: 

Richard,  Trevor  and Kevin Benedict  and Margaret Morrison.
  Love Under Three Titans
Lusty Texas series
 by Cara Covington 

Richard, Trevor, and Kevin Benedict thought they weren’t meant for marriage until Margaret Morrison arrived in Lusty.

It doesn’t take the triplets long to understand that Maggie herself had given up on some things in life, too—like having a family of her own or a happy-ever-after. So they tease her and tempt her, promising her that since they’re all unattached adults, they can enjoy each other, and indulge in some "fun and games."

Maggie agrees to fun and games, certain once they discover she’s no good at sex they’ll leave. Instead she catches fire in their arms, and as lust turns to love she wonders if she can get the men to accept a different game plan.

And then a specter from the Benedicts’ recent past arrives on the scene. Intent on revenge, their enemy is determined to destroy whatever—or whoever—the triplets hold dear.

Can the Benedict men keep Maggie safe, or will their enemy destroy their happy-ever-after?

Paul, Lucas, Wesley and Kat
Love Under Three Valentinos
Lusty Texas series
 by Morgan Ashbury/Cara Covington

Kat Lawson can take care of herself. But when she ends up in the ER, she immediately reaches out to Paul, Lucas, and Wesley Jessop, screenwriters with the moniker The Three Valentinos. Kat knows the men aren’t players and they’ve been courting her so she decides to indulge in them.

After being ambushed and beaten up, they’re the ones she reaches for. She didn’t know they were Doms but that goes a long way toward explaining why it is she feels compelled to lean on them. Because the other thing she learns, which she’s already suspected, is that she's more than a little submissive—under the right circumstances.

The brothers Jessop are determined to help their woman heal, and they pull out all the stops. Even when part of that healing process puts her in the sights of those who want to harm her.

It just remains to be seen if they can find a balance between independence and partnership.

James, Remy & Savine
Woven Interests
Crewel Tapestry series
by Natalie Alder 

Uptight, serious, introvert…those were the words most used to describe James.

The middle brother in the Becker family, owners of a prestigious race horse farm in South Carolina, though austere was covertly a playboy.

Unable to resist a beautiful body, whether male or female, James never had a desire to commit to just one. A consummate player, he had no interest in a relationship.

Never say never. A broken ankle is the catalyst that leads James to considering a relationship. Falling for a man already in a committed relationship with a woman was intricate enough. But the likelihood of their woven interests in each other becoming a real relationship is threatened by shallow judgment, the media and a trouble making former barn hand.

Shomar, Tessla, & Faerydae
Exposed Ecstasy
Psychic Menage series
  by Houston Havens

Daughter of the Dirt Dweller’s ruler; Tessla Reto attempts to escape the Underworld after the mysterious disappearance of her best friend. She knows her untimely death is also near if her father, Landen Reto discovers her part in forming the rebels to fight against him. The two men sent to help her get away are killed and she’s rescued by a handsome stranger…or is she?

Faerydae returns to Earth in search of an inner peace his soul can’t find after the death of his friend Chandra Lamar. Instead, he finds himself in an unplanned rescue of a woman that stirs everything he’s fought a lifetime to deny. Can Faerydae stay focused on his goal to expose his past and true Fae bloodline, or will destiny play her hand?
Shomar’s uncomplicated world is tossed asunder when his best friend, Faerydae, shows up with a stray puppy and a woman who steals the heart of his soul the moment he looks at her. Only to discover Faerydae and the woman claim they can’t stand each other, yet his intuition tells him otherwise. Will Shomar be able to win the woman of his dreams or will Faerydae always have her heart?

Will Tessla find her freedom? Will Faerydae keep his, or will Shomar succeed in his plan to expose them to their hidden ecstasy?

Melody, Garen, Skye
Dragon's Melody
by Ophelia Bell

All or nothing.
It was supposed to be a simple job transfer interview, but it was far from simple. After the most mind-blowing ‘interview’ of Melody’s life, she signs a contract with a gorgeous man named Skye, who she believes is much more than he seems. The trouble is, Skye's assistant Garen is every bit as enticing as his boss. Garen is just as inhumanly gorgeous and just as hungry for what Melody has to offer.

But the entire endeavor goes south when she finds herself falling for both elusive men and their otherworldly charms. Melody never considered the possibility of love. She rejected romance for most of her life, because love was her enemy. Love left her mother wanting and left Melody nothing but loneliness for two decades.

The realization that she has to choose between them sends her running scared. She refuses to choose, but the only other option is to refuse and risk even worse heartbreak. Will she follow her heart or lose it all?

Garen and Skye follow, too consumed by love to do anything but compromise for Melody's sake. In the arms of them both, she makes her choice—the choice Fate intended all along.

Max, Micah, & Riya
 The Barter System
by Shayne McClendon

Some people will go to great lengths to get their research.

