Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Discovering Your Inner Goddess!!!!

     By day, I am a well-mannered librarian; an accountant; a stay-at-home mom.  But by night, we are readers who escape into fictional worlds where Alpha men make our pulses race and snappy plots take us on wild adventures.   We follow the rabbit hole into worlds of romance and lust to rendezvous with our fictional boyfriends.  From Westerns to Paranormal, from Historical to SciFi, from soft Contemporary to hardcore BDSM, we love the romance of the first glance, the first touch, the first kiss.  

But always we read alone, afraid to admit our guilty pleasure.  The stigma of “mommy porn” moving us to hide our book jackets.  The movement started so small, we barely noticed it.  First, one of us suggested we read about Jamie Fraser and his kilt.  Then it was the Black Dagger Brotherhood and their leathers.  But once we met Lord Mason, we were lost to the world of romance and erotic fiction.  When Christian Grey walked into our lives, we could no longer hide our obsessions.  Our Inner Goddess demanded to cha-cha-cha all the way back to the book store for Gideon Cross, or two-step to Divine Creek Ranch.  

If we wanted to talk about the books we were reading, we knew others would too.  And so we created Inner Goddess, a book club forum for romance and erotica novels.  We didn’t want to be another review site that told people what to buy.  We wanted to be the site you went to after reading the book so you could chat with friends about it (and about HIM).   Since each of us was comfortable with different types and levels of intimacy, we fashioned the site after a salon:  each room catering to a specific level of intimacy.   Readers can post new topics or post replies to previous comments. 

What we didn’t realize was that authors were dying to talk to readers about stories just as much as readers wanted to talk to authors.  The forum began to evolve as writers and readers interacted.  It was time to remodel, to rearrange, and to reimagine.  We needed to provide access to their blogs, tweets, and signings.  We wanted to give them a platform to talk to their readers.  We built the Blog page to provide all this and more.  Each week an author will have the opportunity to post a blog in the Author’s Corner on a topic of his or her choice.  

And so with that being said, we are ready to re-open the Inner Goddess forum.  You can continue to use your old forum address, but be sure to drop by the blog from time to time to see which author has dropped by.  Our first author, Bella Juarez of the Black-Ops Brotherhood, will be posting this Sunday, Jan. 6.  Followed the next week by Lisa Renee Jones talking about Rebecca’s Journals from If I Were You.  And while you’re here, don’t forget to chat about the book you’ve been reading.  We would love to hear about your fictional boyfriend. 

InnerGoddess Administrators,

pearls, TinkNCognito, Queenie


  1. Love the look of the new forum! Looking forward to keeping up with the blogs and contributing. Kayla

  2. Love the blog! It's beautiful!