Saturday, May 11, 2013

Warrior Goddesses Charity Auction, post 7

Warrior Goddesses Charity Auction
May 12-18
eBay, seller ID Warrior Goddesses
Welcome back to day 7 of our charity auction packages reveal.  All proceeds go to help cancer survivors rebuild their lives.  Thank you to all of the authors who donated, and to all of you who post links to the auction.   
For additional info, check out our Spotlight:  Warrior Goddesses

Jan Bowles

ImageJan Bowles is the author of 6 BDSM series such as Guilty Pleasures, Masters of Submission, Cowboy Bad Boys, The Cowboy Mavericks, All American Heroes, and The Billionaires and Their Playgrounds, in addition to multiple stand alone titles. Her characters are not perfect, but they live their live with full emotion. Living life with gusto makes Jan a Warrior Goddess.

Jan Bowles is donating THREE baskets. Each basket contains:
an ecopy of her new novel Kaine's Redemption, Book 1 of the The Billionaires and Their Playgrounds series, and any 2 ebooks from her back list.

Thank you, Jan Bowles!!!

Lara Valentine

ImageImageLara Valentine is the author of several series, including the Martinis and Chocolate Book Club and Plenty, FL. She writes about love any way her characters can find it. BDSM, Ménage, etc. Love and life are risky enough, and Lara's characters explore it all on their way to HEA. Lara's attitude about taking risks makes her a Warrior Goddess.

Lara Valentine is donating several items in her basket:
Signed copies of His Submissive Jewel and Plenty of Love, Name a character after someone, and a deck of Plenty, FL playing cards.

Thank you, Lara Valentine!

Sabrina Garie

Sabrina Garie is the author of the paranormal title Fires of Justice. Both characters feel captive to their unwelcomed Fate. However, they are able to turn a negative into a positive, making Sabrina a Warrior Goddess.

Sabrina Garie is donating an ecopy of Fires of Justice, as well as some swag.

Thank you, Sabrina Garie!!!

Ellie Heller

Ellie Heller is the author of the Fantasy novel A Matter of Fate and the FF novel Ginny's Capture.
In A Matter of Fate, heroine Mona Lisa Kubrek won't let anyone or anything stop her from her goal, even enlisting the help of sexy Cart Dupree and his expertise when needed. These qualities make Ellie a Warrior Goddess.

Ellie Heller is donating an ecopy of her new Fantasy novel A Matter of Fate.

Thank you, Ellie Heller!!!

The auction will go live on Mother's Day, Sunday, May 12th, and end on May 18th. Check back here for a direct link, or look for eBay seller: Warrior Goddesses.

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