Riya O’Connell is working on her dissertation in Male Sexuality and decides to create a website called "The Barter System" where she requests applications from men around the country willing to participate in her research. She eventually narrows down her thousands of submissions to eight men. They will give her viable data, cover her expenses while in their company, and ensure she reaches her next destination safely. In return, Riya will give them…whatever they want.

As her project progresses, Riya realizes she’s chosen the eight men in the country who would love her well and that she could easily love in return. Subject after subject is left behind with a small piece of her heart. Driven by her need to understand male sexuality, she refuses to quit no matter how difficult it becomes to keep going. Her presence creates a ripple effect over the lives of her subjects and paths cross that might not have been possible without her.

Finding where her heart ultimately belongs may be an education she didn’t plan on.

Alana, Doug, and Killian
 Watching Sin
Fetish & Fantasy series
by Lori King

After fifteen years as a bland housewife, Alana is ready to shake up her life by fulfilling her darkest fantasy. She wants to be watched. Her exhibitionist streak is ready to break free, and she knows exactly whom she wants for her voyeur.

Doug would give his wife, Alana, the moon if she asked, so he’s more than willing to participate in a public threesome at a fetish party if it makes her kinky wishes come true. His business partner and best friend, Killian is the wild card in their plan.

A businessman first, and a trained Dominant second, Killian never gets tied down to one submissive. He’s a lover with commitment issues, but he doesn’t hesitate to help fulfill Doug and Alana’s fantasies. Once the fantasy is set in motion, the three players must decide if watching sin is enough…

Justin, Val, Ransome, and Charity
Divine Charity
Divine Creek Ranch series
by Heather Rainier

Charity has adored Justin since he stole her heart twenty-two years ago, and together they’ve built a steadfast love. She’d do anything for him, except ask for her deepest desire, because the risk of hurting him is too great.

The day he claimed Charity’s heart, Justin swore he’d never share her love, but time has given him a new perspective. Despite her attempts to hide it, Justin knows Charity has always loved his cousins, Val and Ransome. Now older and wiser, he wants to give her the same fulfillment her sister Grace enjoys with the men she loves.

Seeing so many ménages in Divine gives Val and Ransome hope, and when fate offers them an opportunity, they seize the chance for a future with Charity. When an innocent victim from their past adventures reaches out to them, they provide safe haven, not knowing that doing so will ultimately place the woman they love in danger.

Giana, Bryce and Dylan
Tasty Cravings
by Erika Reed

A girls' night out with her best friends at Club Cravings is just what Gianna DeLuca needs. She's tired of her boring life, with "nice guys" who leave her unsatisfied in the bedroom. That is until she meets the two handsome nightclub owners who show her what she's been missing all along.

From the minute Gianna walked into their club, Bryce and Dylan Nash knew they had to have her. The rich and successful club owners are tired of meaningless, one-night stands, and they want more in life. After meeting Gianna, the two will stop at nothing to prove two is better than one.

Will Gianna allow Bryce and Dylan to show her what it feels like to be loved by two men?

Harriet, Brian and Marco
 Build A Love
by Suzy Shearer

Harriet Kempton has spent the last twelve years of her life being an Ice Queen to protect her heart. Stabbed, raped, and left for dead, she can no longer trust any man. She is shocked when she meets two handsome builders, Bryan Garrett and Marco Campione. Harry feels an instant attraction to them both and wonders if it’s time to take a chance on love again. But can she get over her past and move on? Even more important—can she accept a relationship with not one but two men? Two men who have a loving sexual relationship with each other but want Harry to complete them. Harry has a demon to fight if she has any chance of future happiness. Will these men stand alongside her and help her or will her past be too much for them to handle?

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  1. Love all of Lusty Texas series by Cara Covington and I REALLY loved this one, Paul, Lucas, Wesley and Kat
    Love Under Three Valentinos,

  2. You had some AWESOME nominees up there but I think I will go with Kat, Paul, Lucas, and Wesley from Cara Covington's Love Under Three Valentinos!

  3. Kat, Paul, Lucas, and Wesley from Cara Covington's Love Under Three Valentinos!

  4. Micah, Max and Riya in Shayne McClendons The Barter System

  5. I love Micha, Max and Riya from Shayn McClendon's The Barter System! It's an incredible read!

  6. I am voting foe the three Valentino's. A great series to read.

  7. I am voting for Shayne M. This book was unlike anything I have read.

  8. Natalie Alder all the way with James, Remy & Savine
    Woven Interests Crewel Tapestry series

  9. My vote is for Shomar, Tessla, & Faerydae. These three steam up the pages :)

  10. Shomar,Tessla and aerydae from Exposed Ecstasy by Houston Havens

  11. Melody, Garen, & Skye Dragon's Melody by Ophelia Bell has my vote

  12. James, Remy & Savine from Woven Interests, by Natalie Alder

  13. Meldoy, Gaven and Skye Dragon's Melody by Ophelia Bell is the best.

  14. Divine Charity with Charity,Justin, Val and Ransome by Heather Rainier

  15. Justin, Val & Ransome - Divine Charity by Heather Rainier