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The Art of Surrender (w/ Excerpt)


I thought I’d tell you about my new e-book and share a small excerpt. It’s a work in progress so the cover and title – Raise or Fold – are working versions, but the cover adds a bit of colour! Part of the Surrender Series, this book is shaping into a 70,000+ word novel due for release in spring. As expected with this collection of stories, it is not your usual romantic story. The plot is very different from my previous books, although initially it might not seem that way.

Set in the UK, Major Brandon Hunt, ex Royal Marine, has taken over his late father’s publishing business and is busy removing all erotica from its ‘bookshelves’, putting him in direct conflict with his father’s young widow who is actively involved in running the business. She recruits friend and former editor, Keira MacDonald, to change his mind. Keira is now a successful erotica author whose books are also being dropped. She is also a Domme with a sadistic kink who actively practices in the BDSM scene.  Sparks fly when she confronts Brandon over his new policy, and the fact that he hasn’t even read the books he’s removing from circulation.

Their relationship continues its fractious start when Keira manipulates Brandon into a weekend getaway as her ‘slave’. She delights in tormenting him with her overt sadist dominant ways. The weekend does not go according to plan and when Keira’s life is threatened Brandon finds himself increasingly immersed in her world. As events spiral out of control, Keira turns on him and his cautious steps toward a more intimate relationship with her rapidly devolve into disgust and hate.

I am thrilled to have a lot of beta help with this story. It’s an intricate plot walking a fine line between romance and psychological drama, and I am taking on board advice to keep the story from veering off the path to love. The conflict over Brandon’s carte-blanche removal of erotica is a key thread of the story, but the real story is the motives behind his decision, and the dynamics of a love affair where sexual tastes are close to being incompatible.

It is a journey to understanding, trust, and love that is full of twists and turns, turmoil and intrigue. There is sexual tension, hot sex, and dark BDSM play that edges into torture and abuse as an ever present threat of tragedy reaches crisis point.  A subtle twist adds a surprise element that will explain much as the story heads to its conclusion by when I hope readers will have come to love both hero and heroine.

I hope you enjoy this small excerpt.

Excerpt from RAISE OR FOLD
(working title)

     Brandon tossed and turned. To add insult to injury, Keira slept soundly beside him—naked—silk pyjamas nowhere to be seen. He stared at the ceiling, his throbbing cock seemingly determined to make him suffer for the lurid thoughts invading his mind. He flung himself over for the hundredth time and encountered a pair of glowing jewels that pierced the gloom.

His breath caught in his throat.

Keira stared at him avidly and when her tongue flickered across her lips he felt like she was devouring him alive. He followed its progress, fascinated as her lips turned moist and glossy under the moonlight filtering between the slightly parted curtains. He had tasted those lips before and the memory stirred a hunger that needed to be sated. He rose onto his elbow and dipped his head down. She returned his kiss with enthusiasm and fingers explored the back of his neck and teased his hair. He lifted high above her and, when his cock brushed her outer leg, lust blew his reservations out the door. 

‘I swore I wouldn’t do this,’ he whispered.

‘I thought I’d lost my touch,’ Keira murmured in his ear.

‘Have you got a condom?’ He’d be amazed if she didn’t.

‘Top drawer . . .  your side.’

He rolled back, opened the drawer and felt around. It took him just seconds to open the packet and roll the rubber on. His fingers trailed down her belly and traced the contours of her hip down to her leg. Her breath caught, her back arched. He could smell her excitement. He changed direction, moving steadily towards the nectar he knew would be waiting. He groaned as his fingers slipped inside her. She was so wet. He teased her folds apart, searching for her special spot that would send her wild. He found the pert nub and flicked it with his nail.

Her response was aggressive.

She surged up towards him and her mouth locked onto his. Their tongues tangled and he was only dimly aware of one hand stealing down his back and over his hip until she captured his wrist. He stilled as she pulled his hand from inside her, thinking he must have hurt her in some way. When she twisted his arm behind him he broke their kiss and drew back, but his withdrawal only caused her to tighten her grip, trapping his hand in the small of his back. He could not withdraw further without conflict.

‘Keira . . .’

‘If we do this, I’m in charge.’ Her tone was uncompromising.

Brandon hung his head and emitted a groan of sheer frustration. Every nerve in his body demanded satisfaction. His dick had gone dark side on him. His treacherous body rested on one hand and his knee between her thighs.

‘I can’t force you,’ she whispered. ‘This is still your choice.’

His head rebelled. His body grew more insistent. He wanted to take her. To sink his body into hers and relieve the tension that had been building in him since the moment she called out her opening bid. The memory tightened the coil of desire in his loins, increasing his urge to take her, to make her submit to him, except he wouldn’t force her either.

‘How far do you want to go?’ he asked.

‘Light bondage.’

His stomach began to quietly creep away from him. He was resting on his nerve-damaged arm and it trembled under his weight. Keira’s free hand reached under him and stroked his hairless balls. Shivers ran up and down his spine. His cock jerked and his hips thrust towards her.

‘Not fair,’ he gasped.

‘I won’t hurt you. I promise you will love it.’

‘Are you Sadist or Dominant?’


‘Which does this satisfy?’

‘The sadist in me enjoys your reluctance, your discomfort. Your body craves satisfaction, but the price of submission is too high.’ She squirmed beneath him and Brandon’s cock swelled to see how turned on she was by his predicament. ‘The dominant side of me loves the thought of your submission. You are so used to being in control, and you know what it is like to lose control. The consequences will haunt you to your dying day and the thought of voluntarily giving it up goes against every fibre of your being. It is a fight between desire and sanity. Do you trust me enough to steer you safely to the other side? Do you trust yourself enough to let go? Sex is a beautiful act of giving. Your submission will take it to another dimension.’

Brandon’s head was spinning. His arm was on the verge of collapse. Her fingers stroking his balls were driving him to distraction. He tested the strength of her grip on his wrist and realised she wasn’t going to let him go so easily. His body stood on the edge of a precipice and the need to make a decision panicked him.

‘Let me go.’


Story due for release Spring.

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When a suspected mobster arrives at her home, she knows the only way to survive is to turn her submissive nature into a warrior.  A Dominant, he knows the only way to earn her trust is to surrender.  This unconventional power exchange explores what it means to surrender yourself. 

As a soldier, he surrenders his body.  As a man, she wants him to surrender his heart.  This SciFi novel looks at the double meaning of surrender, where love is an alien invasion.

Kayla Stonor once again examines the meaning of surrender by using a military and physical storyline that questions if surrender is given or taken.  

A husband and wife explore their kinkier side and determine which is truly surrendering.  

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  1. Thank you so much to Innergoddess for hosting my contribution! I'm really touched with the little 'Art of Surrender' summaries capturing the essense of each of my stories. They are really spot on and I'm guessing all Pearls! Thank you so much. Kayla

  2. Wow! What an excerpt. I already want more of the story. As a regular reader of all things erotic, it boggles the mind to not have it so how Brandon can want to get rid of it makes for an interesting back story that I hope to get. And for a strong man to submit always makes for great drama.

    Can't wait to read this one!!! Thanks Kayla for another amazing and interesting look into your process. I really like that your books always take me someplace new.

    1. Thank you! Big grin on face. I love new places too, makes writing a lot more fun. Hope you enjoy it when it comes out!

  3. Ah, Kayla, you know how much I love your novels. I've loved how they have made me reconsider the meaning of surrender. Books should make you think, reconsider, re-imagine. That's what your series does for me.

    1. Thanks Pearls! I hope you enjoy this one too. Still explores the idea of surrender, but in a different way. And it's full length!

  4. Very well-written, and the story line sounds quite intriguing. I think I've discovered a new author :)